How to make your food healthier and tastier?

Easy and Effective tips to make your food healthier

It is right to say that ‘You are what you eat’. The human body is just like a machine that needs healthy food as a fuel in order to run smoothly and function properly.  If you keep on eating junk, it would have a direct impact on your body and may lead to several bad consequences. On the other hand, healthy eating habits can be very helpful in keeping you fit and active. Thus, if you want to enjoy your life to the fullest, you should pay special attention to what you eat.

Excessive hoteling can also leave a bad impact on your health. It is always better to eat clean and healthy food cooked at home.  It will lead to a healthy life. Interestingly, you can enjoy the same restaurant taste at home if you follow certain tips and techniques. Here we are going to share some helpful and very effective tips and tricks using which you can make your food healthier and tastier.

How to make your food healthier and tastier?

Make creamy dishes in a healthier way

Do you like mac and cheese? Love the taste fettuccine alfredo pasta? If yes then we have a very helpful tip for you. You can make these creamy dishes more tasteful and healthy without using heavy cream.  To make it more healthful, you can use low-fat milk and flour for the white sauce. It would be a better substitute for high fat cream. Similarly, for making creamy salads including fruit salad and potato salad, you should use a combination of low-fat sour cream and reduced fat mayo. This two blend together give a rich and amazing taste. Moreover, low-fat mayo has only one gram fat and fifteen calories while the regular mayonnaise contains ten grams of fat and about ninety calories. Therefore, it would be better to opt for the low-fat one.

Cook your meals with less oil

Oils are no less than an essential ingredient for many of the dishes. But you should limit its use for better health. Make sure you add just little quantity of oil when needed. Some of the heart healthy and more suitable oils are canola oil and extra virgin olive oil.  Try to use these instead of others.

Opt for Good fats instead of Bad Fats

Try to lower the use of saturated fats as much as possible. No matter how much you like the taste of butter, it should be used in controlled quantity. Whether you are baking or cooking, you can always replace butter with a healthier alternative such as olive oil. If you cannot avoid its use completely, you can reduce it. For instance, if you need to use 4 spoons of melted butter you can use 2 spoons of it and replace the other two with canola or olive oil. It would be a better option as oils contain 7 times less fat than the butter.

Swap Whole-Wheat Flour for a portion of All-purpose flour

Mostly the all-purpose flour is used in baked food items. If you replace about half of its quantity with white flour, it would provide you with more fiber, zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B. You can use the white floor in making bread, cookies, and muffins and for making pie-crust and cakes, use of whole-wheat pastry flour would be better. Thus, use of whole wheat flour is better and it contains about 12 grams more fiber than the all-purpose flour.

Lower the use of salt

As per the USDA recommendations, the safe sodium limit for the human body is about 2300 mg per day. It means you should not use more than 1 teaspoon of salt daily. This can be hard to manage as it is used in almost every meal that we cook. What you can do to limit its quantity is using some other flavor enhancers that are sodium-free. For instance, you can add fresh herbs in chopped form or you can also squeeze a lemon or two as per your taste. Besides, if you are using some canned items, be careful in your selection and choose the options with low sodium content.

Use Egg whites and skip the yolks

Eggs are used in a number of different recipes. These are a very healthful food but it would be better if you use just the egg whites instead of whole eggs. The yolk contains about five grams of fats and fifty-four calories while the whites have no fats and about sixteen calories. Therefore, you should use only the whites. No matter which dish you are making, you can skip the yolk. You can use two egg whites in place of one complete egg for any dish.

Make healthier ice-cream at home

Do you like the smooth texture and rich taste of ice-cream? You can enjoy that at home too. Interestingly, you can make the ice-cream with similar creamy texture even in low-fat form. All you need to do is replace the full-fat milk with low-fat substitute and make it thick using gelatin. It will help you to make a smooth ice-cream with a lower content of saturated fats and calories.

Lower the use of Cheese without affecting the taste

Excess of everything is bad. The same goes right for the quantity of cheese you add in your meals. If you want to adopt healthy eating habits, you should reduce the use of cheese. No matter how much you like it, its use should be limited. There are several different kinds of cheese and if you love its taste, you can simply use the ones with bold flavor. Certain types including goat cheese and extra sharp cheddar cheese are more flavorful and give the same tase but with lower fats and calories.

Final Verdict

Health and nutrition are closely interrelated. Pay special attention to your daily nutritional requirement and make your meals accordingly. Follow the above-mentioned tips to make your food more tasteful and healthier.


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