Nutrisystem Review

Nutrisystem Overview

Nutrisystem was developed in year 1972 by a 34-year old Philadelphian guy named Harold Katz. This system was inspired by his mother’s struggles on obesity. He wanted to help her to address the obesity issue that’s why he comes up with this system.

As the years go by, the method of function of this company has changed. For years, this company had brick and mortar hubs founded all through the country and customers can get items and get weight loss and nutritional counseling. Year 1999, the company started making the products accessible online and via 1-800.

Nutrisystem started to become more popular in year 2012; this is due to the effort of the new CEO, Dawn Zier. Dawn altered the choices from a 28 day program to a flexible and shorter meal plans. They also lessen the price of the products and after a while, they are labeled as the number one meal plan provider. They offer easy to prepare meal plans that have assisted a lot of people to lose weight and lead a happy and healthy life.

Meal plans and products they offer can be purchased at various stores such as QVC and Costco, but people choose to buy their products online at the company’s website as they have the chance to access every product that this company offers.
Keep reading our honest Nutrisystem review to learn more.

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Nutrisystem Ideal For

  • People who like a personal weight management plan
  • Those who might think meal programs work for them which include diabetics, men, vegans and less typical healthy eaters.
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How Nutrisystem Works?

The reason behind the success of this company is due to the simplicity of the formula in the weight loss diet plan they offer. The aim of this system is to manage portions and calorie so as to encourage weight loss. That can be done by means of a 3-pronged method: portion control, balance nutrition as well as frequent meals.

Portion Control: In this approach, foods are pre-packed. They measure the right calorie intake for you and give you the chance to enjoy delicious food in a considerable portion.

Balanced Nutrition: Foods give the appropriate mixture of essential nutrients, which encourages good wellbeing while pleasing cravings. Through offering you with the right nutritional balance, this company helps you keep satisfied and strong all through the day.

Frequent Meals: In this meal plan, you are motivated to consume or eat six times a day that assists in combating hunger. So, you tend to go searching for a fat filled snack if you are starving. Rather, you will just get your next meal.

Meals have fewer carbohydrates and calories, less sugar and fat, and rich in fiber. The whole is pre-packaged so it’s super convenient too.

When you visit their site, you will be requested to complete the form which can assist in choosing your ideal meal plan. Important personal information are required like your weight and height, this will help in finding the most suitable weight loss technique.

You can personalize your meal plan in case you are not happy with their suggested program. The ordered meal plan will arrive within four to ten business days, it also varies on location.

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What Makes Nutrisystem Different?

Their focus and dedication to weight loss is what makes NutriSystem apart from the rest. The meals offered are based on company’s Turbo 10 plan. They also offer their clients additional support. They also come up with another program called Lean 13 Program, a very effective diet plan that offer amazing results. NutriSstem offers completely customized meal programs, so you can pick each of your sex meals for each day of the week. They also offer additional information about weight loss plans and tools needed to reach your health and fitness goals safely and fast.

Nutrisystem provides an exceptional way of viewing your consumption of calories on a daily basis. Some other meal plan providers encourage you to snack less, but Nutrisystem is different instead they encourage you to eat many times a day including snack in a small portion. Meals offered are planned by dietary professionals. They provide money back warranty if you don’t lose weight in 14 days.

This meal plan for weight loss really works as it is nutritionally balanced, portion controlled and allows you to eat the food you want. It also comes with support and guidance from professional weight loss experts, certified and registered dietitians and diabetes educators as well.

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Nutrisystem Meals & Menus and Recipes

Nutrisystem offers a wide selection of diet meals plans for all. These meal plans are divided into seven different plans it depends on your requirements and needs.


  • Basic Plan: This plan consists of pre-chosen foods for four weeks. Basic is the least costly diet plan this system offer.
  • Core: This plan allows you pick from over 100 food choices. You will get support from counselors and dietitians and weight loss trackers and tools.
  • Uniquely Yours:  This plan takes account of the whole thing present in the Core plan. However, it has hundred choices of meals and snacks, and frozen foods.
  • Vegetarian Plan: Provides 100 percent vegetable meals, but yogurt and cheese are also offered. It has all the choices available in Core Plan.
  • Diabetes Core: This is a four week kit that has ready-made foods which are chosen exclusively for diabetic people.
  • Diabetes Core: This provides you options including taking the Favorites Pack or chooses from 100 foods. Here, you will get unlimited support from diabetes educators and dieticians and tools and trackers well.
  • Diabetes Uniquely Yours: This meal plan provides you the highest number of options. You can choose from over 145 meals and snacks, menu and frozen food.

All Nutrisystem diet plans are delivered in four weeks addition and for free.

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Nutrisystem Health & Nutrition

Nutrisystem is a very low glycemic diet plan which combines fueling carbs with lots of protein. The aim here is to improve appetite control and at the same time minimize cravings between meals. Nutrisystem also offer diverse meal programs for diverse individuals, which include separate meal programs for male and female, a vegan and diabetic plan, and a meal plan particularly created for seniors.

Nutrisystem made sure to give you with an extensive selection of essential nutrients that is favorable for weight loss and overall health too. They also made sure that every meal delivered can hold appetite back, and provide body the needed nutrients to thrive. Nutrisystem also offer low-glycemic choices, and their meals don’t have sweeteners, flavors, and artificial colorings.

This diet plan is not recommend for those with serious kidney illness, pregnant women, and people with certain diet and allergies needs. This is also not recommended for kids aging 14 and below.

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Nutrisystem Fitness and Activity

This dietary system encourages dieters to do workout at least 30 minutes a day on a daily basis, which could be narrowed down into 3 to 10 minute intervals. Experts from Nutrisystem provide some pointers on how to start.  There are exercise programs available for beginner, intermediate and advanced dieters.  You can join forum to talk with other dieters and tips on fitness available on The Leaf website.

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How Easy Is Nutrisystem To Follow?

This diet plan provides prepackaged foods; this gets rid of the stress of meal planning.  It is highly recommend purchasing some stuff from the nearest store like vegetables, fish and fruits, to supplement the prepackaged foods.  Also because the foods offered are portioned, this also eliminates the counting of calorie need to consume.

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Can You Lose Weight With Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem really helps you to lose weight and lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. This diet plan is safe for people experiencing from various medical issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart issue.

Nutrisystem’s strategy is simple, as pre-packaged meals with lower calories are provided. This simplifies eating which is the most important part of any diet.

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Nutrisystem Mobile App

Nutrisystem has an app called NuMi app that flawlessly integrate with other health applications and devices like Apple Health, Fitbit and Jawbone. This app comes with essential features like barcode scanner for simple tracking, complete information of the diet system entrees, activity suggestions, newsfeed with tricks and tips, guidelines and videos for healthy living, recipes as well as restaurant suggestions.

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Nutrisystem Plans & Pricing and Costs

The cheapest and the least flexible diet plan option available is the Basic Plan. It is a four week program with a starting cost of $9.96 a day.

Core Plan is a more flexible diet plan that includes support and assistance from weight loss gurus and tracking devices to ensure you are on the right track. The price starts at $10.68 a day.

Uniquely Yours has the whole thing available in Core Plan and it has more than 150 snacks and meals to select from. Here you can get unlimited frozen foods and also you can mix and match the foods if you like to make a menu that is ideal for you. The cost of this plan is $12.29 a day.

Nutrisystem provides free delivery for all four weeks plans. They also offer 20 percent off if you subscribe to Nutrisystem email list. They also free shipping to A La Carte menu for frozen foods if you buy in bulk.

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Nutrisystem Delivery Areas

You can order Nutrisystem diet plan anywhere you are in the US. They also deliver in Alaska, Hawaii, APO, Puerto Rico as well as PO Boxes. They also deliver military addresses and US possessions and territories.

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Nutrisystem Help & Support and Customer Service

You can visit The Leaf is you have questions about Nutrisystem. Here you can browse articles and recipes on weight loss on this site.  You can also visit FAQ or call 1-800 customer hotline number for further details.

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Nutrisystem Pros and cons

  • More than 150 menu choices
  • Plans for specific dietary needs

  • Most foods offered are frozen
  • Orders take from four to ten days to arrive
  • Limited choices of specialty diets

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Bottom Line

If you are searching for a weight loss plan which is convenient, nutritious, and safe and at the same time helps you keep hunger at bay, Nutrisystem is the perfect choice. This system allows you lose weight fast and safely and at the same time establish a healthy eating habit.

Nutrisystem really works as long as you do not have any worse conditions which aren’t compatible with their diet plan.  In fact, thousands of customers have been benefited by Nutrisystem diet plans.

If you are looking for a reliable and strong weight loss partner, then you must definitely explore Nutrisystem. For 40 years of existence and countless pleased customers, you are assured that you are with the right system.

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Refunds: Your satisfaction with our weight loss program is our top priority here at Nutrisystem. If you’re not satisfied with your first diet food order, call 1-800-727-8046 within the first 14 days and send the remaining weight loss food back for a full refund, less shipping. Good on new 4-Week weight loss plans, first order only. Limit one per customer.
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Nutrisystem Review

Nutrisystem is your number one meal delivery service company that caters for people who are searching for an eminence weight loss program. There are lots of plans to pick from that can help you burn fats.

  • The first week of meals made to speed up your weight loss objective
  • Pick one out of the many meal plans or make your own diet plan
  • Over four years of experience in the business of weight loss
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