NatureBox Review

NatureBox Overview

As a company, Nature Box offers snack membership to the customers. Through this membership, you can join and get reduced rates for healthy snacks. These snacks are tasty and do not contain colors, sweeteners or artificial flavors. The meals also do not contain any vegan or gluten so that all customers can be privileged to a healthy snack.

There is no doubt that Nature Box has created a big ripple in the world of snacks. Starting with USD 5 per month, the customers can choose from hundreds of snacks (the count of menu items increases rapidly as new ones are regularly added). What is the key difference between what Nature Box offers and what you can get from the grocery store? To start with, Nature box produces snacks which have been approved by reputed nutritionists as they are healthy. This simply means that the meals do not contain any colors, artificial flavors, vegan, gluten or sweeteners. Thus, these meals prove to be suitable for people who have diet restrictions.

Members of Nature Box can choose from a variety of options. If you wish to get a feel of the taste, you can purchase small portions. Similarly, if you prefer, you can buy large full sized portions of the desired meals. If you end up with a meal that you do not like, Nature Box would transfer the paid balance to the next month so that you can buy something and the money does not get wasted.

Keep reading our honest NatureBox review to learn more.

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NatureBox Ideal For

  • Consumers who are seeking healthy organic food and want to avoid junk snacks
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How NatureBox Works?

Nature Box is a modern day smart delivery company which promotes how snacks can be ordered by following a simple process. Customers can visit their website, read through product catalogs and add the snacks that they like to the cart. The process is very simple. The food catalog is organized and the meals are categorized properly on the basis of nutrients (meals not containing gluten, low sugar, vegan and low sodium meals), snacks that are enriched with fiber.

You need to know that Nature Box is for members who are registered. You need to have an account to proceed with the checkout of selected items. Once your account is created, you would be a part of the highly satisfied customers.

When you talk about membership, there are no charges for the first month. After that, you have to pay USD 5 for every month. This membership fee is credited and you can use it to make purchases. You can also get your hands on added perks and discounted prices as these things are offered by Nature Box.  For instance, you can get a price reduction of 40 percent on all snacks which is quite impressive.

You can get customer support by chatting with an agent online or submitting your query through a support form.  We did not see any telephonic contact on the website but there are other alternatives which are quick and productive and fulfill the need of telephonic support.

As a customer, you need to start by checking the product catalog. This displays the list of all items that are available. There are numerous options so you can drill down to the ones you prefer. You can select options according to your dietary preferences and liking. When you are done with the selection, you can proceed to the shopping cart feature.

After the food options have been selected, advance to the shopping cart and start the checkout procedure. If you have not registered or signed in, you would be prompted to log in or create an account. An account would help you in viewing your history of orders, checking billing information. When all these details have been added, you can advance towards order submission. All that is left after that is waiting for the delicious snacks to be delivered to you.

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What Makes NatureBox Different?

There are various things which make Nature Box different from the other meal delivery companies. To start with, the company is selective about the food delivered to the customers. Nature Box delivers healthy snacks that are designed by professional nutritionists. They contain all the important healthy ingredients that the human body needs. Along with that, if you have specific dietary requirements, you can get meals according to your needs. For instance, you can opt for vegan, low sodium, sugar free, gluten free, fiber rich and various other specific meal types.

Nature Box delivers food to a lot of areas that are ignored by other companies including Hawai, US military bases and territories and Alaska. It provides meal boxes that are suitable for organizations who are concerned about keeping their employees healthy and in shape. The meals are nutritious, delicious and balanced in every way.

The company has an environment friendly approach and the boxes used are created from recyclable and there are no negative environmental impacts. Along with that, if you do not like a snack, you can get in touch with the customer support team and tell them to save your credit equal to the meal price.

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NatureBox Meals & Menus and Recipes

Nature Box provides natural, healthy and balanced meals to your house or workplace. These snacks refer to meals that can be taken apart from the regular three per day meals. If you want to eat something between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner that does not spoil your appetite, these meals would suit you.

The catalog is very fascinating and customers can choose from a large number of snacks. You can find a number of items including trail mixes, nut and seed mixes, wafers and crackers. Along with that, you can even try some surprising items including garlic plantains, strawberry carrot fruit chews and Kung Pao Pretzels..

Apart from ordering individual meals, you can opt for snack packs as well. Options include Spicy Lovers, Cheese Lovers and Chocolate Lovers.

Nature Box is among the various companies that offer subscription based snack boxes. There are several options to select from and you can make a selection according to your personal likes

If you want to know about the snacks that would suit you the most, go through the best sellers of Nature Box and then apply filters according to meals you like. You can apply preferences to view meals that are free of gluten, vegan, free of GMO, calorie count less than 150, less than 10g sugar, fiber enriched and various other snacks. When you have applied the required filters, snacks according to your needs would be displayed on the screen.

Nature Box offers numerous snack categories including crackers, jelly, dried fruits and nuts. Some of the best sellers are strawberry geek, dried mango, vanilla bean wafers, mini cinnamon yogurt, mini Belgian waffles and several other mouthwatering items. Whether you are a sweet lover or someone fond of spices, there are several options for everyone.

The meals prepared by Nature Box do not contain any artificial ingredients and fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils are not used in the preparation process. The snacks prepared are healthy as well as delicious

Gift Options

There are various Gift Box options offered by Nature Box for different occasions. These gift boxes are provided with appropriately selected meals. You can choose from 4 different options. There is Just A (6 snacks), More Please (12 Snacks) and The Full Spread (20 Snacks) along with the It’s a Party (50 Snacks). There are no delivery charges for gift boxes and they are superb options for presents for all kinds of occasions.

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NatureBox Health & Nutrition

As a company, Nature Box delivers the finest nutritious foods to your residence or workplace. These meals have approvals from the bets nutrition experts. They do not contain any artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or fats.

The meals contain natural organic ingredients and this impressed me a lot. The calorie count is low and consumers do not need to worry about any harmful ingredients. The ordering procedure is very simple and website options are easy to use. A long duration is not needed for shipment purposes. You would not get bored of ordering the same things time and again as there are several items to order from. Customers can opt for trail mixes, pretzels, popcorns, dried fruit, crackers, bars, cookies and pantry items

All the edibles delivered to the customers are 100% fresh. The finest ingredients are used to prepare them and there are no artificial flavors included like fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils. Hence, you can enjoy all these meals without worrying about any adverse health effects.

If you want to see the ingredients for any snack, you can view the description, information related to nutrition and other details in the catalogue. Nature Box shares a partnership with various vendors to get the snacks developed and most of them get their ingredients from the US. Although imported ingredients are also used in some products but that does not create any difference in terms of quality.

There is a best buy label on each meal pouch. This helps in enjoying the meal before it reaches expiry.

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NatureBox Fitness and Activity

A minimum physical activity of 30 to 60 minutes is needed on per day basis. The activity and time to perform it can be chosen by the user.

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How Easy Is NatureBox To Follow?

To enjoy the delicious Nature Box snacks, no advance cooking is needed. The meals are ready to eat and can be carried along to be eaten later. However, only in case of oatmeal, cooking is needed.

The signup process of Nature Box is very simple and users also need to provide basic information (login details, address, credit card number etc) to begin using this service. Along with that, there is an FAQ page which provides a lot of assistance and you can find answers to the common queries there.  I was quite astonished to see the number of meal options that were available. Some of the bestselling means were at the top of the page and this impressed me a lot.

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NatureBox Plans & Pricing and Costs

There are individual rates for each snack box and the cost is more than the individual costs at supermarkets. However, this is not something hard to believe considering the superior quality and taste that Nature Box meals have. To start with, dried mango of 3.6 oz has a price of $5.49 and peanut butter oatmeal cookies of 5 oz have a cost of $3.79. However, if you a Nature Box member, you would get a discount of 40%

You can opt for unlimited office plans which come with “all you can eat” offer and you need to pay a fix cost on monthly basis. The starting rate is $12 for one employee which is equal to 30 cents for every day.

When you talk about the costs of gifts, you have to pay $36.99 for a gift box of six snacks and $59.99 for a box of 12 snacks, a price of $89.99 for a gift box that has 20 snacks and a price of $204.99 for a gift box of 50 snacks. Members can save a maximum sum of $35 on these boxes.

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NatureBox Delivery Areas

Nature Box delivers meals all over US including Canada, Alaska, Hawai and US military bases as well. If the order price is above $25, no delivery fee would be charged for all places except US military bases, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Delivery in these places costs an extra $4.95. Similarly, the same additional sum has to be paid if your order sum is below $25.

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NatureBox Help & Support and Customer Service

Customers can get their queries answered by going through the FAQ page or communicating with the support team through email or telephonic contact.

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NatureBox Pros and cons

  • Suitable for people who have particular diet requirements
  • The nutrition information is clearly explained
  • Immense variety to choose from
  • State of the art shipping options

  • It cannot be counted as the delivery service with the lowest rates
  • Only people who place orders above $25 get free shipping
  • No support through telephonic contact

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Bottom Line

Nature Box is a recommended alternative for people seeking delicious snacks as they do not have to be worried about health issues while enjoying these meals. Eating these meals is healthy and gives a delicious experience as well. These snacks are easy to carry along and you do not have to eat something that is not nutritious enough.

Nature Box is for people who are fond of eating snacks but want to have the authority to decide the nutrients they are taking. Nature Box has some exotic snacks that are simply mesmerizing. However, you can opt for various classic meals as well if you do not want to experiment with what you eat between regular meals.  All meals are healthy and can act as pleasant surprises for people you love and care about.

With Nature Box referral program, you can suggest this service to known people. If any one of the referred people opt for the subscription, you would be given credits. These credits can be used to buy meal boxes at lower rates in the future.

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9.6 Total Score
953 reviews
NatureBox Review

Nature Box is a meal delivery service that requires customers to subscribe. The meals delivered are rich in nutrition, delicious and healthy. You can get them delivered to both homes and offices. In addition to that, you can also use one of the many gift options for your friends. In terms of purchasing, you can buy indviudal snacks as well as snack boxes.

  • This meal delivery service offers state of the art meals prepared from the finest ingredients and approved by nutrition experts.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with the box, you can get a refund and the subscription can be cancelled at any time without any penalty being applied.
  • The ingredients are made from the best wholesome ingredients and without minimum processed ones. No artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors are included.
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