How to lose weight in 7 days without starving yourself?

Weight gain is known as the most common issue among all age groups, everybody is worried about his/her weight and want to lose weight as soon as possible. We all know that gaining weight is not good for health and it can pave the way for many diseases. There is a difference between staying healthy and being overweight as in gaining weight day by day.

If you are also conscious about your health and you want to lose weight in order to stay healthy then here is a healthy and proper protective plan for you. According to this idea, you do not have to stay hungry or live without any kind of food. In just seven days, you will lose 4 to 5 KG’s weight with this suggested diet plan; it is also helpful for your digestive system, keep your digestive system and metabolism rate healthy. Moreover, it will also help you get the glowing skin and keep it fresh and charming throughout the time.

According to this diet plan, you can eat these items:

You can eat seasonal fruit like mango, apple, pomegranate, pears, apple, kiwis, and strawberries, in short, you can eat every kind of fruit.

In vegetables, you can eat potatoes, all kind of beans, peas, cabbage, green leafy vegetables in short, all kind of vegetables while using this amazing diet plan.

Sometimes you can use skimmed milk and sometimes you can take fresh milk without skimming.

Fish, poultry, beef and turkey meat are also added to this diet plan.

If you are thinking about forbidden items of food, you ought to avoid everything which is not mentioned above, like fast food items and everything like this.

Here is your perfect seven days diet plan menu, by following this you can lose your weight instantly:

Let start from Monday, the very first day of the week.


On this day you can eat fruit means every kind of fruit of your own choice but you must avoid bananas. Eat as much as you want, you can eat fruits, or can also use fresh juices of fruits.

For example, you can categorize fruit into three groups and set three groups with three times of daily eating routine like:

Breakfast: You can eat blackberries, blueberries, grapefruit, strawberries and raspberries in your breakfast. These fruits will make your body fresh and take you away from laziness.

Lunch: By the lunch time, you can eat apple, grapes and kiwis, by eating these items you will be able to improve your low sugar level and also maintain blood pressure.

Dinner: mangoes, cherries and pineapples are important at the time of dinner, you will not feel nausea after eating these fruits.

Now we are going the second day plan, which is Tuesday.


On the second day of your diet plan you can eat different vegetables, whatever you want.

Breakfast: You can steam carrot and eat broccoli with uncooked radishes as a salad.

Lunch: You can bake potato, zucchini, onions and garlic in the oven.

Dinner: At dinner time, you may bake sweet potato with roasted green beans and garlic.


The next day is surely Wednesday, you may eat fruits and vegetables both according to your own wish and how much you want at the time of every meal.


You can eat the type of fruit or vegetable as per your choice.


Skim milk is suggested, and you should drink five glasses with bananas on Thursday.


You can have skim milk when you are eating bananas to get the sense of satisfaction. Five bananas are recommended but if you are feeling hungry after eating them then you can eat 2 or 3 more bananas.


On Friday you can eat unlimited vegetables with 4 pieces of three-ounce steak of turkey, chicken, beef and fish.


You can as pepper and salt to it and then you can broil or grill it, in order to add some taste you can fry it. If you are really hungry and want to eat more, then you can add potatoes to go along. It will be your choice that what do you want to eat along with meat, broccoli and Asparagus can help you add more taste to the meat.


You can follow same Friday’s routine on Saturday as well, you can change the vegetable and meat type but will follow the same plan for this day. For example, if you ate fish and turkey yesterday then you can eat beef or chicken today with the vegetables of your choice.


You can add brown rice to your eating routine on the last day of the week. Other than that you will follow the same eating routine as Saturday. Same like earlier you can shuffle between the meat type and the vegetable type.

Maintaining the weight after losing it

Now, the main thing that you need to take care of will be maintaining your new weight. This is the most common issue faced by almost everyone who just has lost some weight, and many of them are unable to reach the ideal weight.

We can say that this is one of the most important step of this weight losing campaign. You ought to remain healthy as well as maintaining this new weight to reach the ideal weight level. All you have to do is to eat healthily and you should do exercise on daily basis.

Whenever someone is trying to lose weight he will think to get rid of the eating habits that are wrong and to exercise regularly. These things were not the part of his daily life before but he tries to add them up. Now, after losing some pounds one should not stop doing these, as they are imperative to maintain the weight.

If you are not eating healthy and are not doing exercise then you surely will skip to your previous routine; after that you will gain more weight which is not good for sure.

Keeping the same routine will not be difficult as before, but you should not leave exercise. You ought to do exercise at least an hour a day for four to five days a week. In this way, you will be able to maintain your weight without any hassle.

So, now you know that you can lose your weight in just 7 days without starving yourself. Your health and weight both will be maintained this way, and once you are used to, you will not face any kind of trouble maintaining the ideal weight.

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