Medifast Review

Medifast Overview

Medifast is a specialized diet system, One of the most popular diet systems today that helps people lose weight. People who want to have a slim body would learn to eat healthy with this diet system. The diet system aids people in how they can eat healthier. Dr. William Vitale founded the said diet. Over 20, 000 doctors recommended this system since 1980. It is also listedin on the New York Stock Exchange.

For those who want to lose theextra amount of weight, Medifast could be the right answer. Medifast focuses on weight loss regime. It means that the body would have protein, fiber, and vitamin. People would lose extra pounds of fat, but the muscle mass wouldn’t be affected.

Everyone is given a diet plan in Medifast. Not only it works wonders for losing weight, but it also helps other patients suffering from diabetes, gout and people with allergies to gluten and soy.

The website of the diet plan offers three main plans. These are the Thrive Healthy Living Plan, Achieve Weight Loss Plan, and Medifast Special Diets. Every day you are given four meals to choose. It could range from vegetables and snacks. You could choose from more than 70 choices.

The Medifast Diet gives you a selection of 70 foods. You are offered 6 meals per day. The eating schedule is every 3 to 4 hours.

You will be needing the meal replacement of Medifast for most foods you eat daily and get flexibility for the meals provided. With a wide variety of healthy meals, there is no limitation of what food you want to take. The meal replacements are simplifying the meal planning and the food preparation. There is no need for you to make trips and shop for the ingredients.
Keep reading our honest Medifast review to learn more.

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Medifast Ideal For

  • Those who aim to lose their weight
  • Persons in need of a healthy eating habit
  • People who are eager to learn about nutrition and fitness
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How Medifast Works?

Using the frequent and low-calorie meals, Medifast is targeting the users to lose their body weight. This means you should eat several smaller meals in a day instead of taking three big meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This will help you reduce the calories and make you feel full most of the time. Hence the calorie is reduced. It is called the 5 & 1 Plan.

Medifast is working by effectively encouraging your body to enter in the mode of fat burning. This is accomplished by the users by consuming the specially prepared replacement meals, as well as other approved food items. The diet plan makes the body to enter a fat burning regime. Here, fats are reduced by eating food replacements. There are 70 meal replacements to choose. It wouldn’t matter if you are craving for sweet, savory or spicy, dieters would be satisfied with the food replacements given.

The weight loss meal is rich with over 20 minerals and nutrients. It would boost your weight loss regime without losing the nutrition that is right for you. The fibers and proteins give you energy until you eat on the next meal.

The diet system has an advisory board that is made up of up of qualified doctors and experts. They make sure the development of the meal plans in the right way. They also handle the monitoring meals and devising new healthy meals for people.

Ordering the meal is quite simple! You may select either one or two versions of the 15 and 30-day programs, or you can order your own personal selection of snacks, bars, leans and green mealsshake supplements and awhole lot more. The orders are being processed not later than 24 hours and are delivered to your doorsteps the next day. If you want additional information about the service, you are free to drop by to their website, as well. Live chat is also available during working hours for quick answers.

The website has a tools section as well. Here, you could find information regarding, healthy living, age group guide, planfor easy weight loss and more.

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What Makes Medifast Different?

Since Medifast has been around for decades, you can guarantee a good source of the solution. Their approach was first used in 1980 to help the surgery patients effectively and safely lose extra weight so they won’t have trouble with their operations. Not just it is helpful, it is also proven safe. Medifast has its success with the surgery patients at the John Hopkins University and inspired the developers to have this program accessible and open to people who want to lose weight and stay healthy.

Medifast has been around for many decades. Back then, it’s only available for doctors. Now, it’s open for everyone. It centers on nutrition and living a healthy life. People who have medical needs would also find satisfaction in the diet plan.

The meal plan started at Johns Hopkins University in NYC. Here, people who would undergo surgeries lose weight safely and effectively. The meal plan was known across the globe due to the success it made in the New York.

Its success on the surgery patients opened doors for the meal plan to reach the public. Since then, food replacements were utilized to satisfy the needs of people who aim to lose weight.

One of the most impressive differences of Medifast towards other diet systems is that the professionals put extra attention to detail in making their scientific approach. Everything is just about healthy life! People with medical and nutritional exceptions also have a good place with Medifast.

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Medifast Meals & Menus and Recipes

The Medifast plan provides a low fat and calorie content on every meal. The carbohydrate amount is measured to give you the energy you need each day. It includes 24 vitamins that are essential to ease up the weight loss process by being healthy.


There are over 70 meal replacements available for you to choose from. You can have the breakfast, lunch, dinner meals, shakes, bars and other types of snacks. There is a good solution to prevent diet fatigue.

Dieters have the liberty to choose from four meals. The 5 & 1 plan is the most popular. It gives you 6 different meals to choose from every day that is eaten 2 to 3 hours.

There are 5 Medifast meals together with the green and lean meal. Here, vegetables and proteins would are the excellent choices. Proteins are foundin the selection of fish, pork, chicken, steak, etc. Meanwhile, the vegetable selection is cabbage, green beans, salads and many more.

This meal program also gives you the 5, 2 and 2 plan. It is perfect for dieters seeking a flexible way of losing weight but follows the Medifast program regime. It covers two snacks, five meal alternatives and two from the green and lean meals.

Dieters’ could also have the 4, 2 and one plan. In this meal plan, there are four food replacements, a delicious snack and two from the green and lean foods. You would retain your weight goals when the losing weight process is made.

You are free to visit their shop, have the liberty to create your personal collection diet plan and customize it.

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Medifast Health & Nutrition

The Medifast meals consist low fat and calorie content. It is soy-based that gives you the protein you need. The carbohydrate content is measured to offer the energy you need for the next meal. 24 minerals and vitamins help you achieve the daily nutrition your body needs.

As what we have mentioned earlier in this Medifast review, Medifast is not just helpful for people wanting to lose weight or to those who want to have a healthy eating, but it also works to people with special medical and nutritional needs. With the meals available on the list, you can eat a healthy amount of vegetables and lean protein.

Aside from losing weight, the diet system can also help the users reduce inflammation, as well as oxidative stress. Take note, these two are the main causes of illness, which are commonly chronic in nature. Also, the diet systems have undergone actual research in order to support all its claims.

People who suffer from gluten allergies, diabetes, and gout, have the right meal plans that suit them. There are also meal plans for the mothers, the teenagers and the elderly.

Medifast diet not only gives you a delicious, healthy life. According to a research, it also helps in oxidative and inflammatory stress. Aside from these, the causes of chronic illness are also prevented.

The Medifast follows the weight loss principles. It means that fat and calorie diet are lessened, but you still meet the nutritional benefits you deserve.

Another great thing about this meal plan is the proven research that would support the claims of people who have tried it.

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Medifast Fitness and Activity

Medifast also gives you the opportunity of being fit. Itis made through the right exercise that fits your needs. You have the liberty to decide the type, duration and the intensity of the exercise. The recommended exercises for you are jogging, swimming, walking, dancing. It should be made from 20 to 30 minutes a day.

In order for you to have a complete diet plan, Medifast requires you to get the right exercise for your body. It should be based on your own needs – the duration, type and intensity of your workout are entirely decided by the users. You can try other activities, such as swimming, running, walking, dancing and other recommended exercises. Make the workout as part of your daily routine at least 20 to 30 minutes. This will help your body lose extra pounds. Make sure to consult your doctor before trying any exercise plan.

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How Easy Is Medifast To Follow?

The Medifast meal program could be madeeasily. It is called the Achieve Plan. The very first thing you would do is eat four meals together with two foods from the green and lean meal. You could add a tasty snack to the eating process. The 70 meals offered by the diet program gives you a healthy and delicious choice.

In fact, Medifast is easy to follow. All you have to do is to eat the four meals per day, including the green and lean meals. There are over 70 choices available to you so you are free to order any of them and follow the guidelines provided.

The choices could be mashed potato, bars, eggs, chili, shakes, fruit drinks and many more. You could have these delivered to your home.

Preparing a recipe based on the vegetable diet is very easy. Plus, you also have the chance to have more recipes for the other users of the site. You would have more ideas for the meals you would prepare. The other users would also share “hacks” and more recipes that would spice up your meal preparations. It would change things in the meals you are preparing and eating.

You can even prepare your own meal. It is called “Lean & Green.” There are varieties of recipes for this from other users. Many of the Medifast users are willing to help the start-ups and give them tricks and recipes.

People who have tried the program could attest to the easy and simple way each meal is made. Hence, they strongly recommend the market.

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Can You Lose Weight With Medifast?

Medifast is famous today due to the duly researched and proven results it has. The other weight loss programs that are open in the market has no further basis to back up their claims. The scientific and medical origins of the Medifast makes it more credible. The weight loss program is not created or designed by a fitness expert in the hopes of making money.

Proven studies backed up the effectiveness of the Medifast. People are expected to lose weight due to the safe and well-tested results of the program. Based on the studies at the University in NYC, Medifast is seen twice effective in offering conventional die plans. The studies are a scene in the scientific papers that say a safe and trusted weight loss result.

Perhaps there are no other diet systems available in the market today that can outperform what Medifast can do. Medifast is well researched and is studied thoroughly. They can back up their own claims towards changing the lives of their users. Their scientific and medical origins are their strength. This means that Medifast is backed up by thorough study not only to prove its own effectiveness but also show its safety to its users. With an easy-to-follow guideline, consistency and positive attitude, you could always achieve weight loss in no time. Plus point is that you can live a healthy life with Medifast.

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Medifast Mobile App

You could find different features of the mobile app that are suited for both Android and iOS. The control centers of Medifast help you find the right diet meal for you. The MyPlan Tracker gives you a record of meals, water intake, exercise, sleep, weight measurement and many more. People also would have reported regarding compare graphs, nutrition intake and many more.
With the help of the tracker to exercise, weight measurements could give you the success you need. You can even acquire daily tips for your weight loss journey.

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Medifast Plans & Pricing and Costs

Medifast has asimilar price for all of their products in the same range that lets you have an easy solution to calculate the final cost of a diet plan. Products at Medifast could be purchased in the same amount. It offers an easy way for you to calculate the diet plans that are right for you. Also, each of the bundles offersa 6 to 7 servings in every box.

  • Medifast Flex. It is a plan the centers on the gradual diet program. You could choose from 3 meal kits. 30-day select kit, and 30-day trial kit. You would receive five gifts as a bonus for purchasing the $149.00. You could find the 30-day select kit with 126 variety of meals and a bonus of 7. Also, 9 meals such as rice and chicken would be given.
  • Medifast Go! It’s designed to aid you in losing weight in a fast possible way. You have 30-day kit, a 13-day kit. For $149, you have meals good for 14 days, 4gift bonus, a total of 70 and a blender bottle for free. You could also have the 30-day kit that includes 149 meals and 4 gift bonuses.
  • Medifast Thrive. Itis made for a healthy living goal. For $300, you have three healthy meals, two green and lean meats and a single balanced meal.
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Medifast Delivery Areas

The delivery areas are in the entire United States that includes Alaska and Hawaii. US territories are also included such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virginia Islands. Customers coming from Mexico and Canada could order in the respective websites in their country.

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Medifast Help & Support and Customer Service

Medifast’s online community is open 24/7 to support the users with their queries and concerns. Medifast offers the online community with the support they need. The company knows the importance of losing weight, so questions and support are asked in the best possible way. The customer service is open to answer any questions whether it would on diet or food.
Customers have a high guarantee that the diet plan would give great results. There is q money back guarantee within 30 days. You would receive rewards if you stayed in the program.

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Medifast Pros and cons

  • Developed by nutritionists and doctors
  • Great weight loss program
  • Nourishment required inn losing wright
  • Guarantee money back

  • Poor selection of foods
  • Low variety of meals
  • Site navigation difficulty
  • Juices and snacks are expensive

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Bottom Line

Medifast is considered as one of the most famous diet plans online. Recommended by 20,000 doctors, the diet plan is helping customer’s loss weight for the past four decades! After 27 years, not only the doctors availed the meal plan but also the open market.

The Medifast offers you replacement meals, diet foods, meal suggestions and many more. Many customers were satisfied with the results. It is the reason the meal program is around for four decades.

Being in the markets for so many years, Medifast is known for its name. It had become a famous diet system for many users. This weight loss program really sets itself apart from other programs you used to know. Why? Because aside from the fact that it is effective, thousands of doctors are also recommending Medifast to the people who aim to lose extra pounds.

Don’t hesitate if you are looking for the perfect diet plan for you. Customers could attest to the good result of this diet program. It is the right weight loss program for you!

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Medifast Review

Medifast is a type of meal delivering service that focuses on the delivery of well balanced and custom made diet that suits the weight loss programs you have.

  • A simple way of losing weight according to the dietary needs you have
  • Small and well-balanced portions that lessen hunger
  • You are recommended to eat 2 to 3 hours to achieve best results
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