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1 Home Chef

Home Chef

Home Chef, established in 2013, is your ultimate delivery service for meals which you can quickly cook ...

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2 Sun Basket

Sun Basket

Chef Justine Kelly and her co-founder started Sun Basket back in 2014. Today, it is one of the meal ...

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3 BistroMD


The BistroMD is a popular meal delivery service. It is designed to offer low-fat and calorie ...

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4 Plated


Plated was built into fruition in 2012 as a meal delivery service whose goal is to supply its ...

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5 HelloFresh


HelloFresh has a humble beginning. It was launched by 3 food fanatics namely Thomas Griesel, Dominick ...

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6 Balance by BistroMD

Balance by BistroMD

BistroMD is the parent company of Balance. This was exclusively founded by Dr. Caroline Cederquist in ...

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7 Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon was exclusively founded by Dave Malcolm and Fabien Siegel in 2014 to provide premium ...

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8 Dinnerly


Dinnerly is a newly launched meal kit delivery service founded by Marley Spoon in July 2017. It is ...

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9 Healthy Chef Creations

Healthy Chef Creations

When it comes to meal kit delivery service, it is essential to choose a company built with reputation ...

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10 Green Chef

Green Chef

Do you love preparing food at home for you and your loved ones, but do not have enough time to shop ...

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Best Meal Delivery Services

Check out our honest reviews and objective ratings of the best meal delivery services. Compare their meal plans, services, costs, and get exclusive coupons!

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Top 10 Best Meal Delivery Services Of 2018–2019

Our meal experts’ top picks Updated Nov. 2018

We have handpicked the Top 10 Meal Delivery Plans to deliver the best choices for you. There are massive numbers of delivery plans available everywhere that can sometimes make you confuse if who provides the best. We have a team of experts who served the industry for several years reviewed these companies and rate them based on different factors.

We understand that not all people, especially those working moms, can prepare their meals. Some do have the time, however, thinking of the right ingredients in a controlled portion can sometimes be daunting.

Another thing that could be stressful is to try every single meal delivery services in the market. We always want to be satisfied with the service we receive. However, we cannot try each of those companies just to make sure we find what we need. To make it convenient for you, we have reviewed each of them using different factors:

We evaluate the versatility of the service being offered. We ensure if the meal delivery company can accommodate every single need of their customer. We evaluated if they offer customization of the ingredients to match your dietary preferences. Based on the results, the high-rated services are those that provide gluten-free, Paleo, vegan, and low-carb options.

We check if the company offers a variety of meal options. We ensure that they will also provide the customer various menu with new dishes. Rotating menus can be done weekly to ensure that the customer can even taste other flavors aside from their past orders. No one would like to stick to the same kinds of food for the whole month. So, we only choose those who could provide rotational options to satisfy the needs of every customer.

We pay attention to the nutritional value provided by the meals. We ensure that the food does not only tastes good, but we also make sure that it contains the essential vitamins and minerals needed by your body. You don’t need to deprive yourself of eating flavorful foods if you aim to achieve its nutrients. We make sure that everything you get is balanced and desirable at the same time.

With regards the portion size, we pay attention to the quantity of the meal. The portion size is not just based on the whole meal, but we also take a look at the specific amount of every ingredient included in the dish. We see to it that the recipes contain enough nutrients without the need of eating snacks between meals.

A meal delivery service that is pricey could also ruin our diet plan. We may just choose to prepare our meal if we need to spend a lot just for a single dish. Therefore, to motivate you to continue with your goal, we only choose those companies who can offer affordable prices and flexibility. You don’t have to pay for more than what you’re getting, so we pick those who provide budget-friendly choices.

What Kinds of Meal Plans are There?

Meal plans have two types, and both have the same purpose but has a different value.

  1. Pre-prepared meals – these are the dishes that you can just order from online or phone, and the company will bring it directly to your doorsteps.
  2. Meal Kits: Ingredients and recipes – this type of meal plan allow you to customize some of the components based on your dietary needs and the experts will take care of the shopping and planning for you.

What are the Pros and Cons of Pre-Prepared Meals?

Pre-prepared meals are best if you are too busy to prepare for your food when you get home. You just have to order it based on the menu presented to you. You can only reheat it when you receive it so you’ll enjoy eating a flavorful food. It is best if you have an unplanned dinner with your friends or family and you just want to grab some food to eat instantly.

If you have a specific nutrient need, exact meal portion, or a health condition, pre-prepared meals are not tailored for you. Some people may have allergy while others need a specific amount of nutrient intake to sustain their dietary needs. If you ordered a pre-prepared meal, you could not customize the ingredients included in the dish. Therefore, you have to go to the menu and check if it contains the specific amount of nutrient you need.

How Do the Meal Kits Plans Work?

Companies will send you organic or freshly-picked ingredients together with the recommended recipes. They have to do all the shopping for the ingredients while you sit comfortably in your home. You will have the opportunity to avoid those foods that you are not eating or restricted to you. Since the cooking is done in your kitchen, you can make sure how the food is prepared. In addition to its benefits, you can also enjoy learning new cooking techniques.

Though it offers a lot of benefits, it is still not recommendable for people who cannot cook by themselves such as moms who just gave birth, elderlies, and those who have severe health conditions.

What Else Should I Look Out for When Choosing Meal Plans?

When choosing for a meal plan, it is imperative to include these elements:

  • The foods you eat should not only be nutritious, but it should be budget-friendly as well. The cost of the meal plans varies with the menu choices. Managed plans start around $120 per week, while a la carte menu choices cost at least $6 per meal. One the other hand, recipe ingredient delivery services cost around $15.
  • Whatever the purpose of your diet plan, make sure that the foods contain the nutrients to keep you going all throughout the day. Every ingredient that is included in your meal should have the nutritional value which is the primary factor you should check. A diet plan is useless without having these nutrients since you still need to be strong and fit while doing it.
  • Environmental impact. We mentioned that some companies choose organic foods in a single meal. These kinds of foods are grown naturally without the use of chemicals or pesticides. It helps reduce the pollutants in the air. You should also check the way your food is delivered. Some companies practice the use of recyclable materials.
  • Make sure that you understand how the company will deliver the food. Aside from that, you need to clarify the charges you may incur when they ship the meal. In this way, you can avoid the inconvenience of paying for an extra amount you are not prepared for paying.

How Do I Find the Best Meal Delivery Services for Me?

To make it easy for you to find the best meal plan service suitable for your needs and lifestyle, our team review each of the company and rank them using different factors. We compared each of them to see who delivered the best option for the customers. Let the review help you identify the meal plan service suitable for you.

Best Meal Delivery Services 2018

Our experts tested every major best meal delivery services 2018, ranking each below based on Popularity, How it Works, Different, Plans & Pricing, Help & Support and more. So that you could choose the products or services of these companies that best fit your lifestyle and needs! So, We compared them, "Home Chef VS Sun Basket VS BistroMD VS Plated VS HelloFresh VS Balance by BistroMD VS Marley Spoon VS Dinnerly VS Healthy Chef Creations VS Green Chef", and you can find the best plans for you.

1. Home Chef Review

Rating : 9.9/10
Updated : 11.17.2018.
Home Chef, established in 2013, is your ultimate delivery service for meals which you can quickly cook at home and enjoy using the freshest ingredients all week long. They provide a variety of menu options for their esteemed clientele on a weekly basis as well as future meals so anyone can plan in advance. CEO Pat Vihtelic of Home chef, in cooperation with a chef, designed delicious but can be cooked fast with the easiest recipe possible but not compromising the meals’  nutrition value and taste. Now, this partnership has flourished into a group of several talented chefs who work hand in hand in crafting new and original meals you can enjoy every week. The company works as one in the mission of providing help for busy people through proportioned amounts of ingredients ready to be cooked in just 30 minutes. Fast and easy and delicious!  Delivering to 90% across America, the company is continuously striving to better serve the entirety of the US. They also meticulously choose their partnership with produce suppliers to ensure they get the safest and freshest ingredients delivery straight to your doorstep.  The number shows how many home chefs have already been created as they have delivered a staggering shipment of more than 2.5 million meals for the first quarter of 2017 alone. Keep reading our honest [get_title us="u"] review to learn more.

2. Sun Basket Review

Rating : 9.9/10
Updated : 11.17.2018.
Chef Justine Kelly and her co-founder started Sun Basket back in 2014. Today, it is one of the meal kit services focusing on using sustainable and organically sourced ingredients. Since its start, it quickly grew as one of the best meal services providing healthy foods. Sun Basket delivers organic ingredients right to customers' doorsteps. Each ingredient is ready and pre-measured so you can make delicious meals quickly and without worry. As a certified organic handler, Sun Basket is a great solution for customers who want to be sure the quality of their foods. By subscribing to Sun Basket, you can have these recipes and ingredients delivered right to you. The company lets you choose from wide variety of meal options ideal to different dietary needs. They have gluten-free, vegetarian, Paleo diets and more. As for their packaging, it's completely sustainable, eco-friendly and compostable. Chef Justine Kelly develops every recipe you receive together with the box of ingredients. Keep reading our honest [get_title us="u"] review to learn more.

3. BistroMD Review

Rating : 9.9/10
Updated : 11.17.2018.
The BistroMD is a popular meal delivery service. It is designed to offer low-fat and calorie controlled food to those who are trying to reduce their body fats or keep track of their weight. It was founded by Dr. Caroline Cederquist in 2005, together with her husband. They use a proven science for convenient healthy food and safe weight loss right to your doorstep. Dr. Cederquist brings more than twenty years of experience in health maintenance and weight loss. She mainly focuses on the use of food as an effective medicine in order to achieve a healthier life. With her husband she have formed a team of qualified, registered fitness professionals, chefs and dieticians to create the BistroMD – the very first food delivery service designed and created by a dependable weight loss physician. If you are looking to lose weight in the safest, most effective and delectable manner, the BistroMD is the ultimate service for you. It works to almost every individual. For many years, BistroMD has developed into one of the best providers of meal delivery diet service in the industry. The plan can be accessed online and is ideal for both women and men. Dr Cederquist and her professional team of chefs and dietitians continuously create a wide array of properly-balanced delicious means for their clients. Are you looking for a diet plan that matches your needs? Have you ever wondered if BistroMD is the right program for you? Read on this BistroMD review to help you determine whether it is the right service for you or not. Keep reading our honest [get_title us="u"] review to learn more.

4. Plated Review

Rating : 9.8/10
Updated : 11.17.2018.
Plated was built into fruition in 2012 as a meal delivery service whose goal is to supply its customers with fresh ingredients for meal prepping and cooking. It was founded by Josh Hix and Nick Taranto, former classmates at Harvard Business School. Nick Taranto is an ex-marine who worked at Wall Street and experienced eating unhealthy and mostly take-out foods through the years he’s been employed at Goldman Sachs. Him and partner Hix then created the whole idea of quality eating and convenience in one and started Plated. The business focuses on promoting healthy eating by providing the freshest and heathiest ingredients customers can customize and cook at home hassle free. Plated doesn’t only help you in eating well and healthy but it also encourages you to try cooking and eating healthy with your family or friends in as less time as possible. Plated is one of the pioneers and leader in meal delivery services. Customers can enjoy a weekly package containing all the necessary ingredients and recipes’ cooking instruction inside the delivery. Customization is available upon request and it also carries a very flexible subscription plan for any changes suitable for their customers’ needs and schedule. Pre-prepared and pre-packaged meal ingredients are ready for cooking any time of the week with guarantee that everything come with the freshest high quality ingredients for regular dishes and seasonal recipes. Your visit to their webpage will keep you informed from recipes, packages, thoughtfully selected ingredients, payment, and more. Keep reading our honest [get_title us="u"] review to learn more.

5. HelloFresh Review

Rating : 9.8/10
Updated : 11.17.2018.
HelloFresh has a humble beginning. It was launched by 3 food fanatics namely Thomas Griesel, Dominick Richter and Jessica in Berlin in 2011. This was intended to make it easier for each one to get the best and wholesome ingredients and effortlessly cook them right at the comfort of their homes. The three starts this business by spending their free time packing shopping bags and personally deliver them to friends and family, and in just a few months the business grows. They start to deliver boxes to customers from all corners of the globe. Now, HelloFresh is one of the premier food delivery providers, and maybe one of the biggest. HelloFresh vision is to bring fresh ingredients to customers all over the world. Right now, HelloFresh is known internationally with networks of happy and contented clients in various countries such as AU, CA, UK and US. HelloFresh aspires to give you the chance to enjoy healthy home-prepared meals without the hassle of shopping and planning. You’ll get everything needed for weeknight foods with free delivery and the ingredients are well planned and sourced locally. Each meal box HelloFresh offer includes high quality, seasonal, as well as fresh obtained straight from butchers, small farmers, fish mongers as well as fellow culinary fanatics. Each box also comes with an easy to follow recipes. The meals they offered are checked by the in-house dietician to make sure they are nutritious and balanced. HelloFresh in general claims to make preparing food easy and convenient for everyone. They give you with only the right portion sizes in order to do away with food waste. They put together boxes of wholesome, fresh ingredients planned to make cook cooking stress free. The menu they offer changes on a weekly basis, this is aimed to give you exciting new recipes which are not too complex for the regular home cook. Keep reading our honest [get_title us="u"] review to learn more.

6. Balance by BistroMD Review

Rating : 9.8/10
Updated : 11.17.2018.
BistroMD is the parent company of Balance. This was exclusively founded by Dr. Caroline Cederquist in 2005. Dr. Caroline Cederquist is a renowned physician with 20 years of experience with patients struggling to shed pounds and maintain healthy diet and lifestyle. Her own philosophy on nutrition and food has actually help shift more lbs. and encourage individuals to live happier, longer and healthier. BistroMD is the only exclusive meal plan system founded by a doctor. This simply means that you are in good hands with Balance. Balance by BistroMD is an exclusive meal delivery program for all individuals for all individuals who wanted to take special care to their diet and health. This is not really a weight loss program though meals are somehow structured to also work with a diet plan. Every meal is high in protein and low in calorie and this is also healthy to macro-nutrient level. Balance is a “no-contract” and this meal delivery requires no minimum order. This makes it easier for individuals to order meals anytime they need them. This is also for those who wanted to break from cooking or those who desire a structured meal plan that will complement their diets. Keep reading our honest [get_title us="u"] review to learn more.

7. Marley Spoon Review

Rating : 9.7/10
Updated : 11.17.2018.
Marley Spoon was exclusively founded by Dave Malcolm and Fabien Siegel in 2014 to provide premium quality and healthy ingredients and meal ideas for couples and families who don’t have knowledge and time to do this. Marley Spoon works in partnership with renowned cooking icon Martha Stewart to bring in easy to follow and delicious recipes as well as seasonal ingredients which are freshly delivered into your door. Each meal has been tested before this reaches your home. Martha’s expertise and recipes on meal planning and nutrition now effectively works along with the most original Marley Spoon experience to create popular choices for more hands on and fresher meal delivery service. Martha & Marley Spoon, since its inception has significantly grown to deliver and serve seven countries with potential reach to about 250 millions households all over the world. They were able to raise funds which are more than 29 million euros. Their service is actually one of the very first services to provide apps for both Android and iOs devices. Are you having a hard time dealing with food preparations for your family? Do you want to make your dinner special with your loved ones but can’t make it on your own? Are you running out of time? That is not a problem! Marley Spoon will help you along the way. Keep reading our honest [get_title us="u"] review to learn more.

8. Dinnerly Review

Rating : 9.7/10
Updated : 11.17.2018.
Dinnerly is a newly launched meal kit delivery service founded by Marley Spoon in July 2017. It is one, if not the most affordable service that offers this kind of products on the market. Marley Spoon created Dinnerly out of her desire to provide everyone with a convenient alternative when it comes to meal planning. In that, Dinnerly provides healthy, tasty meal kits for busy people at affordable price. With a price below $7, busy people on a tight budget can simply cook a quick dinner courtesy of Dinnerly, one that doesn't cost them too much. The best thing is this price already includes the shipping fee, so you don't need to worry about additional cost. Meals from Dinnerly take less than 30 minutes of preparation. Their ingredients and recipes are all healthy and high quality. Customers can view or download these recipes online through their smartphones. Besides Dinnerly, Marley Spoon also has other meal kit services that are a little pricier. However, for those who are on a budget, Dinnerly is the most affordable meal kit service. There are so many meal kit services available on the market today. This makes it difficult to distinguish the right one for you. However, if what you are looking for is a meal kit with a price only $5/serving and six ingredients in every dish, then Dinnerly is the one for you. It's healthy, inexpensive meals are the reason why it is one of the most popular meal kit services today. Keep reading our honest [get_title us="u"] review to learn more.

9. Healthy Chef Creations Review

Rating : 9.7/10
Updated : 11.17.2018.
When it comes to meal kit delivery service, it is essential to choose a company built with reputation and quality service, like Healthy Chef Creations. This company is located in Orlando Florida, founded by John Procacci, a famous Disney World Spa chef. Since its inception in 2001, Healthy Chef Creations continue to receive good reviews from food fanatics and experts due to exceptional taste and high quality meals they offer. This is the only meal kit delivery company that offers organic ingredients, personal customization and countrywide delivery. Healthy Chef Creations offers healthy, great tasting meal for good health and enjoyment as well. Aside from being flavorful and healthy, their meal is extremely nutritious and made by experts to please and meet customer’s daily dietary need, regardless of the type of diet they prefer. They offer a convenient food delivery plan and easy to customize a la Carte menu, which varies per week. They receive lots of national recognition for quality and taste of their meals. In fact, they are the number one choice for singles, couples, families, seniors, dieters, trainers as well as celebrities. They offer dining programs for weight loss foods, expecting mothers, new mothers, and those who want to eat organic foods. Keep reading our honest [get_title us="u"] review to learn more.

10. Green Chef Review

Rating : 9.7/10
Updated : 11.17.2018.
Do you love preparing food at home for you and your loved ones, but do not have enough time to shop and plan for meals? Worry no more, because Green Chef is here at your rescue. This meal kit service provider is USDA-certified natural or organic. Green Chef provides pre-measured and pre-portioned as well as prepared ingredients together with a guide on how to prepare the meals. They offer tips and pictures of the food you will be going to prepare. All the meals offered are made by chef, which can be cooked for only half an hour. Instantly, you can have a delicious and healthy meal. Green Chef is composed of food fanatics and a team of professional who are passionate and dedicated on coming up with exceptional and creative recipes for healthy, delicious meals. All the recipes they offer cater to nutritional restrictions such as paleo, vegans, gluten-free, carnivore, omnivore as well as wide selections of vegetarian recipes. Thus, this makes Green Chef the most complete meal kit delivery service company today. Keep reading our honest [get_title us="u"] review to learn more.
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