The California Wine Club Review

The California Wine Club Overview

Each of us loves the goodness of wines. Whether it would be red wine or white wine, the pleasure it gives to every dining table and party is something one should not be missed. As customers, choosing the right and premium quality product is the first step towards achieving this awesomeness. For that reason, California Wine Club delivers itself to offer you the unique wine experience, as you taste the unique blend of its sophisticated wine selections. Let us find out more on this California Wine Club review.

The California Wine Club had just popped up in the minds of Bruce and Pam Boring as the interesting idea to have a wine club business of their own in 1990. A passion of small wineries inspired both of them to run a family business in California, and they put it into work. Later, they had decided to make it a quest to bring a well-deserved glory to the delicate artisan wines. And this is the story of the California Wine Club, and it is where everything has begun.

California Wine Club is specialized wine club that brings exquisite experience to the customers who have a passion for wines. The wines were made in small measures and small batches, meaning they are not available for purchase in any stores near you, but only in the wine club. The company operates for than 25 years, and their goal is to bring out the award-winning and handcrafted wines to indulge along with the delectable foods in your dining table. California Wine Club offers five wine club level categories, including Pacific Northwest series, premier series, aged cabernet series, signature series, and international series. The “Love It Guarantee” is available for unsatisfied wine buyers.

So, if you are searching for something that will satisfy your taste buds, the California Wine Club has something to offer. Let us find out more of that later in this post.
Keep reading our honest The California Wine Club review to learn more.

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The California Wine Club Ideal For

  • Customers who are wine lovers
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The California Wine Club Selection & Quality

The California Wine Club is focused more on the aspect of caring, personal and hands-on approach. To make sure to have the best selection featured in their wine categories and to ensure they offer the best the customers, they carefully hand-picked the wines, which were created with love and care. The wine club’s success is perhaps one of their greatest recommendations since they can manage to grow bigger, thanks to the numbers of referrals from the previously satisfied customers of California Wine Club. They take pride to feature their superior quality wines in order for you to get the best quality possible.

Their decision about going with the small family wineries was based on the idea that the small wineries, which produce a small number of wines aren’t interested by its revenue, but with great love and joy to bring the finest and the perfect bottle to pour in every glass. Since the wine club offers small batches of wines in the production, there is no chance for you to see them in the stores, but only in the wine club itself. Compared to other wines you found in nearby stores, the quality of their wines are nothing compared – and this was ratified by the awards received by the wine club on its featured wine selections.

And for the customer’s information, the California Wine Club’s wines are divided into five wine club levels, including:

  • Premier Series

This wine club level has received an award for excellence. This category is the most popular club of all that brings the customers a great artisan wine. And this can only be purchased directly in the winery. You can have a chance to order either white and red wines, only one kind, or a mix of both wines. Get can also have the Uncorked copy, which is a guide to the winery.

  • Signature Series

On this wine club level, you can have only the finest wines that are 90 points or more. Mostly, the wines featured under this wine club level can directly seeon the California Wine Club. Each month, there are two to four different individual wineries are featured, and they are mostly red. But in some other times, the white wines are also introduced under this wine selection. Get also the copy of Uncorked guide.

  • International Series

This wine club level is featuring the wines that are created by the artisans from different parts of the globe such as Germany, Australia Argentina, and South Africa. Each month, there are a variety of wineries featured on this wine club level. However, only the wines that possess finest and the greatest character were picked. The customers can order anything g they like the red and white wine selections. Uncorked copy guide accompanies each order under this level.

  • Aged Cabernet Series

Under this wine club, you can have the sample Napa Valley Cabernets aged for eight to twelve years in the legendary Napa wineries’ cellars. The wines stayed in the cellar that long to achieve their optimal condition. Every month, you can have the opportunity to enjoy two bottles of the aged Cabernets. Got to know it, even more, using the Uncorked guide.

  • Pacific Northwest Series

The last but probably not the least – the Pacific Northwest Series. As what we have mentioned above, most of the wines featured in the California Wine Club were made in California, but under this wine club level, the wines are coming from the premium artisan wineries in Washington and Oregon. Since there are only aninadequate amount of bottles available, the customers can only purchase two bottles of wines every other month, white and red or both red. You can find more information about these terms in the Uncorked guide.

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What Makes The California Wine Club Different?

Like what we said a while ago on this California Wine Club review, one thing that makes wine club different compared to other wineries out there is that its choice of wines. It is because they are only offering the small and small-batch artisan wines. Aside from this notable advantage, California Wine Club has so many perks to offer to its wine aficionado customers, which make the winery a worthy choice for all.

Due to the winery’s 25th year anniversary, every customer can save up to $36 in every case and a half order since you only pay $1 for the shipment. They even offer a wonderful 50% discount on the reorders. The savings don’t end there because you can get their offered $100 wine credit for the referral. Once your referred person received the two paid deliveries, there is when you get the credit.

The founders of California Wine Club have introduced the “Love It Guarantee” for the unsatisfied buyers of the wines. It means if there is something about the product that you don’t like; you could always have a refund or replacement. There is no need to send back the bottle.

As the California Wine Club’s member, you can get a personal wine consultant that you can reach via chat or phone call. The consultant can give you tons of information that can be valuable in the wine buying. Also, the members can have the VIP access to the California Wine Club’s wineries. On this access, you can have the opportunity to experience the wine tasting and the tour in the wineries of the California Wine Club.

Lastly, the California Wine Club will allow the customers to understand more about the wines they drink every day. Aside from the tours and wine tasting, they also offer the reading materials such as Uncorked blogs, tips, recipes, wine tasting terms explanations, varietal glossary, and much more.

Now, is there any wine clubs in the local will give you a chance to experience all of these perks and privileges?

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The California Wine Club Gift Options

Are you looking for the ideal gift for a special someone in a holiday celebration? The California Wine Club takes good care of the people you love. That is why they will let you send wines coming from any series as your gift. California Wine Club will allow you to send out wines from their series as a sort of gift. Also, you can have the liberty to select how many months of wine gifting you want to offer to that special someone, commonly ranging from one to twelve months. That special person can receive elephant bottle stopper, personalized gift card and a $25 wine credit along with the Uncorked guide and wine.

Together with the Uncorked guide and wine, your receiver can also have the bottle stopper, personalized gift card, and $25 wine credit. Aside from its five series, the California Wine Club offers a specialized gift box, as well. As of this time, they are offering an option for wedding and corporate celebrations.

The wedding gift card includes the three months wine shipment, two artisan wines per month, a bubbly bottle in the initial shipment. For the corporate gift card, the package will include artisan wines, wooden wine box and $25 wine credit. However, if you would like to send the all-occasions gift boxes, talk to the California Wine Club’s wine consultant first so you can create the unique gifts to the persons you truly care. Share the taste of goodness in every bottle to other wine aficionados you know.

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The California Wine Club Club Membership & Pricing

The membership at California Wine Club is free of charge,and the cancellation was not subjected to any fees. It means you don’t have to worry about the commitment issue. The customers are free to choose the wines they want and how many of it you want to come, and receive the exact items ordered. The good thing about the ordering is that you can have the mixed box (half white and half red) or get all whites or all reds  if you wish. In every delivery, you can only have two to four bottles and select the delivery options.

Here are prices:

  • Premier Series – $39.95
  • Signature Series –$134 on average for 2 bottles, $175 to $275 for 3 and 4 bottles
  • International Series –$71 on average for two bottles
  • Aged Cabernet Series – $219 on average for 2 bottles
  • Pacific Northwest Series – $77 on average for 2 bottles

For a case and a half, the shipment will only be $1, which will make you save in as much as $36.

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The California Wine Club Delivery Areas & Support

Aside from having a personal wine consultant, California Wine Club offers its entire staff to attend all your concerns with any regards to their products and services. Also, their phone lines, live chatsand emails are available for you.

Take note that California Wine Club can only be contacted during office hours from Mondays to Fridays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PT). Expect to receive answers on your mails not later than the next business days. For more information about the products and services of California Wine Club, you can also check out their FAQ section on their website. Call them at 1-800-777-4443.

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The California Wine Club Pros and cons

  • Lots of perks and privileges offered o the customers
  • Wide variety of artisan wines to choose from
  • Special gift boxes are available
  • Affordable products and low shipping fee
  • Backed with Love It guarantee to refund or replace the products
  • Offering 50% discount on repeated orders
  • Shipping throughout the US and international locations

  • Shipment is not available in Canada
  • Customers can directly contact the staff during office hours only

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Bottom Line

California Wine Club takes pride to deliver nothing but the best to the customers. And it is truly impressive through their products and services. They are only bringing the most sophisticated wines from California and other parts of the world. They boast the quality and origin of their wines while satisfying the wine aficionados with the service they deserved.

Thus, on this California Wine Club review, we can really say that if the talk is about customer satisfaction and product quality, nothing can beat this company. Though we encounter downside like lack of round-the-clock customer support, it’s really not bad since we can still get in touch with them and get answers the next business day.

The products are great, the services are awesome and there are no commitments you need to follow when you are a member. Plus, the care they give to the people you love is fantastic. They are open to always give a positive and lasting impression on behalf of you to someone you care about. There are so much about California Wine Club that other companies don’t possess. This is a great chance for everyone to take advantage of their 25th-anniversary offers. So what are you waiting for?

In conclusion, the California Wine Club has more to give to its customers in making them satisfy and happy about the buying experience. With the only downside that the winery is available during office hours, perhaps this is not a big issue after all since all your concerns will be answered the next day.

Only the finest and carefully selected artisan wines are to be found at the California Wine Club. Also, there are a variety of perks available during the purchase, including the discounts, affordable shipping, money-back guarantee, gift option opportunities, free of charge membership, VIP access the wineries, and much more available. Of course, on top of that are the premium quality artisan wines that can only be found at the California Wine Club.

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Cancellation: Individuals can cancel their club memberships at any time with no hidden fees or charges. Simply call us at 1-800-777-4443 or send us an email to [email protected].
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Delivery And Shipping
United States
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Free Shipping
Shipping Costs: shipping is now only $1 per case and half-case order.
Skip/Cancel Anytime
Money Back Guarantee
Pricing & Plans
Plans Cost: $40.45 / two bottles / Premier Series $134 / two bottles / Signature Series $71 / two bottles / International Series $77 / two bottles / Pacific Northwest Series
Avg. Price: $40.45 - $134 / two bottles
8.5 Total Score
960 reviews
The California Wine Club Review

California Wine Club is focusing on bringing the most exquisite artisan wines not only sourced from California, but also other parts of the world. Feel free to browse the winery’s five wine clubs and find out your new favorites.

  • Customers can get refund or replacement once they displeased with the product received
  • Lots of perks available to all club members
  • 50% off is available for the reorders
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