One Potato Review

One Potato Overview

The One Potato brand was created in the year 2015 by three parents. The purpose was to come up with meal kit service that entertained the needs of the entire family. One of the founders of the brand was Catherine McCord. She had gained popularity due to her website where mouthwatering recipes were shared. The immense experience of McCord was combined with the skills of James Beard who was a well-known award winning chef. The recipes of One Potato suit both kids and adults. To check whether the One Potato service is according to the needs of your family or not, you can view this review.

Keep reading our honest One Potato review to learn more.

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One Potato Ideal For

  • It suits people who do not have the time to buy and prepare food ingredients
  • People who want are looking for a healthier alternative for frozen food.
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How One Potato Works?

To get One Potato food service, you need to opt for one of the subscription plans that the company has. The meal kits are offered with 5 meal plans. These plans have different servings per meal. The number of servings range between 2 and 6. Once you choose a plan, you can choose between 2 or 3 food recipes for each week.

On weekly basis, the potato of One Menu comprises of 8 recipes. 6 of these recipes are for families that each both meat and vegetables while 5 are suitable for pure vegetarian families. Every meal is offered in two size variants for kids and adults.

You can choose recipes according to your own preferences. One Potato also provides you with the ingredients that are needed to cook the meal. These ingredients are semi prepared so that the time for the cooking process is reduced. Along with meals, you get pantry samples for oil and other constituents in the quantity that is required to prepare that meal. For any week, if you don’t plan to cool meals, you can skip that week. Other than that, the subscription can be cancelled without any issue.

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What Makes One Potato Different?

Numerous companies providing recipes for the entire family are present in the market. As compared to these companies, One Potato is a lot different. It is a rare company that offers meals for different family sizes, food portions are offered for both kids and adults; the company has recipes for people who are choosy about eating. Along with that, One Potato produces food recipes that allow you to have children contributing in the cooking process and enjoying it.

People who select One Potato are always satisfied as they know that they have selected the best brand for the health of their family. The service is reputed as the ingredients delivered to the customer are purely organic and purchased from reliable vendors. These ingredients are grown by dependable local farmers.

You can give a sudden surprise to one of your friends as One Potato offers highly impressive gift subscriptions.  You can order deliveries to any of your friends or loved ones for a time span of 1 to 4 weeks. According to the family size, you can select a plan that matches it.  For instance, you can get 2 or 3 meal kits delivered. The starting price of gift subscriptions is $59.79 and each of these subscriptions comes with a personal gift note.

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One Potato Meals & Menus and Recipes

The menu of one potato has been divided into two categories. One of them is seasonal favorites. A different set of recipes are offered in this section on weekly basis. Customers can choose from three new recipes that are added on weekly basis. The second category is called the Family Favorites section. This section is for choosy eaters and includes the most loved meals. These meals can be ordered every week and include Caesar Salad (beef and vegetarian), classic burger and fries, Mama’s spaghetti & meat balls and several other delicious options.

One Potato does a lot more than locating the quality organic ingredients. These ingredients are cut into appropriate cooking sizes. Saucing and marinating is also done where needed so that these cooking ingredients can be put in the cooking pan right away. As a result, you can get done with One Potato meals in 30 minutes or even less. One Potato is suitable for people seeking gluten free meals.

One Potato also offers something else apart from recipes that the masses love. A sweet surprise in the box delivered every week. Each weekly deliverable either contains a bake cookie dough or an organic slice. You can make a quick desert by using either of them. This clearly shows how loving and caring One Potato is towards its customers.

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One Potato Health & Nutrition

On Potato aims at producing the finest organic ingredients are used in all of its recipes. Along with that, the company works with the most dependable farmers, sellers of meat and poultry who do not treat animals brutally.

Secondly, the company works with responsible farmers who handle the water, soil, animals with utmost care.  One Potato strongly emphasizes on using packaging that is environment friendly. All packaging materials are bio degradable and can be recycled. In addition to that, recyclable cardboard is used to make product boxes. Recycled denim is used for insulation. Along with that, ice packs and containers are also made of recycled material.

Lot recipes have been extracted from the bestselling cookbook and website by Catherine McCord’s who was one of the founder.  Various families depend on these easy to cook and delicious meals.

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One Potato Fitness and Activity

A minimum physical activity of 30 to 60 minutes is needed on everyday basis. However, users can choose a time slot and type of activity depend on the user.

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How Easy Is One Potato To Follow?

Getting One Potato food delivered to your door step is quite a lot of fun. The box contains food fresh organic food and recycled packaging. The ingredients are cut into chopped pieces and can be cooked right away. Along with that, if any ingredients have to be added, they are provided in the right quantity. For instance, if you need add cumin in a chili recipe, the right quantity would be there in a compact container. Similarly, if olive oil is needed, it would be present in a small jar with screw top. If fresh cilantro is needed, it would be provided for garnishing purposes.

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One Potato Plans & Pricing and Costs

As mentioned before in this One Potato review, this service offers 5 adorably named meal plans: Two Potato, Three Potato, Four Potato, Five Potato, and Six Potato

The two potato plan is recommended for 2 adults, 1 to 2 small children, 1 adult or 1 teenager and 1 adult. Each serving has a price of $12.95. The three potato plan works for 2 adults and 1 small child or 1 to 2 children and 1 adult. The price per serving is$10.13. The four potato plan works for 2 adults and 2 small children, 2 adults and 1 teenager or a maximum of 3 adults. Each serving has a price of $7.88.

If you have a family with 2 adults and 4 small children, 2 teenagers and 2 teenagers or 4 adults, the six potato plan would suit you.  The price per serving is $7.32.

There are no shipping charges for Five Potato and Six Potato plans if you are living in Arizona, California or Nevada. No shipping charges are applied for 3 recipe boxes for two, three and four potato plans. In other conditions, the delivery charges are $4.99. Irrespective of what your location is, if you opt for two recipes and select the two potato, three potato or four potato plan, you would have to pay $7.99 per delivery.

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One Potato Delivery Areas

The delivery services by One Potato are offered only in various states of Continental US. The shipping services are offered in Arizona, Colorado, California, Oregon, Utah and Washington. However, we are aiming at offering delivery services in other parts of the nation. You can become a part of the One Potato waiting list if you wish to be informed when we start delivering in your area.

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One Potato Help & Support and Customer Service

You can get in touch with us through email or telephone for any further needed information. A lot of commonly asked queries are also answered through the FAQ page

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One Potato Pros and cons

  • The ingredients are fresh and certified organic
  • Meal plans designed according to the size of the family
  • Nut and Gluten free meals are offered
  • Recipes that are loved by kids
  • Portion sizes for both kids and adults
  • Least preparation time
  • A bonus desert send with each weekly delivery
  • Economically priced plans

  • Free shipping is not offered for all users

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Bottom Line

To sum up: One Potato offers meal plans for families of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 and creates meals that please the palates of both children and adults. It offers kid-size and adult-size portions and provides advice on how to turn cooking into a fun activity for the whole family. It changes its menu every week but always keeps 3 recipes that its customers like to revisit often. It is suitable for both vegetarians and omnivores and offers gluten-free and nut-free alternatives. It provides all the ingredients, including pantry staples, and makes sure everything is certified organic. It delivers semi-chopped and prepared ingredients so you never have to spend more than 30 minutes in the kitchen. It allows you to skip weeks and modify or cancel your subscription anytime and its prices are absolutely justified by the quality. Plus, you get bonus organic cookie dough every week. As far as family-oriented meal kit services go, we honestly could not ask for more.

In a nutshell, one potato has meal plans that are for both kids and adults. These plans have been designed for families having 2 to 6 members. The portions are available for kids and adults. Along with that, the company guides about how kids can be involved in the cooking process in an enjoyable manner. The menu is modified on weekly basis but three dishes that customers like to order on frequent basis are retained. The recipes work well for people who eat meat and vegetables, only vegetables, food that is nut and gluten free. One Potato provides all the ingredients including samples for pantry. This provides an assurance that all the ingredients are 100% organic.  One Potato sends chopped ingredients so that you can get done with the meal in as less as 30 minutes. You can skip weeks in between if you do not plan to cook meals. Along with that, you can cancel the subscription you wish to discontinue. The prices are economical considering the quality and organic cookie is sent with each delivery. For meal kits designed for families, a better option is not available.

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Pricing & Plans
Plans Cost: $7.32-$12.95 / serving
Avg. Price: $7.32-$12.95 / serving
9.5 Total Score
913 reviews
One Potato Review

If you are looking for a meal kit that makes your entire family happy, one potato should be your most preferred option. It is a lovely option for kids as portions for them are offered. Along with that, there are recipes for choose eaters and you can learn how to cook with kids around.

  • The ingredients are perfectly organic and non GMO
  • Ingredients extracted from the best farms of the country
  • Packaging is recyclable and reusable
  • Pay economical prices for kids
  • A free cookie with each box delivered weekly
  • Ingredients are fresh and chopped so that you can done with the cooking quickly
  • Delivery to your door step
  • Short meal cooking time of maximum 30 minutes
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