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Habit Overview

Consider that a scientist went through your DNA and did a few tests. Alongside that, he advised a diet plan to keep you in healthy physical shape. After that, a company offering meal delivery service delivered fresh healthy meals recommended according to science. Apparently, this does not seem realistic but this is what the incredible service Habit puts on the table for its customers. Once you go through this review, you would get an estimate of the health and diet benefits that Habit offers.

In terms of or origin, Habit is located in Oakland, California. The concept was created by two intelligent professionals, Neil Grimmer and Dr. Joshua Anthony. Neil is the CEO of Habit and Dr. Joshua had previously founded a company called Plum Organics which offered quality organic baby food.

Habit discontinued its delivery service in December 2017 to focus on more productive solution for fresh meals aimed at delivering fresh meals country wide. However, the company has still not defined a date to resume its delivery service. Interested people can continue to stay in touch for the latest updates.

Keep reading our honest Habit review to learn more.

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Habit Ideal For

  • People who want nutrition experts and physicians to design their diet plan
  • Males and Females who cannot cook due to exhausting work schedules
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How Habit Works?

To advance towards a fit physical shape, you have to start at home with our physical test kit. To start with, this kit includes the habit challenge shake which identifies the recommended combination of fats, carbs and proteins for the human body. Along with that the kit contains three blood samples studied to highlight the nutrition indictors. The kit has three DNA samples which highlight the generic factors important to select healthy diet.  Lastly, the kit has a digital questionnaire that has to be filled by a user. This questionnaire is related to physical measurements (Height, Weight etc) that the user has. Other than that, you will also find a measuring tape that can be used to measure your waist.

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What Makes Habit Different?

Habit works in a different way as compared to the other companies offering meal delivery services. It simply redefines personal meal planning. The meal plan is made after considering various important parameters including genotypical data, phenotypical data and vitals. The company designs a custom plan according to the specific requirements that you have. In other words, the specific needs that you have are examined from different perspectives, meals are prepared according to your exact requirements and then delivered to your doorstep.  Habit does not focus only on preparing a meal plan. In addition to that, the meals prepared have amazing taste and meet the health standards as well.

Secondly, Habit provides each customer with a health coach who acts as a mentor and makes it easy to achieve health milestones. If you need productive suggestions about meal consumptions or plans, you can contact your phone through call or text and a helpful advice would be provided to you. There is no doubt that Habit delivers a state of the art customized nutrition experience which should not be missed.

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Habit Meals & Menus and Recipes

In the previous Habit review, it was mentioned that the company offers various meal options. However, the company does not have any pre-defined menus and plans. Customers can get need specific menus and plans designed according to their preferences. Along with that, they can decide the number of meals and the delivering frequency.

Every Sunday, you can glance at the particulars of the menu plan and select the meals that have to be ordered.  You can place orders for certain breakfasts, lunches and dinners on weekly basis (options and 0,3 and 5). You can modify the delivery timelines in accordance with your changing schedule.

Certain people are allergic to particular edible constituents. For instance, vegetarianism or veganism does not suit you; Habit would make sure that these restrictions are taken into account when the meals are being prepared.

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Habit Health & Nutrition

Consider that a diet plan is made according to the requirements that only you have. Habit designs custom diet plans to execute noticeable weight loss so that you can view the most physically fit version of yourself. Certain parameters would be used to make this plan including blood samples, DNA, BMI, height, weight and waist size.

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Habit Fitness and Activity

Apart from consuming the correct diet, physical movement is important as well. You should have a physical movement of minimum 30 to 60 minutes on per day basis. The physical activities chosen would depend only on you.

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How Easy Is Habit To Follow?

The habit testing kit would be delivered in an attractive looking black box at your door step. On opening the box, you would find a note explaining how Habit helps you getting fit. However, there is an important thing which you need to keep in mind. Before using the kit, you should fast for 10 hours and no food should be consumed during this time span. This means that you can only consume water during this tenure.

Before using the kit, you have to get in registered through the Habit website. Once you are done with this, your fitness tour would start. The Habit website would guide you through each and every step properly through a video so that the finest results can be attained.

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Can You Lose Weight With Habit?

A diet plan works well if it is made according to the body specifications of a particular person. For instance, a diet plan may help one person in losing weight while it increases the weight of another person. Habit makes diet plans according that are person specific after analyzing important parameters including blood, DNA and BMI.

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Habit Plans & Pricing and Costs

The bundled kit that we deliver to the customer is called Habit Core. It includes the test kit, test results and nutrition plans. The bundle has a price of $299 while $10 is charged for handling and delivering.

The breakfast deals start at a price of $7.99 while the starting price of lunch and dinners is $13.50. The price per meal gets lower when multiple meals are ordered by the customer. In addition to that, Habit does not apply any extra charges for delivering or handling for meals.

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Habit Delivery Areas

Customers can get Habit nutrition kits delivered anywhere in the US apart from New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island. Initially, we were delivering fresh meals in San Francisco. However, with the increase in demand, this service has stopped for the moment as the company is focusing on nationwide delivery.

We would definitely inform the customers when this service resumes. Until then, you can get the privilege of our recipes, digital tools and meal planning options.  This is something that Habit has been working on for the last few months.

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Habit Help & Support and Customer Service

If you are looking for any kind of assistance, you can get in touch through email or telephone number. Other than that, you can view our FAQ page for the answers of commonly asked questions.

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Habit Pros and cons

  • Quality methods based on scientific research used to determine nutrition needs.
  • Nutrition plans personalized according to the needs of each person.
  • Meals according to your needs prepared by expert professionals.
  • Allergy requirements considered while preparing meals.
  • Selection of custom meals from the menu
  • No restriction of ordering the same number of meals every week.
  • No shipping charges on meals.

  • Only users with a specific minimum budget can buy these meals

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Bottom Line

Habit is proud to come up with this exceptional meal delivery service that it puts on the table for the customers. We do not come across a service every day that uses quality person specific methods to determine nutrition needs. Along with that, the company delivers healthy meals according to the preferences of each customer. It is a fact that the Habit kit does not have a very low price. This is obvious because it contains blood tests, DNA samples and various nutrition tests that have been designed by scientific experts. We do not charge anything extra for delivering means. Secondly, the price of one meal drops when a customer places orders for multiple meals.

Habit nutrition kit has the taken human nutrition to another level and we aim at increasing the number of areas that we deliver to.

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Habit Review

At Habit, we use surveys and DNA collection kits to perform an analysis on lifestyle, metabolism, personal goals and human genetics. This helps us come up with person specific eating recommendations.

  • Different food types needed by your body
  • Habit is a state of the art meal delivery service that uses various scientific methods including DNA tests to determine your eating preferences.
  • Habit creates a person specific nutrition plan and delivers quality fresh nutricious meals that the plan includes.
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