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1 Winc


Little did we know that we are in for a pleasant surprise when we started our quest to give Winc a ...

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2 Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club provides you access to rare and highly- rated wines manufactured by respected ...

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3 Wine Of The Month Club

Wine Of The Month Club

Wine of the Month Club is the ultimate wine shop offering nothing but the finest and best valued wines ...

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4 Uncorked Ventures

Uncorked Ventures

Uncorked Ventures is a family business wine club founded back in 2010 by two brothers-in-law. Their ...

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5 The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club

Each of us loves the goodness of wines. Whether it would be red wine or white wine, the pleasure it ...

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Best Wine of the Month Clubs

Want to join a wine club, but so many clubs in the market, you’re not sure which one to choose? Check out our list of wine clubs and pick the best club that suits you!

Top 10 Best Wine of the Month Clubs Of 2024–2025

Our wine experts’ top picks Updated Jul. 2024

Choosing the best wine clubs

Crafting a bottle of wine takes several years of patience and technique before you can come up with the best one. Different wine clubs have lots to offer, and we gathered the best which stands out among others. In choosing the best wine club, we ensure that the customer will always feel a guaranteed satisfaction. Here are several factors we evaluate to ensure these wine clubs are best of the best.

As mentioned earlier, crafting wine takes several years before it comes up flavorful. We evaluated the finest ingredients that contribute to the taste and aroma of the wine. Some traditionally made wines still maintain its flavor no matter new and famous brands exist. If you are a wine lover, you can distinguish the wine quality laid in front of you by mainly looking at its flavor and aroma.

We make sure that the wine clubs consistently deliver high-quality wines that give the customers a reason to come back for more. Many customers stay loyal to the wine club if the company achieved the brand reputation and quality service they should provide.

If you are a frequent wine drinker, you can notice that the label on its bottle does not only display the brand name, it also tells you the history how it is made. There is a history behind every bottle of wine and discovering them wakes your interest to try a shot. The wine clubs offer wine education to their customers. It includes the winemaking process that could be exciting to learn.

Tasting just a glass of wine is not enough. We ensure that the wine club is also willing to customize your order based on the customer’s request. Some offer free tasting so you get a chance to choose the best wine that your taste buds will love. The club may let you try different varieties and brands before you stick to your choice.

The price of the wine is another factor that helps us evaluate if the wine club value the customer as well. Offering an affordable wine is essential. It just tells that the club wants to give their customers a chance to taste their favorite and give them the best value for money.

Achieving all of these factors will result in exceptional customer experience. Every single process, from the winemaking and to the service provided by the wine club, contribute to the overall experience.

Best Wine of the Month Clubs 2024

Our experts tested every major best wine of the month clubs 2024, ranking each below based on Popularity, How it Works, Different, Plans & Pricing, Help & Support and more. So that you could choose the products or services of these companies that best fit your lifestyle and needs! So, We compared them, "Winc VS Gold Medal Wine Club VS Wine Of The Month Club VS Uncorked Ventures VS The California Wine Club", and you can find the best plans for you.

1. Winc Review

Rating : 9.6/10
Updated : 07.24.2024.
Little did we know that we are in for a pleasant surprise when we started our quest to give Winc a review. The market for wine club is big but Wic happens to exceed our expectation among its existing competitions. Aside from the fact that you can grab a bottle of some of the finest wines across the world on their deliveries, they also produce their own blend of good tasting wines. A winemaker itself, you can guarantee that they know their trade and they are perfectly good at it. Winc wine club was built into fruition back in 2012 but was formerly named Club W.  The company is run by co-founders Brian Smith and Xander Oxman alongside their other team members. Its current headquarters is located in  Los Angeles, California wherein they fully operate for the sole purpose of providing its customers the best wines delivered right at their doorstep. Winc is a pioneer in delivering customized wine preference among wine clubs. Their customer’s opinions and individual tastes are highly considered and used expertly to find the perfect match of wine variety  based on your taste and preference. You get a personal wine connoisseur so you can have an enjoyable grape-to-glass experience at the comfort of your home or as a gift for special someone or occasion. Keep reading our honest Winc review to learn more.

2. Gold Medal Wine Club Review

Rating : 9.5/10
Updated : 07.24.2024.
Gold Medal Wine Club provides you access to rare and highly- rated wines manufactured by respected Californian wineries and renowned wine boutiques from all parts of the globe. They have stayed in the business for twenty five years and continue growing. The key to this amazing success is due to company’s venerable selection practices and high quality customer assistance. They offer rare and high quality wines, which makes them very appealing to wine collectors and enthusiasts. Read this Gold Medal Wine Club review to know what they offer and why you should join in this club. Keep reading our honest Gold Medal Wine Club review to learn more.

3. Wine Of The Month Club Review

Rating : 9.5/10
Updated : 07.24.2024.
Wine of the Month Club is the ultimate wine shop offering nothing but the finest and best valued wines to its valued customers in different locations. Paul Kalemkiarian founded the company back in 1972 and since then, the successful family wine shop has been run and operated by his son, Paul Jr who pioneered to be the world’s first ever wine delivery club. The company, since its inception, has long upheld its good reputation for delivering only the finest wines with the personal touch of Paul Jr himself. He tasted everything and carefully chooses the one he offers for ordering and delivery to the club members. The order of delivery for the Wine of the Month Club varies but only once in every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months. Their selection of wines worthy of your praise include wines in Classic Series, Vintners Series, as well as Limited Series. The wine connoisseur guarantees best qualities in every series to all members who can easily change or cancel subscription at any given time. The company also offer money-back guarantee or wine replacement if ever you find yourself unsatisfied with the wine, which hardly ever happen  in their years of operation. Wine of the Month Club values their customers and is continuously dedicated to be as value-oriented as possible. This is something that can be attributed to their success and long tradition  of quality wine delivery. Keep reading our honest Wine Of The Month Club review to learn more.

4. Uncorked Ventures Review

Rating : 9/10
Updated : 07.24.2024.
Uncorked Ventures is a family business wine club founded back in 2010 by two brothers-in-law. Their decision to follow their passion happened when they felt no satisfaction with their jobs any longer. In the end, only Mark Aselstine who remained in the company while the other changed his course. Mark used his love for wine and devoted his time to venture into now a thriving business that brought quite a stature for Uncorked Venture in the wine industry. The company is an exclusive distributor of wines from California, Oregon, as well as Washington. All of Uncorked Venture’s clients are guaranteed of only the highest quality  wines since Mark visits vintners to personally taste these wines and learn everything about his chosen selection before he offers and sends the wines for delivery. Aside from running the California based wine club, we stumble across some interesting pieces of information about the owner, Mark. He does not only own and run Uncorked Ventures but also does wine tasting for the company, blog writer, as well as CS (Customer Support) representative. Everything written in the company’s website resonates his personal and professional touch that speaks of his true devotion and dedication to the company he owns. Keep reading our honest Uncorked Ventures review to learn more.

5. The California Wine Club Review

Rating : 8.5/10
Updated : 07.24.2024.
Each of us loves the goodness of wines. Whether it would be red wine or white wine, the pleasure it gives to every dining table and party is something one should not be missed. As customers, choosing the right and premium quality product is the first step towards achieving this awesomeness. For that reason, California Wine Club delivers itself to offer you the unique wine experience, as you taste the unique blend of its sophisticated wine selections. Let us find out more on this California Wine Club review. The California Wine Club had just popped up in the minds of Bruce and Pam Boring as the interesting idea to have a wine club business of their own in 1990. A passion of small wineries inspired both of them to run a family business in California, and they put it into work. Later, they had decided to make it a quest to bring a well-deserved glory to the delicate artisan wines. And this is the story of the California Wine Club, and it is where everything has begun. California Wine Club is specialized wine club that brings exquisite experience to the customers who have a passion for wines. The wines were made in small measures and small batches, meaning they are not available for purchase in any stores near you, but only in the wine club. The company operates for than 25 years, and their goal is to bring out the award-winning and handcrafted wines to indulge along with the delectable foods in your dining table. California Wine Club offers five wine club level categories, including Pacific Northwest series, premier series, aged cabernet series, signature series, and international series. The “Love It Guarantee” is available for unsatisfied wine buyers. So, if you are searching for something that will satisfy your taste buds, the California Wine Club has something to offer. Let us find out more of that later in this post. Keep reading our honest The California Wine Club review to learn more.
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