Marley Spoon Review

Marley Spoon Overview

Marley Spoon was exclusively founded by Dave Malcolm and Fabien Siegel in 2014 to provide premium quality and healthy ingredients and meal ideas for couples and families who don’t have knowledge and time to do this.

Marley Spoon works in partnership with renowned cooking icon Martha Stewart to bring in easy to follow and delicious recipes as well as seasonal ingredients which are freshly delivered into your door. Each meal has been tested before this reaches your home.

Martha’s expertise and recipes on meal planning and nutrition now effectively works along with the most original Marley Spoon experience to create popular choices for more hands on and fresher meal delivery service. Martha & Marley Spoon, since its inception has significantly grown to deliver and serve seven countries with potential reach to about 250 millions households all over the world. They were able to raise funds which are more than 29 million euros. Their service is actually one of the very first services to provide apps for both Android and iOs devices.

Are you having a hard time dealing with food preparations for your family? Do you want to make your dinner special with your loved ones but can’t make it on your own? Are you running out of time? That is not a problem! Marley Spoon will help you along the way.
Keep reading our honest Marley Spoon review to learn more.

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Marley Spoon Ideal For

  • Individuals with hectic schedules and busy life who needs some help with planning and shopping
  • Families and couples who wanted to learn new ideas and recipes
  • Waste-conscious individuals who wanted pre-portioned ingredients
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How Marley Spoon Works?

The Marley Spoon is an exclusive subscription service but flexible as it gets. If you consider Marley Spoon subscription, you will get pre-measured ingredients as well as incredible recipes for your chosen meals and dishes every week. You are free to choose meals from the weekly menu and decide how many wish to get or the people who want to join you for dinner.

The menu is subject to change per week and you get the chance to choose from the 10 delicious meals each time you place your order. You can order for family with four members or order for two persons. In case you change your mind, you can make changes by means of accessing your exclusive account and selecting different meals. If you don’t really like the available meals on the menu, you are free to skip delivery. You can even cancel your subscription anytime you want. Ordering is ultimately easy with Marley Spoon and this allows you to take control on your orders.

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What Makes Marley Spoon Different?

You’re pretty much ahead in today’s competition if you have Martha Stewart. Martha’s love for foods, her sheer talent and experience give you the assurance that each dish that comes out of her own mind and done in her kitchen is certainly a work of art. Now, Martha Stewart works in partnership with Marley Spoon, cooking like a real pro has become a lot easier. Haute cuisine also becomes a breeze with pre-measured and handpicked seasonal ingredients and great recipes which are broken down to only six simple steps.

Another interesting thing, according to Marley Spoons calculation is that obtaining finest quality ingredients from the Marley Spoon is more affordable than buying same ingredients from the local supermarket. There’s no shipping fee and you don’t just get quality ingredients but also completely unique recipes which allow you to better hone your skills in cooking, widen your horizon and delight your taste buds.

When it comes to ingredients, Marley Spoon only sticks to farm to table method of sourcing ingredients. They choose only top quality produce and meats that were responsibly grown by farmers that they cooperate and transact with personally. Everything is pre-measured so there’s no waste and portions are guaranteed to be sufficient and satisfying.

Aside from ensuring that you get the exact amount of foods you need therefore, nothing ends in trash cans. Marley Spoon also helps in reducing carbon footprint by means of making use of recyclable packaging. This also provides tips on how to recycle every part of packaging starting from paper bags, plastic bags up to ice packs. This simply means better cooking and saving the world while eating.

The way Marley Spoon genuinely cares about their customers and their commitment to making meal kits readily available for almost everyone who desire for more convenient and easier ways to cook at home are factors that set Marley Spoon apart from the rest.

It is also for this reason that they recently launched Dinnerly, a reasonably priced meal kit service in the United States. This means that you can completely enjoy wide range of meal kits offered by Marley Spoon and switch between two services based on your cravings and the amount you are willing to spend on each meal.

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Marley Spoon Meals & Menus and Recipes

With Marley Spoon, you can choose between dinner for two or family fun dinner for four. Either of the choices, you can be sure that all of the treats included in the package are perfect for adults and children. While the dinner for two is great for two adults, the family dinners are also suitable for kids wanting to satisfy their taste buds on a meticulous day.

You may go for ameal that is ready more or less 30 minutes or opts for theone-pot dish, depending on your preference and need. They have vegetarian meals, red meat, fish, and poultry. The low-calorie meals, gluten-free meals and low-carbs never get out of the list, of course. For children, they have labeled meals suitable for them.

There are upcoming meals for the following weeks and months ready once you don’t like the menus prepared for the current week. You don’t need to avail the weekly meals if none of them looks good and taste good for you.

As mentioned in this review, the meals provided by this company come in two given sizes: intimate dinners good for 2 persons and the fun dinners for a family with four members. The former option is more than enough two serve and satisfy two persons while the latter are ideal for two adults with two hungry children.


Meals included in Marley Spoon Menu aren’t divided to categories depending on the meals’ sustainability for different preferences and dietary needs. Nevertheless, helpful tags enable you to simply find what you exactly need. There are many options to choose from such as one-pot meals or dishes prepared below 30 minutes and more. You can also opt for fish, poultry, vegetarian or red meat meals. These meals are low calorie, low-carbs, dairy free and gluten free. Meals labeled as kid friendly are proven safe for children.

Marley Spoon unequivocally believed that clients know best. In case there’s a particular recipe that you like, you can actually rate this, either on the site or through the application. This is a means to increase the chance of that recipe or dish to reappear on the menu as customers’ favorite.

In order for you to have sufficient time to choosemeals or even skip for one week in the event that there’s nothing that really suits your own taste, the Marley Spoon enables you to look and wait for what’s to come. There are meals perfectly planned for upcoming weeks and even a month advance therefore, there won’t be surprises and you’ll easily come up with decisions regarding your orders on time.

Another good thing you will love about Marley Spoon is there simplicity. Regardless of how intricate the dishes might be, there are six simple steps only and everything is explained clearly. When you order, you get data about the fundamental tools and basic ingredients you require to prepare and set up the dishes. Similar details come flawlessly packed to your delivery. You additionally become more capable of figuring out if meals contain allergen or not. Facts about nutrition are included in every dish including fat, calorie, carb content and proteins.

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Marley Spoon Health & Nutrition

You can simply rely on Marley Spoon to send you fresh and high quality ingredients needed to prepare your healthy meals. They endeavor to source what’s in season with regards to leafy foods, which guarantees that you get only the very the best. They additionally work with reliable providers to acquire quality poultry, fish and meat. In your special recipe, you’ll discover things like antibiotic-free chickens, Berkshire pork and grass-fed beef.

Ingredients are kept chilled during transportation and this is because of their ice packs and insulated boxes. Everything can be put inside the fridge for maximum of 4 days. This implies that you’ll be able to use the ingredients for no less than four days later on. Fish is an exception to this for this need to be cooked 48 hours upon its arrival.

Though it should not be an issue, but just in case you encounter problem about the freshness of items, you can contact Marley Spoon anytime.

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Marley Spoon Fitness and Activity

You need to at least be moving for at least 30-60 minutes every day, but what you do and when you decide to do it is really up to you.

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How Easy Is Marley Spoon To Follow?

Marley Spoon is ideal for people who love to cook but don’t want to spend more time on planning, preparing and cooking. In the box, you can get the card and photo for recipes containing easy-to-follow cooking instructions. Also, you can receive the pre-portioned main ingredients that you’ll be needed in creating the dish. Aside from the main ingredient, you may more likely have to produce other ingredients such as sugar, olive oils, pepper, eggs and other extras.

For clients who have love and passion for cooking, yet would love to invest less energy in planning, shopping and doing the preparations, this is an awesome choice. Foods are chosen according to their availability and seasonal freshness and the recipes are amazingly not over 6 steps.

Within your box, you’ll get recipe cards with simple to follow guidelines. These are not just descriptive but also contain photographs. You’ll experience no difficulty setting up meals with these special recipe cards on hand. You can even view details of the recipe online so you’ll comprehend what’s in store for you before making a choice.

You’ll likewise be sent the major ingredients you need to make your dish. Ingredients are pre-divided, which helps eliminate food waste. You won’t, nonetheless, be sent with kitchen essentials that your meals may require. You’ll need to have things like pepper, sugar, olive oil, eggs and salt on hand.

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Marley Spoon Mobile App

Marley Spoon has an app available for the iOS and Android users. With this app, you can have a chance to browse the recipes, track your orders and make some changes to it if you have to.

The Marley Spoon has simple yet fun and functional app available for Android and iOs Devices. This app allows you to browse and explore recipes, make necessary changes and track your orders using your tablet or mobile phone. Customers, after third order, can make use of referral code in sending box to a special someone or a friend.

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Marley Spoon Plans & Pricing and Costs

Prices of Marley Spoon meals vary depending on the plans that you have chosen. If you go for the 2-person plan, the two meals per week may cost you $48 (this is about $12 for every serving) the three meals cost around $61.50 (this is about $10.25 for every serving) and four meals every week cost $76 (and this is about $9.50 for every serving). The family plan, two meals per week amounting to $76(which is about $9.50 per serving), the cost of three meals is $106.80 (which is $8.90 per serving), and the 4 meals every week cost about $139.20 (which is $8.70 for every serving).Another great way Marley Spoon allows you to save money on the orders you places is by providing free shipping on all orders.


Depending on the ordered meal count and the chosen plan, the prices may vary. Here they are:

  1. Two-Person Plan
  • Two meals per week – $48 ($12 per serving)
  • Three meal per week – $61.50 ($10.25 per serving)
  • Four meals per week – $76 ($8.70 per serving)
  1. Family Plan
  • Two meals per week – $76 ($9.50 per serving)
  • Three meal per week – $106.80 ($8.90 per serving)
  • Four meals per week – $139.20 (($8.70 perserving)

If you try to calculate it, you can pay less in every order once you take more of the orders. This is a great advantage on your part if you try to save not only time but also money.

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Marley Spoon Delivery Areas

The Marley Spoon has significantly made its delicious ingredients and great tasting recipes widely available in UK and USA, Austria, Australia, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. But, this does not ship in certain countries and mostly available in the US.

The time and day of delivery vary depending on customers’ location. You can easily check on the areas covered by their delivery, time and date through entering zip code, choosing a plan or through live chat. Even if you are not at home, deliveries will still reach you safe and sound.

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Marley Spoon Help & Support and Customer Service

If you want to contact their customer service department to extend your concerns, questions, complaints or you simply want to ask something about the goods and services, you can directly call them at 866-228-4513. Also, email support is available via [email protected], or you can submit your emails using the CONTACT US link.

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Marley Spoon Pros and cons

  • Recipes aren’t more than six steps
  • Multiple recipes are available to choose from and these recipes change per week
  • Only the finest and freshest good are included
  • Step by step instructions are also included to ensure that recipes are perfect
  • Ingredients are pre-portioned to avoid food waste

  • No breakfasts, deserts and lunches
  • Lacks choices for the specialty diets
  • Lacks options for families with more than four members

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Bottom Line

The Marley Spoon is an exclusive meal delivery service loaded with unique and impressive qualities and hardly any disadvantage or downside. This works perfectly together with Marta Stewart who is a known real food goddess. Marley Spoon provides meals for diverse dietary preferences and needs and meals are highly suitable even for kids. Prices are reasonable, shipping is free and subscription is ultimately flexible allowing you to change orders anytime.

Compared to other meal delivery services available in the market today, Marley Spoon sets itself apart. The prices are quite impressive as it allows you to spend less for more purchase. You could always give the best value for the food you eat with Marley Spoon. The idea of changing your orders, skip the deliveries, cancel the items and switch the meal plans can give you a flexible option so you can decide better what to opt for before everything reaches your table. Perhaps the only downside that troubles other demands is that the shipping is not available to all consumers in all areas of US. However, we are still looking forward that this could be changed in the near future so everyone can enjoy what Marley Spoon has to give.

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Switching Plans: Each week you'll automatically receive great dishes, but as a flexible subscription, you can skip a week or pause your subscription anytime. You can also change delivery frequency, recipes, and the number of portions you'd like to receive.
Cancellation: You can easily do so in your account area under "My settings"
Refunds: n/a
Delivery And Shipping
United States
United Kingdom
Contiguous USA
Alaska And Hawaii
Free Shipping
Shipping Costs: n/a
Skip/Cancel Anytime
Money Back Guarantee
Pricing & Plans
Plans Cost: $12 / serving / 2-person plan / $48 / 2 meals / week $10.25 / serving / 2-person plan / $61.50 / 3 meals / week $9.50 / serving / 2-person plan / $76 / 4 meals / week $9.50 / serving / 3-4 person plan / $76 / 2 meals / week $8.90 / serving / 3-4 person plan / $106.80 / 3 meals / week $8.20 / serving / 3-4 person plan / $131.20 / 4 meals / week
Avg. Price: $8.20 - $12 / serving
9.7 Total Score
921 reviews
Marley Spoon Review

With Marley Spoon, there are many healthy and delicious options for you. If you are in search for amazing recipes and top quality ingredients at good price and with no strings attached, this exclusive meal delivery service is what you are looking for. Hassle free and home cooked meals are available to suit your busy lifestyle.

  • Step by step amazing recipes are included
  • Special offer of $30 off on first box
  • See nutrition in an instance
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