How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off, What is the best diet for healthy weight loss?

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off? What is the best diet for healthy weight loss?

Essential Tips that Makes You Feel Healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet is hard. But it’s even difficult to lose weight. Not all diets work for everyone. It’s effective to others and not to you. Yes, that’s true. Some people have different takes to some diets. They might lose fat or not. But, you have to keep in mind: There are healthy foods that work for you. There are also effective ways to eat healthy foods. You have the big responsibly to take it. Living healthy makes you lose weight.

What’s the best diet for healthy weight loss?

If you have a diet book, it gives you tons of ways to lose weight. Yes, but not all of it works for you. The truth is – no one size fits all in losing weight. Our body acts differently to foods. So; there’s no chance to have a successful weight loss regime.

Some books tell you to do exercise. Others might give you the essence of cutting carbs. But, which of these should you believe? You need to have commitment and time to gain a successful result. You have to try some experiments with the foods you eat.  Hence, you would discover the right diet for you.

Some people stick to the measurement of calories on their body. You might do the extreme cutting of carbs intake. Also, there are weight loss programs you might want join. But, if these don’t work, then you have other methods. Don’t bother yourself with discouragement. There is an ultimate diet that would work for you.

Excellent Weight Lose Techniques

Cut calories

Experts say that you need to burn calories to lose weight. If you burn the right calories, then there are great chances of having a healthy body. It’s very easy. So, why are you having trouble losing weight?

  1. Weight loss isn’t a linear event over time

Cutting on calories affects your metabolism and loses you water inside the body. The slow process of your metabolism acts to drop your weight every week. So, when you eat fewer calories, you effectively make a change in body mass.


  1. A calorie isn’t always a calorie

For example, you eat fructose corn syrup, rather than broccoli. Both have 100 calories content but have different effects on your body. The idea is to eat foods rich in calories but doesn’t make you feel full. One of the best examples of these is candy.

  1. Most of us don’t eat simply to please hunger

We turn to food not only because we’re hungry. We also eat to relieve stress and seek for comfort.

Cut Carbs

Calories are not only the factors causing weight gain. You also need to take note of the carbs you’re eating. Carbs are rich in glucose that turns to fat if you don’t burn it. It’s best to check your glucose intake to avoid high blood sugar.

Eating carbs rich foods such as pasta and bread give your body high insulin. It aids in lessening your sugar in your body. Insulin has two important purposes:  it prevents the cells on the body to release fat. Then, it builds extra cells as storage for fats you can’t burn. Since insulin burns carbs, you have a tendency of craving for carbohydrates. So, it would be best to cut carbs in the first place.

Eating low carb foods lessens your protein and carbs. Thus, it leads to a negative effect on you. The best solution is to eat fruits and vegetable to ensure you’re living healthy.

Cut fat

It’s proving to be a mainstay in most diets. If you lessen your fat intake, you will lose weight. But there isa chance the effect is the opposite. So, why does eating low-fat diet doesn’t work for you?

Not All fat is bad

There are healthy fats that do well on your body. You can have these from eating seeds, nuts, tofu or soy milk. These help you relieve the effects of stress and fatigue. Also, it proves to be an easy process to have a successful diet.

We often make the wrong trade-offs.

For example, if you eat a high-fat yogurt, you need to take alternatives to eating sugary foods. It makes up for your lack of taste. For breakfast, you should eat a donut instead of bacon.

Follow the Mediterranean diet

This diet shows eating good carbs and fats. It also gives you the chance of eating fruits and vegetables. You can also add olive oil on your cooking. But, you have to take note: it’s more than a diet. It offers you a chance to share your food with people.

Despite the diet plans you take, it’s effective to eat the best foods for you.

People don’t eat due to hunger. They also eat base on their mood or emotions. Do you eat a lot when you’re sad? Do you crave for sweets when you’re heartbroken? It might lead to a great effect on your weight loss regime.


You have many ways to calm down and relax. There are yoga activities you can take to abstain from eating.

Low on energy

You can listen to music or walking in your neighborhood. For some, it’s good to take short naps rather than eat foods.

Exerciseattentive eating instead

Avoid disruptions while eating

You can’t eat while you’re driving or watching TV. There is a tendency for you to have overeating habits.

Pay attention.

It pays great if you’re eating slowly. It gives you a chance to smell and taste the food.

Mix things up.

You can try alternatives to boost a healthy eating habit. One of the best ways is using chopsticks or eating using your hands.

Stop eating before you are full.

You don’t need to eat as many foods as you could. You have to remember that eating full have a bad effect on your weight loss goals.

Keep Your Motivation

You will have success on your weight loss plan if you make changes. These pertain to the lifestyle you have and selection of foods.

Find a challenging section.

Social support matters in your weight loss goals.  You can seek support from Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. You are sure to have an edge on a healthy diet. Also, asking the advice of your family and friends means a lot.

Slow and steady wins the race.

One of the best rules for losing weight: you take it slowly. Pushing yourself to the limits can get you sluggish or make you feel. Your first aim is to lose that fat during the first two weeks.

Set goals to keep you motivated.

You need to focus on your short-term goals to keep your motivation. You act confidently in achieving your goals each day. You need to think of the benefits when temptation gets to you.

Use tools to track your progress.

Modern technology gives you the reason to track your progress effectively. You’re free to use smartphones or tablets to check your fats and calories.

Get plenty of sleep.

Lack of sleep gives you the motivation to crave for more foods, So, you need to make sure you have the right hours of sleep.

Lessen Sugar and Carbs intake

Aiming for the perfect body is tough. But, cutting your carbs and sugar intake gives you a healthy result. Instead of eating past, it would be wise to eat donuts during breakfast. You can also add cereals on grains on your diet to lessen your carbs intake.

So, make it a point to eat the foods that give you a healthy result. You would have satisfaction in the end.

Slim waistline reflects good sugar

If you like soda or candy, now is the time to lessen your intake of these. The fructose from these foods proves to add to your sugar. Thus, you expect to have a large waistline. It’s best to stick to your goals. Losing track of your diet goals might result in diabetes.

You eat fiber, fruits,and vegetables

Tale the edge on your weight loss regime by eating healthy foods. Do you like fiber rich foods? Well, it’s good for you. Don’t forget to add vegetables and fruits and give yourself a healthy treat. Also, it feels good to eat fruits because it makes you feel full fast.

Eat vegetables steamed or raw

You add spices and herbs to the veggies you’re eating. It offers you not only a delicious taste but also a good eating habit.

Add fruit to low sugar cereal

Enjoy a sweetness overload by eating strawberries, bananas and more. You don’t have the risk of gaining fat by the lesser calories intake you’re doing.

Bulk out sandwiches

You don’t only add a meat patty on your sandwiches. It would be best to have tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and more to your meals. It would look great and give you a tasty result.

Snack on carrots or celery with hummus

You go healthy with these foods rather than eating junk foods. It adds to the healthy version of you. Also, it gives a yummy flavor you can’t forget. So, you make sure; it’s part of your diet. It’s not bad to prepare and plan your diet in this way.

Add more veggies to your favorite main courses

Your favorite pasta and fries could have a healthy effect. All you have to do is to add fruits and vegetables to it. It’s not bad to do some experiments on your main dishes. It gives you a healthy boost in the long run.

Start your meal with salad or vegetable soup

It’s the beginning of a healthy approach for you.  So, don’t forget to make it part of the dish.

Create a new food environment

Cook your meals at home

You have a big chance of controlling the sugar intake on your body. Also, you have a chance to eat the right amount of foods.

Serve yourself smaller portions

Using the small serving options gives you a healthy approach as you eat. You would have the right nutrients inv your body.

Eat early

One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat early. Then, you take fasting for 14 hours until you take breakfast. It proves to be a loss weight process according to studies.

Fast for 14 hours a day

Similar above, you have successful weight loss result in you fast 14 hours per day.

Plan your meals and snacks of time

Preparing your meals in advance gives you adjustments if you need to change it or not.

Drink more water

Thirst could be misunderstoodas hunger. So, drink plenty of eaters daily.

Limit the number of tempting foods you have at home.

You don’t need to put many foods on your fridge. It could tempt you to eat more.

Get Moving

Exercise has a great advantage in your weight loss regimen. A few examples of good exercise are running and walking.

Lack of time for a long workout?

You can do 10 minutes of spurts each day. It’s the same as having a 30-minute working out.

Remember: anything is better than nothing.

It’s better to start something small than not doing anything. You have full control of the exercise routine you’re doing.

Find an exercise you enjoy

You can invite a friend to accompany you in dancing, playing frisbee and more.

Keep Extra Weight Off

Losing weight is hardto process,and it’s challenging to maintain it. Some diets don’t work for others buy works for many. But, there is a chance to lose that extra pounds on your waist. The project for successful weight loss gathering information is the National Weight Control Registry or (NWCR).

Here are the following six strategies from people who have lost at least 30 pounds for at least one year:

  • Being physically active


Doing a lot of exercises and burning 2,500 calories each day is a good solution to lessen your weight.


  • Eating a diet low in calories and fat


If you consume 24% or 25% fat, there is a big chance you would do excellent on your routine goals. You also have a diet of 1,360 calories to give you healthy boost.


  • Eating breakfast


There are around 78% of participants who eat breakfast each day and 8% don’t eat at all.


  • Keeping tabs on how much you eat.


It’s a good way to check on the fats and calories you have each day. It gives you close monitoring of the right foods for you.


  • Stepping on the scale regularly


Checking your weight is an effective method to take note of the foods you’re eating. The participants do this once a week. Hence, they have an accurate guide on the right foods they should eat.


  • Watching little television


An average American pays time to watch TV for 28 hours each week. But, the participants state that they watch 10 hours or less of TV in a week. People who have long hours in front of the screen gain weight. It’s due to the habit of overeating while watching television. So, it’s better to watch less as it prevents you to gain more weight. You can do exercises or take a nap to prevent excessive overeating.


Adapted with permission from Lose Weight and Keep It Off, a special health report published by Harvard Health Publications.

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