Among the best diet plans of 2018: The Military diet

Among the best diet plans of 2018: The Military diet

I have reviewed and practically experienced multiple best diet plans, and most of them had good results. However, today I am about to disclose to you the ultimate diet plan which is going to help you lose weight fast and in the most straightforward way. So, what it is? It is the Military diet. Yes, you heard right the diet that the navy seals practice if they have to lose a couple pounds in the very limited amount of time. The military diet is commonly practised by soldiers of United States Army as well as many other militaries all over the North and South America. Not long ago this diet came into the knowledge of the civilians, and they tried it out. It turned out they lost many pounds in just 2 to 3 weeks following the diet plan. It is a very straightforward diet plan, and the whole diet is very easy to cook and eat. The whole best diet plan is composed of the 3-day diet routine that you will need to follow. There are not a single bit of complicated diet ingredients and routines that you will have to follow, just keep track of the calories and timings, and you are good to go to lose weight in a healthy way.

Just to remind you the diet is totally based on 1400 calories to 1100 calories diet plans and you have to follow them strictly to get the best results. The 3-day diet plan is on, and the other 4 days of the week it is off but doesn’t go overboard as the maximum calorie intake is 1500 calories on a regular day with 1 hour of cardio exercises in the morning before breakfast.

Military Diet Day One (total 1400 calories)

  • In Breakfast take one slice toasted with full two tablespoons of non-creamy peanut butter, a half grapefruit (you can make juice with it too but no sugar at all), and espresso black coffee or green tea with zero sugar.
  • At Lunch take one slice of toast/bread, half cup tuna, and a cup of black coffee or green/herbal tea
  • At Dinner exact three-ounce meat grilled (Chicken recommended), a full small bowl of green beans, one small apple, half banana, one cup vanilla ice cream ( Yes, you read right, and one cup of vanilla ice-cream which you are going to love in such tight diet plan).

Military Diet Day Two (total 1200 calories)

  • In Breakfast take one slice of bran bread toast, half banana (Moderate size), and one cooked egg with a bit of olive oil
  • At Lunch take one full cup cottage cheese, one boiled egg, and five saltine crackers.
  • At Dinner take two hot dogs with no buns, one full cup of broccoli, half banana, and one cup of vanilla ice cream.

Military Diet Day Three (total 1100 calories)

This day is going to be much tighter as you have to do more reduced calories diet but this day you will start burning fat as your body fat will shake with such new and restricted diet meal.

  • For Breakfast take a single slice of cheddar, a small apple, and five saltine crackers.
  • At Lunch grab one slice of toasted bran bread, and one cooked egg. Try to take no oil but if you still need some go with a few drops of olive oil.
  • At dinner cook one cup of tuna fish, one-half banana, and one cup of delicious vanilla ice cream.

That’s pretty it for 3 days, next 3 days you can eat other stuff, but calorie intake must not go further 1500 calories.


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