The Original Craft Beer Club Review

The Original Craft Beer Club Overview

If you are looking for an unfailing beer club company in the US that offers high-quality beers for a fraction of the cost and with high-quality customer service, look no further than The Original Craft Beer Club. What makes this beer club company popular is that the beers they offered to their clients are exceptional and handpicked. This company offers American beers. They extend their delivery service to anywhere in the US. Just like other exceptional service providers in this industry, they only hand-pick incredible American craft beers and send them to their members straight to their doorstep. So, if you reside in the east and want a tasting and superb beers made in Seattle, you can have it with the help of The Original Craft Beer Club. This “The Original Craft Beer Club review” will help you get to know more about this company and the service they provide.

Unlike the others, they choose to work with American beers that are produced across the U.S. This is why they can ship anywhere America. If you live in the east and have an interest to taste some Seattle area beers, they are the provider that you can count on.
Keep reading our honest The Original Craft Beer Club review to learn more.

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The Original Craft Beer Club Ideal For

  • Customers who are beer lovers
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The Original Craft Beer Club Selection & Quality

As stated, this company provides craft beer from various parts of the US. The culture of craft beer has been on an incredible rise over the last couple of years, and the number of microbreweries in the US is considered the highest in the whole world. Due to this huge numbers, it is really hard to know which company is the best and the most reliable one. Luckily, the team at The Original Craft Beer Club understands the needs of their clients, which are high-quality beers. What is more, they are very dedicated to providing just the best craft beer accessible in the country at this point. So, with regards to quality and superiority, you can rely only on superior, world-class premium beers which meet the high standards of this company.

This company works with approximately twenty craft breweries from various parts of the US and provides standard types of craft beers, from IPAs to Stouts and Porters. Like many other beers of the month companies out there, The Original Craft Beer Club also featured a wide selection on a monthly basis, which is delivered right to the doorstep of their subscribers. Once you subscribe to this company, you will get four diverse styles, three bottles each and when there’s a specific style you do not want, let this company know and they will stop or will not send it to you. It is how flexible the company is when it comes to their service. Along with the craft beers, subscribers will also get a newsletter with the information regarding the beer you orders, the company which produced them as well as some general information about beers. So, this not just allows you try some of the best beers in the country, but also help you widen your knowledge regarding beers.

Like most reliable beer-of-the-month clubs, they feature selection every month. This is shipped to all subscribers. You can get four styles with three bottles each. In case, there is a specific style that does not match your taste, just inform the company ahead of time.  Along with all the beers, you can get a newsletter with a complete information about the product and the producers. There are also other general beer information that you need to know.

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What Makes The Original Craft Beer Club Different?

There are many good reasons why The Craft Beer is considered one of the best beer companies in the US and perhaps all over the world. One important thing which makes this company stands out from the rest is that they deliver in any parts of the US. They also offer beers made by various breweries found in all regions of the US. The Original Craft Beer Club created a network of beer professionals and beer enthusiasts, united in their interest in the high-quality beverage.

Another remarkable thing about this craft beer club is that they aren’t opposed to canned beer.

A lot of people who consider about themselves craft beer fanatics would not be caught dead drinking beer from a can. On the other hand, The Original Craft Beer Club believes that this specific type of beer packaging in point of fact has its pros and cons over the bottled beers, provided the producer does it right.

Most of the beer clubs in the United States allow you to give a considerable amount of money to become a member. With The Original Craft Beer Club, you can be a member without spending any single amount. The membership is free, and what is more, they don’t have a strict and firm subscription term. This company allows you to pause or cancel your subscription anytime you like. Once you cancel your membership, they will stop sending you a beer. But, still, you can still go back anytime.

Flexibility is another good reason why this beer club is very popular amongst beer enthusiasts in the US. As mentioned earlier, you can pause or cancel your membership. In case you don’t want to receive beers in a can, just let the company know to skip a delivery. You can also choose cans only that are delivered on a quarterly basis.

With regards to delivery, the best thing about this craft beer company is that they offer free delivery of your orders. That is pretty amazing. You can never find this in other beer clubs out there. On the other, always keep in mind that this applies to the contiguous United States and doesn’t include places like Alaska and Hawaii.

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The Original Craft Beer Club Gift Options

The Original Craft Beer Club offers a beer of the month subscription that is a remarkable present for family members or friends who love craft beer. Customers can buy a subscription and give it to their loved ones, friends, co-workers, parents, boss, girlfriend or boyfriends, etc. You can send twelve or twenty-four beers once a month, bi-monthly and quarterly as well. It is totally up to you. This beer club company also allows their subscribers to send a charming and delightful greeting card to their gift recipients that can be attached on top or inside the delivery box. It can be an anniversary card, a birthday card or a season’s greeting. A message of appreciation or essentially anything you like given the fact that they are customizable.

You can purchase a subscription and they will be responsible on sending it over to the right person. You can send 12 or 24 beers on a monthly or quarterly basis. It will depend on you. Not only that, the provider gives you the chance to send customized greeting card to your recipient. Usually, they place it on top of the box. It can be a birthday card, a thank-you note, a greeting or anything you prefer.

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The Original Craft Beer Club Club Membership & Pricing

As being said, The Original Craft Beer Club does not charge any membership fees. By simply picking the subscription you like, you can join without a burdensome or exhausting experience. They make their form simple to give all beer lovers an exciting journey.

This craft beer company offers free membership. Joining the wide network of happy and pleased subscribers is easy as 123. Pick the type of subscription you think will suit your needs using a simple form. Their prices change, it all depends on the number of beers you order and the type of shipment you choose. If you want to save a significant amount of cash, you can opt to 12 beers a month. It includes four styles, and three beers each. This option will cost you $24 for a continuing or a one-month delivery. 2 shipments will cost you $84, three shipments will cost you 4126, and this comes with a free bottle opener. Four shipments will cost you $168. You need to give out $120 if you choose five shipments. Six shipments will cost you $252 this comes with free coasters and openers. If you choose 12 shipments, you need to give out $479; however, it comes with both gift with $25 off. The rate of the price is comparable to the box that has 24 beers (4 styles, six beers each). The continuing or 1 month delivery of this box will costs you $79.80. However this is offered with 5% discount, two shipments will cost $159.60 and so forth, up to the twelve-month delivery that costs $867.60 and this comes with 5 percent and $90 discount. This means you will not only taste great beers but also acquire big savings.

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The Original Craft Beer Club Delivery Areas & Support

The Original Craft Beer Club exerts much attention to the needs of their diverse customers. From beer selection to delivery, they are a beer club you cannot afford to miss. Although they have regular working hours, (they are open from 8am to 5pm), they have a flexible customer service team.

They can still accommodate calls at 5pm sharp until the office opens again the following day. Although these are Pacific Standard Times, there will be an amicable person who will handle your problems. Whenever you want to contact them, you will never encounter a difficulty. Thus, The Original Craft Beer Club has 24/7 and 100% comfortable customer service for you!

In addition to that, you can reach them thru an email. This is where you can use for ordering or even making inquiries. There is also an available live chat option that is only available during office hours. To add into the list, there is a support form in their website. Whatever questions or feedbacks you have, the form has been established for your convenience.

In case, you need additional help, you can either check their FAQ page or give them a call at 1-800-200-2959. They have a professional customer service team that would never frustrate you. At the end of the day, you would realize why they have been the leading beer club in the industry.

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The Original Craft Beer Club Pros and cons

  • Free membership. When you are planning to join a beer club but are afraid of the membership fees, The Original Craft Beer Club is the ideal provider you deserve. Unlike other service providers in the United States, they do have a free membership.
  • Free shipping. Right after you place an order, it will shipped wherever you are without any additional or hidden expenses.
  • Good flexibility. Whether you have further questions or feedbacks, you can contact them anytime you want. Though their regular office work starts from 8am to 5pm, you could expect someone to speak with beyond their working hours.
  • Excellent customer support.With the reputation of offering 24/7 customer service, there is no doubt that they transform into a superb and amazing company.
  • Convenient ordering. Because of the high demand in beer along the United States, there is a number of service providers that come out in the market. But only a few have integrated comfort, convenience and consistency into their services and one of those is The Original Craft Beer Club.
  • Rich selection of American craft beers. Whatever your taste in craft beers, The Original Craft Beer Club has them all. Once you like to give other beers a try, you can find what you prefer at the company.

  • No imported beers. When searching for some imported beers, The Original Craft Beer Club is not the perfect company for you.
  • No customized brand selection
  • No reordering. When you plan to reorder, it is not allowed at the company.

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Bottom Line

Reading this review, you will find out that The Original Craft Beer Club has many things to offer. If you’re searching for a reasonably priced, reliable as well as customer friendly beer club in the US, look no further than The Original Craft Beer Club. This beer club is also a good source of amazing gifts to your loved ones. The fact that membership and the delivery of your orders are free of charge, in spite of your address except for Hawaii and Alaska, is certainly commendable. The monthly newsletter this company offers extremely fun and educational. The Original Craft Beer Club is run by a group of individuals who are passionate about providing you superb local craft beers easily and quickly.

This beer club is the best choice for anyone who enjoys craft beer- if you are high-end craft lovers, you might want a little bit of precision in your choice. However, the promise of superiority which comes with the restricted choices is a mark in favor of this company. In case you simply want to try new beers, The Original Craft Beer Club is indeed the best company to call. They will provide you first-rate and a superior selection of beers made by various breweries in the US, which include further-away areas whose local brews you may not otherwise get to try.

Many people in the United States are treating crafting beers as gravely as quality fine wine. A high-quality beer has the complexity and meal compatibility of wine. It is the best time to pamper yourself, your friends and family members to exquisite and hard to find brews from the best and renowned breweries in the United States. Join or call The Craft Beer now to experience the quality of service they offer to their clients. So, they are really one of the best. With the number of advantages of working with them, they are indeed dependable and awesome.

Meal Kits Delivery
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Skill Level
Mobile App
Customer Service
24/7 Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Live Chat
Switching Plans: n/a
Cancellation: You can cancel anytime you want, they will just stop charging you and sending you beer.
Refunds: n/a
Delivery And Shipping
United States
United Kingdom
Contiguous USA
Alaska And Hawaii
Free Shipping
Shipping Costs: n/a
Skip/Cancel Anytime
Money Back Guarantee
Pricing & Plans
Plans Cost: $42 / 12 beers / month
Avg. Price: $42 / 12 beers / month
9.6 Total Score
971 reviews
The Original Craft Beer Club Review

The Original Craft Beer Club is one of the best beer clubs in the United States offering a wide selection of high-quality craft beers exclusively made in the United States. Their free membership and free delivery make this company superb and exceptional. So, the next time you plan to look for a reliable beer club company in the US, you must put The Original Craft Beer Club at the top of your list.

  • Always free delivery in any part of the US except Hawaii and Alaska
  • Exclusive focus on the most excellent breweries in the United States
  • This company doesn’t charge cancellation of orders if you cancel the shipments
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Monthly newsletter that helps broaden your knowledge regarding beers
  • They also provide amazing gift options, as well as easy to customize orders
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