Total Gym Review

Total Gym Overview

The Total Gym is a home gym used to produce resistance of body weight and is available with different specification sets. As compared to the conventional gyms where weights are lifted, this home gym produces the body weight of the user to create resistance through the attached cables.

The level of resistance can be increased or decreases by setting the gliding board at different angles. While working out you would be lieing down on the gliding board.  This simpler method shows that Total Gym is lesser weight and a slimmer structure that the standard weight machines used.

As a brand, Total Gym is not a recently launched one. It is a highly experienced brand that has been there for more than 40 years. It was launched by Tom Companaro who is also a formal body builder in the year 1974 along with Doug Marino and Dale McMarino. With the passage of time, various improved versions of Total Gym have been launched. One of them is the Total Gym XLS. Total Gym has been praised by several famous celebrities including Christie Brinkley, Chuck Norris and Wesley Snipes through informative commercials.

Keep reading our honest Total Gym review to learn more.

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Total Gym Ideal For

  • People who want to reduce weight
  • People who want to know about body fitness
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How Total Gym Works?

Total Workout Gym offers numerous workout alternatives particularly for the upper part of the body including the chest. A lot fitness exercises can be performed without taking any break in between.  For instance, if you have completed one set of chest presses, you can move on to curls right away without any pause. Similarly, can you immediately start curls after doing rows. As a user of Total Gym, I figured out that my arms, abs, chest and back all improved after using it.

The Total Gym provides a great variety of workout options, especially for the upper body. Many exercises can be performed in succession, with little or no stopping required in between. For example, you can go from chest presses to curls in seconds. Or go from rows to curls without stopping at all. I found that my arms, back, abs, and chest all benefited most from the Total Gym.

The Total Gym is a very well-known option for full body workout. It would physically strengthen the methods used to perform day to day physical movements. In addition to that, these improved methods are stored in your memory so that you can remember them. Top Gym is a state of the art system used for weight training and body building at home. For a complete training cycle, you can go through more than 80 exercises. It positively impacts several muscles at a time instead of working on an individual muscle.

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What Makes Total Gym Different?

These machines have been designed for enhancing muscular strength and improving aerobic flexibility. In terms of usage, they can be used at gyms for commercial purposes as well as by individuals at home.

All these machines have the same structure. They consist of a gliding board raised at a height. As a user, you can adjust the height according to your preferences. When you increase, the resistance level will increase as well.  The user can set the height according to his strength and level of fitness.

This gliding board is connected to two cables. When you slide on it, you would be resisting the gravitational force on your body. In this way, you can change positions and work on all muscles of your body. In other words, you can go through a full scaled body workout.

Through these cables, you can enhance the level of motion and unbroken resistance is provided. This is much better than lifting weights which only works on specific spots. With this equipment, you can achieve better results after repeating exercises and performing multiple sets. For every physical activity performed, this equipment works in a better way on the muscular fibers. Total Gym would also improve the Time Under Tension (TUT) of the user.

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Total Gym Product Series

Total Gym is a gym that can be used at conveniently at home. It is available in different models with varying specifications so that users can make a choice according to their preferences. Instead of using the standard body weights, Total gym uses the body weight a resistance factor.

Users can check their body fitness and increase or decrease the resistance intensity. You can do this by altering the gliding rail board angle.  You need to use the gliding rail board to lie down when performing the workout sessions. As a result of this working method, Total Gym carries lesser weight and has a slimmer structure than the conventional exercising machines.

Here are the products of the Total Gym series

Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS is purchased by the highest number of users looking for a quality home gym. It is a gym brand highly recommended by popular public figures including Christie Brinkely and Chuck Norris. It does not exert a lot of pressure on the body joints and allows the user to perform more than 80 exercises. The Total Gym XLS package includes support material for training ( wall chart, DVD for workouts and other things). With total gym, you do not have to do exercises with default weight settings. It allows you set a percentage of your body weight as the level of resistance. Based on your progress, this percentage can be increased.

Total Gym FIT

As compared to other machines that we examined, Total Gym is very different even though the functionality is not completely different. The actual price is $2300. However, Total Gym promotes it by offering it at a much smaller price.

In terms of models, Total FIT is the most recent launch and the resistance is double of what Total Gym XLS offers. Total Gym XLS was recommended by famous public celebrities including Wesley Snipes and Chuck Norris. It puts more than 85 exercises on the table for the user. Through these exercises, you can get improved fitness of cardiovascular system, body stretching and circuit training. Along with that, it is highly beneficial for the lower back and body joints.

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Total Gym Health

The FIT Home Gym comes with detailed wall chart that has proper illustrations. This chart provides a lot of assistance when you actually perform the workout sessions.  This wall chart acts provides training on how you can perform 35 exercises with this new equipment.

Apart from that, there is Total Gym deck of cards. The cards of this deck have different exercises. You can use these cards to choose exercises and make your customized training schedule.

The set has a “Nutrition Program and Meal Plan” which has been designed by the expert named Dan Isaacson. Dan is a popular trainer who has worked with famous Hollywood celebrities and has played a key role in designing the Total Gym product collection.

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Total Gym Fitness and Activity

To use this equipment effectively, you should have a daily physical movement of at least 30 to 60 minutes.  Users can choose a time slot according to their suitability.

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How Easy Is Total Gym To Follow?

There are no restrictions about what time of the day you can use the Total Gym. Both men and women can use this equipment at any time of the day irrespective of the body type, fitness and age factors.  This is a quality home gym and you can design a customized fitness schedule by using it. Users of Total Gym can get the encouragement to lose weight at their own pace.  There is no doubt that Total Gym is very efficient does not exert a lot of pressure on the body. Approximately 95% of people owning Total Gym have provided a conformation of these facts.

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Can You Lose Weight With Total Gym?

The regular usage of Total Gym enhances the body fitness level and reduces the body fat. Along with that, it enhances the body mass level. When your body gets used to it, you can increase the level of resistance and lift a higher percentage of your body weight.

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Total Gym Mobile app

Total Gym offers several mobile app features for Android and iOS users

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Total Gym Plans & Pricing and Costs

The price that a user pays depends on the model he is purchasing. However, all Total Gym models are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, reduced charges for shipping and handling. The 30 day money back guarantee can be increased to 60 days if the full price has been paid at the time of purchase.

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Total Gym Delivery Areas

Total Gym deliver their item all over the continental US.

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Total Gym Help & Support and Customer Service

To get any kind of assistance, you can go through the FAQ page, send an email or make a call on the provided phone number.

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Total Gym Pros and cons

  • Helpful equipment for people who want to reduce body fat and improve overall fitness
  • Works well for rehabilitation (doctors approval required)
  • It suits both males and females whether they are young or ageing
  • Durable and  strong machines that have improved in the last forty years
  • Very comfortable in terms of usage
  • With cable exercises, users can get a full  movement range and regular TUT (Time Under Tension)
  • All packages come with workout DVD’s
  • Trail versions and financing options are available
  • Price Ranges and warranty options according to the financial range of the user

  • Not recommended for body building purposes and as a tool for cardio exercises
  • Irrespective of the stable built it has, Total Gym products have a high cost factor. Everyone cannot afford them unless they are sold at a promotional low price.
  • The Top of the Line GTS model does not have a free shipping feature like the older models. A better option would have been to increase the cost and including shipping / handling in the package.

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Bottom Line

Total gym is a light weighted home gym with a slim compact built. It offers flexible workout options to the user. It does not have piles of iron weight like various other exercising machines. Instead there is a gravity slide board which has to be attached with cables. The user can alter resistance levels according to his standard of fitness, age and weight.

Total Gym works well for everyone who wishes to have a slimmer body. However, it is not suitable for individuals who wish to increase body mass for body building or similar purposes.

Considering the features and restrictions that it has, Total Gym is suitable for males and females who want to get into shape from the comfort of their homes. If you want to lose weight like Chuck Norris, Total Gym is for you but it would not work well if you are looking for develop a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Total Gym Review

Total gym is a fitness brand that has been there for decades and everyone finds it impressive. It is one of the best home gym alternatives for various people who shop.

  • It is equipped with a DVD for workout and an exercise chart with workout illustrations
  • There is a nutritional chart developed by a professional fitness trainer at Hollywood.
  • The weight of the equipment is only 66 pounds
  • It can be used by users who have a maximum weight of 450 pounds
  • Customer reviews have been quite impressive.
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