Bowflex Review

Bowflex Overview

A Vancouver based company that expanded as Bowflex commenced their business in 1980’s and are the leaders of fitness and training equipment’s. They have managed to clinch many loyal customers with their unique and alternative to treadmills and cross-trainers, that are moderate to your body and effectively melts body fats. The alternate tread climbers not only allow quick calorie-burn, but also permits cardio & muscle toning benefits. Meantime, the max trainer’s permits vigorous upper body workouts and exhibits exceptional results in 14 minutes of routine exercise.

The Nautilus brand Bowflex Results launched its two new series of each, ellipticals & treadmills in 2018. The price range of all four is set for residential use but are up to the commercial standards. If you want to be well-built & slim but are short of time for going to gym, bow flex is the best solution to your chubby problems. Bowflex packs all its equipment’s with several cardio training & rowing functions.

Most of the items come with distinct power-rod resistance that allows constant resistance during motion that can be upgraded in future, & lets you change the level quickly. Bowflex let you do a lot of exercise and train all muscle groups at home by acquiring minimum space. Even the cheapest version allows 30 exercises and acquires minimum space.

For sure the best option to workout at home is none other than Bowflex, providing a long-lasting and multi-faceted trusted equipment’s.
Keep reading our honest Bowflex review to learn more.

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Bowflex Ideal For

  • Those who want to reduce excessive body fat.
  • Those keen to know about body aptitude
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How Bowflex Works?

The innovators of resistance weight training the Bowflex, have progressed afar of the conventional weights, rods and cables. Thus, they leaned to the international space station technology where the astronauts use to work weight-less to fight bones and muscular losses, but lack of gravity made it impossible. That set NASA technologists to work on something that works, and this is where SpiraFlex system on Bowflex revolution originated.

Revolving around the smartly designed plates, SpiraFlex has each plate assembled with a heavy duty elastic strap accommodated inside the plate. The Spiraflex plates revolve around the center & stretches the elastic strap to produce resistance. The machine mechanism allows the plates to combine and produce continual resistance throughout the stirring which gives a more compatible gym quality experience.

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What Makes Bowflex Different?

Bowflex was licensed in 1979 in San Francisco by an engineering student who started its sales in 1986. The exercise machines at Bowflex Home Gym, are competent for structuring power and muscles. The television toll-frees were used previously for sales, but now they have a separate online store.

An ordinary machine even allows you to do many exercises as Bowflex home gym, but none other offers you the best price ranging from $600-$2000 & is compact enough to be stored easily. The Bowflex products have been spreading like fire since their home gym launch in 1986 & has sustained its position in a household name, competing all other brands. Bowflex offers everything to meet the needs of a complete home gym.

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Bowflex Product Series

The wide range with multi-grip lat pulldowns are:

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

The simplest and cheapest home gym offering resistance up-to 210 pounds. Comes with 1-year warranty while the power rods purchase can offer 5-year warranty but no resistance upgradation. Allows 30 weight exercises & 6 of lower body, where leg press is doable.

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Offers more versatility and with 210-pound of resistance, that can be upgraded to 410 pounds on purchase of additional rods. Allows 60 exercises with squat & deadlift variation. Same warranty is offered as PR1000.

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

PR3000 offers maximum resistance, quality & design aesthetics. Allows the upgradation of 310-pounds on purchase of heavier-duty rods. Does not offer cardio function, and no tangible way to squat or deadlift. The warranty terms are the same.

Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym (discontinued – now only available used or refurbished)

Ultimate 2 home gym suppressed by extreme 2SE & Revolution provides total body workout for upper, lower body & mid-section. It uses a unique power rod and no pully system offers a lot more features, but again newer models are better if you have the budget.

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

A high-quality home gym model that allows you to do 70 exercises including the leg stuff. It has everything except for the ability to do cardio-row. The 2Se home gym offers same warrenty period.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

Being the most expensive and high quality, revolution Bowflex offers coolest looking and most versatile. It allows you to do 100 plus exercises with all the leg stud cardio-row. It is more easy and convenient to operate, and Spiral Flex technology allows it to look cleaner. Variety of angles can be adjusted. Warranty is upgraded to 10 years. The only drawback is that resistance can be upgraded from 210 to 300-pounds only.

Bowflex Results Ellipticals

Both the ellipticals E116 & E216 are smooth, fully equipped & competitively priced, meeting high performance standards. Allows 30-35 pounds fly wheels with both upper and lower body exercises.

Bowflex Max Trainers 2016

Most affordable that costs just $999 with 1-year warranty. Burns 600 calories in every half hour. User having WIFI access can use four free motion Traxx workouts too. a chest strap allows wireless heart rate monitoring.

Bowflex Tread Climbers 2018

TC100 is the cheapest model of Bowflex allows faster calories burn. Provided with Bluetooth 4.0 for tracking and sharing heart rate and calories burned.  Convenient to use as they have tablet computer docks with USB chargers.


Attuned to stay fresh and useful BowFlex has made other advancements in health & fitness to carter general goals of improving strength & figure at home. Bowflex home gym are an excellent option to meet your needs.

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Bowflex Fitness and Activity

30 to 60 minutes of locomotion are needed every day, but how and when is your choice.

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How Easy Is Bowflex To Follow?

Further, working out with the Bowflex may result in less muscle soreness than free weights, especially for beginners.
Bowflex seems to require less negative work on the muscles – that is, stress when the muscle is lengthening to return to its starting position than free weights. Most people are able to assemble their machines with the assistance of the detailed assembly manual and supplemental assembly videos on the site.

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Can You Lose Weight With Bowflex?

For individuals attempting to maintain their weight by staying back at home, a Bowflex Home gym is as a superb way of resistance coaching to supplement daily cardio exercise and a burn fat.

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Bowflex Mobile app

Number of features on the mobile app track calories burned, time, and more. Bowflex® Max Trainer® 3 app motivates you on your fitness journey focusing on monthly consistency and achievements by tracking personal fitness goals.

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Bowflex Plans & Pricing and Costs

Price range depends upon model ranging from around $650 to over $2,000 which carters the needs of all the customers.

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Bowflex Delivery Areas

Bowflex deliver their item all over the continental US.

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Bowflex Help & Support and Customer Service

Read their FAQs on their website to get help or furthermore you can contact them for further information on their provided email or phone-numbers.

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Bowflex Pros and cons

  • Compressed & well-built: Designed with keeping home usage in mind, although they are compressed but still can hold up to 350pounds weight. Most of these machines have wheels attached for convenient motion and 4 feet & 2½ feet long and wide measurements respectively.
  • Flexible: Distinct and diverse workout tools used for cardio and resistance activities for training.
  • Low-Impact: Ergonomically sound & lessen the joints by 200% than with inconvenient running on a solid surface. Allows less exertion at times when you’re burning your fats at an accelerated rate
  • Advanced Consoles: The trainers allow ease in screen reading, and at least two user profiles can be saved. While the other equipment’s four profiles can be saved, as M7 & TC200.
  • Warranties of Bowflex Results: The Series 2018 have wonderfulwarranties for each model. Warranty deals differ for alternative the models as ranging from 1-year to 10-year.

  • In Manual resistance on M3 Max trainers you need to turn dial to make changes.
  • Bowflex results equipment’s warranties are above average, but those for original brand could be discouraging. For instance, some models allow only 1-year warranty and an expensive one hard to afford offers 10-year warranty.
  • Only few models are affordable for typical home gym shoppers. Others might cost around $14,99 to %17,99. A few models are out of the reach of many customers thus they can’t afford a home gym.

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Bottom Line

If want to work out at home you’re after slow and sustainable weight reduction, general strengthening and toning, not trying to turn yourself into a bodybuilder or competitive weight lifter, a Bowflex home gym helps to meet its customer’s needs.

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Bowflex Review

Bowflex first impressed the fitness world several decades ago and the company has continued to innovate. While the highest model numbers in some series have the most appeal, any Bowflex or Bowflex Results trainer can deliver impressive results in a short amount of time.

  • it is a mini gym that doesn’t require any space
  • It is a machine that focuses on all muscle groups
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