Purple Carrot Review

Purple Carrot Overview

If you are looking for an at-home meal delivery service for plant based recipes, Purple Carrot is one the good ones. The focus of the company is to deliver meals to “Balanceatarians”. This is a phrase used by the company for people who eat plant based meals for a minimum of 2 times a week. In recent times, the company has partnered with TB12 performance. This lifestyle brand is a creation by Tom Brady.

Brady is an NFL hall of famer who continues to play at the age of 40. He has won five super bowls for New England patriots while playing as a quarterback.  The meals that Purple Carrot provides are eaten by Brady himself. In accordance with Purple Carrot, the meals have been enjoyed by Brady in the past. These meals act as structured diet options that are prepared according to stringent nutritional guidelines.

If you are an individual seeking plant based diet, Purple Carrot should be one of your premier choices for a healthy home cooking solution. This meal delivery services delivers vegan meals that can be made by people with different cooking qualities. The ingredients are naturally sourced and packed with nutrients. If you are seeking easy cooking of healthy diet through simple recipes, Purple Carrot has everything that you are looking for. These are high protein vegan meals that help you in stating active particularly if you are a sportsman or athlete. You can go through this review and get more information about the exceptional offers that the company has.

Keep reading our honest Purple Carrot review to learn more.

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Purple Carrot Ideal For

  • Someone who does not have the time to buy and prepare ingredients’
  • People who want to avoid frozen meals and opt for something healthier.
  • Males and Females who find cooking new recipes exciting.
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How Purple Carrot Works?

Even if you have never ordered from this kind of meal delivery service before, you should have no problem figuring out how things work at Purple Carrot. They have explained the whole process in great detail and there are even photos showing what you can expect from the box that is delivered to your

Using Purple Carrot would not be a problem for you even if you have not used a similar meal delivery service as things are quite easy. The entire progress is explained along with photographs of what the box would contain. You cannot get readymade meals from Purple Carrot but instead, you can get fresh ingredients with the right quantities delivered at your door step. Along with that, recipes are also provided so the customer can complete the cooking process easily. None of the dishes have a cooking time of more than 40 minutes.

There are three meal plans offered by the company. Namely, they are Chef’s Choice, Quick & easy and High Protein. Each of these plans is for a different category of users depending on eating preferences. The recipes vary in terms of cooking simplicity.

Apart from the standard plans, there is TB12 performance plan tailor made for fitness experts, athletes, sportsmen and other active individuals. This plan has been launched in coordination with Tom Brady and TB12.

If you opt for one of the standard plans, you can choose any 3 recipes from the weekly menu, which features 6 fresh meal ideas per week. With the TB12 Performance plan, you do not get to choose your recipes but instead get to try out 3 high-protein, gluten-free recipes crafted and curated by the Purple Carrot team.

If you are selecting a standard plan, you can select 3 recipes according to your likes from the weekly menu. The menu has a total of 6 options of fresh meals for each week. If you opt for the TB12 performance plan, you do not have the option to pick your own recipes but you can try any three recipes that are free of gluten and have a high protein count. All these recipes have been made by Purple Carrot.

Purple Carrot does not have a lengthy menu with numerous options so selecting recipes is not a hard task after all. All the meals made by the experts are yummy and perfectly suitable for people seeing vegan diet options to get healthy. Most of the menu comprises of seasoned food and meals are not repeated often.

Purple Carrot is a meal delivery service that aims at satisfying the customers in every manner. Users of this service do not have to follow a subscription necessarily. You do not have to follow a minimum subscription period. Customers can modify orders as per their needs or change their meal plan whenever the feel the need to do so. You can also opt for subscription cancellation at any time without providing any clarification. However, you have to make changes to the subscription before 11:59 EST on Tuesday the week before the delivery has been scheduled.

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What Makes Purple Carrot Different?

Purple carrot provides 100% vegan meals and this makes it very different from other meal delivery companies. It is hard to find such a meal delivery service and proves to be suitable for vegans living in different parts of the nation.

Purple carrot produces meals that are 100% vegan, have a high protein count, are free of gluten and perfectly suit people who are active gym goers. The meals have been designed after analyzing what Tom Brady and his family eat. Along with that, the TB12 guidelines that improved Tom’s diet are also taken into account.

Purple Carrot works with an eco-friendly approach.  The ingredients are sustainably sourced and extra quantity is not shipped so that waste can be avoided. In recent times, the standard of sustainable packaging has improved. These days, Infinity Core thermal liners are used. They are made of recycled water bottles and quite easy to dispose. Once you have used them, simply tear them and throw in the bin. Purple Carrot also provides important recycling information in the “recycling” section.

If any of your friends love vegan food and you want to related gift, you can go through the meal plans of Purple Carrot. The available meal plan options include High Protein, Quick $ Easy, Chef’s Choice or TB12 Performance. Customers can select their gift subscription duration from the offered delivery duration options (1 Week, 2 Weeks, 1 Month and 3 Months.

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Purple Carrot Meals & Menus and Recipes

In the beginning, it has been mentioned that Purple Carrot has worked very hard to come up with meal plans that work well for plant lovers. Let’s see how these plans are exclusive and unique.

The standard plans have been designed for people who do not have a lot of cooking time. If you are interested in vegetable food, the Chef’s Choice plan would work well for you. Similarly, the “Quick and Easy” plan is for people who wish to cook delicious meals in less than 30 minutes without a lot of cleanup hassle. The High protein plans are for people who want to cook meals that can help them in staying high on energy throughout the day.

If you talk about the TB12 performance plan, it differs from the other plans and is tailor made for people who want to stay active physically. The recipes are gluten free, low on soy

The Purple Carrot recipes are 100% vegan. However, you can enjoy them even if you are not someone trying to lose weight. In accordance with various credible sources including Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat vegan meals attain several health benefits including reduced chances of high blood pressure and heart disease. With Purple Carrot, you get the most amazing healthy meals without going through the trouble of searching for quality ingredients.

However, Purple Carrot does not entertain dietary needs as it processes walnuts, peanuts, almonds and other allergens as well. Apart from offering gluten free food, the company does not entertain any other dietary needs. You can always get in touch with the recipe team of the company and get expert advice about the ingredients that should be used.

A lot of companies do not deliver all the ingredients that are needed to cook the meal. Fortunately, customers of Purple Carrot do not have to go through this problem. All you need to have on your side is olive oil, salt and pepper. The remaining ingredients would be delivered to your door step.

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Purple Carrot Health & Nutrition

In accordance with the importance of plant based diet by Purple Carrot, these meals reduce the chances of chronic disease. There is no other diet that has the same benefits. Purple carrot also provides details about how risky excessive meat consumption can be.

People who are regular red meat consumers have higher chances of getting heart diseases, strokes, diabetes and other similar diseases as well.

On the other hand, people who have plant based meals have approximately 55% less chances of facing high blood pressure issues and 32% less chances of going through heart problems. More than 20,000 edible plants are used to extract flavors from and provide the best tastes.

If you are an environment conscious person, plant-based diets would suit you. According to the company, only one pound of vegetable is produced by 39 gallons of water. Along with that, one pound of beef is produced by 1850 gallons of water.

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Purple Carrot Fitness and Activity

A minimum physical activity for 30 to 60 minutes is needed on daily basis. The nature of physical activity and the time to perform it can be selected by the user according to his suitability.

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How Easy Is Purple Carrot To Follow?

If you visit the Purple Carrot website and feel that the offered meal is not in accordance with your interests, you can skip the meal for that week.  Some people do prefer ordering meals for each week and find the Purple Carrot meal delivery system helpful.

On weekly basis, a box is sent to the customer that contains 100% fresh ingredients that are needed to prepare meals. Sustainable packaging is used to pack them. It takes less than an hour to make Purple Carrot meals. The meals are not difficult in terms of cooking but the need of having multiple utensils may be there.

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Purple Carrot Plans & Pricing and Costs

The pricing of Purple Carrot is quite simple. The standard plans come at a flat price of $72.00 for one week. Each plan has three meal kits and one kit has 2 servings. In other words, the cost of each serving is $12. If you opt for the TB12 plan, there are 3 meal kits per week and each meal has 2 servings. The overall cost is $78 per week. This simply means that one serving of the TB12 has a cost of $13

Purple Carrot does not apply hidden charges on any of the orders. In other words, there are no extra costs for shipping or membership.

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Purple Carrot Delivery Areas

Initially, Purple Carrot was only offering delivery to certain areas only. However, now delivery services are being offered in the continuous US. The delivery options are still unavailable in Hawaii and Alaska. All handling and shipping charges are included in the meal pricing.

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Purple Carrot Help & Support and Customer Service

For all further information, you can always go through the FAQ page or get in touch through email / phone number.

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Purple Carrot Pros and cons

  • Fresh high standard ingredients
  • Meals are 100% plant based
  • 3 standard meal plans for varying cooking levels and tastes
  • Average cooking time is 20 to 40 minutes
  • Highly suitable for vegans
  • Meals are low on gluten and high on protein to keep a person active
  • Meals are ecofriendly.

  • A lot of options for special dietary needs are not there
  • No Shipment options in Alaska and Hawai

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Bottom Line

Purple Carrot is one of a kind meal delivery service especially for vegans. The meals are very healthy and comprise of fresh ingredients. The recipes are easy and all means have a maximum cooking time of 40 minutes. In terms of prices, Purple Carrot has a clear structure. For instance, the meal price includes all the costs and there are no hidden charges. However, the company does not entertain dietary needs and only plant based or gluten based recipes are offered in this relation.

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Purple Carrot Review

Purple Carrot offers 100% vegan meals prepared from highly fresh ingredients. If you are a vegan lover and looking for healthy meals, Purple Carrot is the best option for you as the company plans meals as well as purchases ingredients.

  • The meal delivery company concentrates on delivering plant based meals
  • People can improve their cooking skills with these meals
  • Plant based-diet is good for health
  • The customer service is fast and friendly.
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