Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club Review

Clubs Of America Beer Of The Month Club Overview

The Beer of the Month Club is a well-known club founded in 1994 by the Clubs of America. With established and credible long track of record and countless satisfied and happy customers, this is indeed a beer club highly recommended for anyone looking to have rare, excellent and exclusive American craft beers in monthly, bi-monthly or in a quarterly basis. Take time to read this Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club review for you to learn more.

Keep reading our honest Clubs Of America Beer Of The Month Club review to learn more.

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Clubs Of America Beer Of The Month Club Ideal For

  • Customers who are beer lovers
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Clubs Of America Beer Of The Month Club Selection & Quality

There are some beer clubs offering mixed beers. Some just provide international beers. Beer of the Month Club by Clubs of America just concentrates on domestic American beers. Beer of the Month Club works closely with numerous leading American microbreweries. Today, there’s no country worldwide that can match the US for many microbreweries. Truth is United States holds the record in this category. Obviously, individuals behind this famous beer club made the top choice when they decided to put all their efforts and attention to this exquisite beer exclusively made in USA.

Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club claims that they know everything about American microbreweries and there’s really no other club in the county that can give such varieties to its clients. In order to prove this, they consistently list beers recently featured on their website so clients or customers can see for themselves carefully crafted and full-flavored beers that they can expect.

So if you got high standards for beer selection, you certainly have variety judging from the beers they have featured in the past and they also got guaranteed high quality.

Many individuals think that craft beers are said to be ales especially IPAs. It is true that the Beer of the Month Club of Clubs of America offers ales mostly including APAs, IPAs, brown or red ales, pale ales and farmhouse ales; however, you can also depend on quite a few excellent stouts, weissbiers, porters and larger varieties.

The selection and quality offered by this beer club are things that you can never find or get from other clubs. It would be best to take advantage of their greatest selections now.

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What Makes Clubs Of America Beer Of The Month Club Different?

As already mentioned, Beer of the Month Club only provides beers that are produced exclusively in American craft microbreweries. The imported bears are great however, the club decided to concentrate their attention to American brews and this kind of logic makes sense.

Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club provides 100% satisfaction to all their valued clients. This means that if anything goes wrong with your shipment whether it’s the beer inside, the packaging or the delivery itself, you can easily contact the beer club and they will provide you with the best offer for either refund or replacement.

The club does not charge fee on shipping. You will get your beer every month, every other three months or whatever you choose. You will therefore just pay for the beer and not the shipping so you can save tremendous amount. Another best thing about this club is that there’s no minimum requirement in terms of the number of deliveries that you wanted to receive. One more thing that is quite unique aboutClubs of America Beer of the Month Club is that, this club allows you to pick whatever you wanted to pay, whether it’sone-time full payment or several payments monthly. This offers you more flexibility in terms of planning your expenses and budget.

The things mentioned here are just few of the many points that make this beer club uniquely different from the rest. If you place your orders and have a taster of their finest beers, you will realize why this club and their beers are special. You surely won’t regret spending your money here.

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Clubs Of America Beer Of The Month Club Gift Options

Just like other beer clubs, Beer of the Month Club of Clubs of America Beer gives you the chance to send beer gifts to your friends and loved ones or for just anyone you know would truly appreciate rare and carefully crafted American brews. The gift subscriptions work similarly as the ones you would buy for yourself except that the company sends it to the business or home address of your recipient.

You are to decide how often you wanted your beers to be delivered and how many beer deliveries you wanted to get. All this can be done easily through their customizable order forms found right on the club’s site. You can also prefer free personalized gift letters or messages for your special recipients. The Beer of the Month Club subscriptions also make excellent gifts for any type of occasion and are often used within business circles and by bosses, co-workers, business partners and more. Many individuals send this finest beer as gift for birthday, anniversary or holiday gift for friends, family and loved ones.

So if you are looking for a perfect gift to paint a smile in your loved one’s face, consider this as your ideal gift option. Beer of the Month Club provides you with gifts that impress and gifts that won’t make you recipients feeling disappointed but ultimately happy instead. They will surely be appreciative of these gifts.

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Clubs Of America Beer Of The Month Club Club Membership & Pricing

As already mentioned earlier in this review of Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club, the company does not really put limit on the deliveries you wanted to order. You can cancel your subscription if you want to without paying additional membership fees. The beer club offers handling and shipping for free, meaning; these costs were already included in the price. The company ships all across continental US but unfortunately, Hawaiians and Alaskans are left out. This is actually common among many beer clubs.

The price for this beer club is about $42.95 per month where in you will be able to get twelve beers. These are usually bottled beers however, they can also send in cans every now and then. You will get 4 different beer styles three cans or bottles each plus monthly newsletter of the beer club’s Beer Expeditions. The cost for 2 shipments is $85.90 and $128.85 for three shipments and so on. As mentioned, you are free to decide if you wanted to pay in full, upfront or you wanted pay monthly. You can set the times you wanted your beers to be delivered. It can be every month, every 3 months, and every three months.

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Clubs Of America Beer Of The Month Club Delivery Areas & Support

Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club provides customer care hotline but this is available only during business hours which starts from 9am to 5pm Central Time (since the company is completely based in Illinois. Aside from reliable and accessible phone support, they also have an email address where you can send your emails regarding your questions and concerns. Their site also features handy contact form which you can access and fill up when you go online. Response time for support form and email support is quick.

If you are in need of further assistance, you can check out their FAQ page or you can contact them by phone 1-800-258-2872 or send them your email.

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Clubs Of America Beer Of The Month Club Pros and cons

  • No costly membership fees
  • Free shipping
  • Top quality materials
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • No binding contract
  • Premium and rare beers

  • Just provide only one membership option
  • Only American beers
  • Lacks customization
  • Customers can’t pick the beer that they want

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Bottom Line

Most individuals who have the desire to have the best “beer time” surely wantto get hold of the finest and most refreshing beers. Whether Beer of the Month Club or Clubs of America Beer, this can be a good option for you or maybe not depending on how passionate you are with American brews. Some individuals opt for variety and they wanted to receive some foreign beers as well. Other individuals are aware that America is one of the leading craft beer producers worldwide now and real beer gems can be found here waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

If you’re really a fan of American beer, then this beer club is the ideal option for you. The club provides very rare and usually downright and exclusive beers from not so popular but excellent microbreweries. This simply means that you will get exclusive opportunity to have a taste and enjoy some of the beers that are not typically found in beer section of some local wine or liquor store. Above all these all, this club has no membership fees and this delivers your beers for free.

Now is the best time to invest on this beer to pamper yourself or to make others happy by sending them beers as gifts.

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Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club Review

Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club is such a great club for individuals with passion and fondness with American micro-brewing culture as well as hard to find and finest craft beer from all across the nation.

  • No contract , no handling fee, shipping fee and membership fee
  • Best beers from artisanal, independent and small microbreweries
  • This beer club delivers anywhere in contiguous US
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