Lean Meals Review

Lean Meals Overview

Proper diet can enhance your wellbeing, but it requires lots of hard work. Proper nutrition means using ingredients that are of high-quality with a considerable amount of macronutrients. The food must be free from calories and unwanted substances like preservatives. Preparation process must also be restricted to practices that don’t introduce too much fat or get rid of the essential nutrients. It seems like you have to be a skilled nutritionist in order to carry out all the needed calculations and ensure your body is getting the whole thing it requires for optimal functioning.

Lean Meals is your reliable meal delivery service company that promises to eliminate all this hard work. They prepare wholesome meals made of organic and fresh ingredients, with optimal macronutrient content as well as low-calorie count. They offer extensive selections of the menu, so you will never run out of the option. You can pick one of their meal plans which are made to help you obtain your fitness and health goals or make your meal plan.  Read this Lean Meals review to know more about this meal delivery service provider.

Keep reading our honest Lean Meals review to learn more.

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Lean Meals Ideal For

  • Those who have a hectic schedule and don’t time to shop and prepare the ingredients
  • Those who are searching for a wholesome alternative to frozen meals
  • Those who are searching for simple ways to lose weight
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How Lean Meals Works?

On a weekly basis, Lean Meals provide thirty new meal items to select from, and they keep it inviting by always shifting the menu and adding a new and mouthwatering menu to the weekly selection. You can choose a plan which suits your lifestyle or prefers the meals that you want. You can change the chosen meals from the cart. In case you have a particular desires or needs, visit the Custom Meals page and pick the ingredients, amounts and your preferred dipping sauce.

You have to choose at least ten dishes. Then you need to decide whether it’s one-time order or want to make an account. If you decide to create an account and subscribe to the services they offer, you can save 5 percent on all your orders. For more questions about their meals plans don’t hesitate to call the company or visit the FAQ section.

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What Makes Lean Meals Different?

Subscribing to Lean Meals offers many benefits. Not like other meal delivery companies out there, Lean Meals never freeze their meals as they believe that it affects the quality and the taste of the food. They choose only the best and freshest ingredients and deliver the meals in a special microwaveable container put in an insulated box packed with ice. This assures you that the meals will arrive fresh. It can also last up to 7 days inside your fridge.

On the other hand, since they concentrate on offering healthy food, they don’t use preservatives. This is why they encourage you to put the meals in the fridge once they arrive. If can’t pick your order at the time of the shipment, they suggest that you ask a friend or someone to do the favor and put them in the fridge right away to preserve optimal freshness.

What makes Lean Meals apart from the rest is the reward program they provide. You can avail this reward program by creating an account, following and sharing the company on social media sites and refer it to your friends. You can avail rewards points that can be swapped for coupons. Using these coupons, you can avail discounts starting from $5 up to $100 discount on all your orders. It depends on the many reward points you mount up. Like for instance, to avail a $5 off coupon, you’ll need 500 reward points, while for $100 off coupon, you will need 15 000 reward points to qualify. The highest amount of reward points is obtained when you refer a friend that gives you 1000 points. With every amount you give out on meals, you avail one reward point. To show that Lean Meals care, they offer 100 reward points as a gift on your birthday.

Another remarkable option provided by this meal delivery company is the chance to make your meals. You choose the ingredients you want. You can also select the portion size like four to ten ounce of protein-packed food, 2 ½ cups of vegetables and two to eight ounces of carbohydrates. After choosing the portion sizes and ingredients, you get precise details on the amount of protein and calories available on your meal. You also get detailed information on the carb and fat content. A one-ounce side of dipping sauce can complement every meal.

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Lean Meals Meals & Menus and Recipes

If you order meals from Lean Meals, you can choose from an extensive array of meals, with thirty exceptional dishes waiting for you on a weekly basis. Through clicking on a meal in the Select Meal section, you will see a short description of the dish including the amount of protein, fat, carbs and calorie content. The selection of meals is divided into four parts, which include signature meals, gluten-free meals, and breakfast as well as custom meals. This allows you to make your meal plan according to your preference.

Lean Meals also provide three meal plans like Lean Performance Plan, Lean Fitness Plan, and Lean Weight Loss Plan.

Lean Weight Loss Plan

This plan takes account of meals low in carbohydrates which are based on lean proteins and has 325-425 calories on average.  You can select whether you want ten meals to compose of five lunches and five dinner entrees, 14 meals which include seven lunches and seven dinner entrees, or 21 meals which include seven breakfast, seven lunches, and seven dinner entrees. You are able to change your meals anytime you want. If the plan you choose doesn’t include breakfast, you can put them in from the breakfast section of their menu.

This meal plan is gluten-free as well as diabetic friendly.

Lean Fitness Plan

This plan takes account of meals which has 375 to 500 calories. Meals are packed with veggies, lean proteins, as well as complex carbohydrates to help maintain your fitness level. You can also order ten meals, 14 meals, and 21 meals, plus 5 percent for subscriptions.

Lean Performance Plan

This plan is made to encourage muscle building and has 550 to 650 calorie meals packed with essential nutrients, lean proteins as well as pure complex carbohydrates. It’s necessary to keep in mind that the lean performance plan isn’t suitable for people losing weight. You can also order 10 meals, 14 meals, and 21 meals.

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Lean Meals Health & Nutrition

With regard to keeping your body healthy and in good shape, the food you eat really matters. With hectic schedules, people often resort to consuming things which are not healthy. You need to choose easy to prepare meals that will not just help keep your body healthy, but also lose weight. This is where Lean Meals come in.

This meal delivery service company was established in 2014 with the aim of providing everyone with healthy foods that help them to lose weight. They offer different meal plans which are made to suit your specific needs. One meal plans help in losing weight while others help keep the body healthy and in good shape. These meals are not just good for the body, and they are also flavorful and fresh.

With the help of meal delivery company with a team of professional dietitians, your breakfast, lunch, and dinner are now made easier. You can avail their service regardless of your location.

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Lean Meals Fitness and Activity

You must be exercising at least 30 minutes to one hour on a daily basis. This will help you keep healthy and free from various kinds of medical issues.

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How Easy Is Lean Meals To Follow?

The fact that the whole thing is kept cold while the food is on your way worries no more about food spoiling. The meals are kept cold in the insulated cooler and ice packs inside the box. What is more, meals are properly sealed in a way which promotes freshness.

Not like some food subscription services out there, the meals are not frozen, rather they are prepared in a facility and well sealed to sustain freshness. Since the foods are not frozen, you are getting ready to prepare food which is going to be flavorful and delicious.

The best thing about this meal delivery service company is that you have to put in less effort with regard to preparation.

The fact that these meals are pre-cooked, all you need is 1 minute to heat it. That gets rid of any need for meal planning, buying ingredients, washing as well as chopping vegetables and in fact preparing a whole meal on your own.

The fact that you can put them in the microwave, there is no need to wait for hours to taste these delicious meals. The fact that each meal is in a microwaveable container it is easier for you to prepare your foods. You only need sixty to ninety second to heat these meals.

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Lean Meals Plans & Pricing and Costs

Compare to other meal delivery service company; Lean Meals offers menu plans for very reasonable prices.  Lean Meals signature meals are available for $8.95 and $9.95. Breakfast meals will cost you $7.95. Gluten-free meals have a price range of $7.95 to $8.95. Custom meals price depend on the choice of ingredients, which start at $8.95.

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Lean Meals Delivery Areas

Lean Meals offer their service all through USA area. The shipping is done through FedEx, and you can modify the delivery time. Lean Meals deliver the meals during Mondays and Wednesday. When the food you received is damaged, send a picture of the harmed goods, and they will be more than happy to replace the meal on the next order for free. But, remember that just the meals which are entirely open are considered spoiled or damaged. Lean Meals provides courtesy replacement delivery for half of the original price.

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Lean Meals Help & Support and Customer Service

If you want to know more about this food delivery service, please visit their FAQ page or call customer hotline number or send them an email. Customer service assistance is always available to take your calls and answer all your queries as well.

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Lean Meals Pros and cons

  • Wide selection of high-quality meals
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Customized meal plans
  • You are allowed to create your meal plan

  • No vegan or vegetarian options

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Bottom Line

Lean Meals stands out from the rest when it comes to quality meal delivery service. Aside from offering incredibly fresh food as well as providing a wide array of dishes and superb meal plans, they also allow you to have fun and excitement while ordering. You can pick a meal plan and modify it, and you can also select the meals you want and normally order, change your taste in the process and make an insane mixture of ingredients they provide and come up with a meal which is exceptionally your own.

The reward plan is what makes this company stands out from the rest. By giving customers the chance to save up to $100 on their ordered meals, they’re allowing you know that ordering from Lean Meals really pays off.

Do you love wholesome and healthy food? Call Lean Meals now. Meals are superb and excellent, and helps keeps you healthy and at the same time lose weight.

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Lean Meals Review

Lean Meals is your reliable food delivery service provider that provides healthy meal plans which are made to promote weight loss. The meals also help you maintain weight and give you an adequate amount of energy for a lively and active lifestyle. The customer can pick the meals they want from the wide selection of a menu or make your own meals by choosing the ingredients you want.

  • Fresh and healthy meal delivery to anywhere you are
  • Meals focus on losing weight
  • Meals are pre-prepared all you have to do is to heat it that only takes sixty to ninety seconds
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