3 exercises that can keep you active and healthy

Everyone is not an athlete or likes to exercise every day, there are people who do not take exercise seriously. But, all of the people that exist in this world want to stay healthy and to be fit and slim, if not slim they do want to at least stay active. The only hurdle is that going to gym every day is hectic and intimidating. There are few people that get scared with the thoughts of gym, they keep imagining the treadmills, stationary bikes and lifting the weights. The hectic gym routine can make you frustrating and whenever you will come home all you will do is lie down on the bed. The overall health of a human body is not dependent upon the exercise that is been done in the Gym for hours. There are many other activities and exercises that can help you keep yourself fit and active. Movement and activity is really important for a human body to stay healthy, it is evident from the lives of many that whenever a human body stop indulging in activities it becomes lazy and its parts stop functioning. Take an example of a car, it keep working properly if it’s getting petrol, oil and is in working condition if you just leave a car for few years in a garage you will see that it will be all ruined. The human body works like that too, you have to maintain the body to let it function properly.

There are few very simple exercises that can help you reduce weight along with staying healthy. It is very important for a human body to keep the bones strong, protection of joints, prevention of bladder from several problems and can also improve the memory loss. These exercises have no boundaries of age, they can be done by the person of any age. It can lower the risks of disease in your body along with that it will help you to keep yourself in shape and make sure the proper functioning of your body. The easy and comfortable exercises as follows:

  1. Swimming: It is a hobby of most of the people and it makes you feel good, apart from all that it is a perfect workout. You do not even realize when you are swimming that you are making your body do a lot of activity and in return it keeps you active and you will feel relaxed. The reason why you call it a proper workout because of the fact the buoyancy of the water gives a support system to your entire body, and helps to strain off the painful joints. After all that you will feel relaxed because you will be able to move your joints fluidly. Many doctors claim that the people that are suffering from arthritis should do swimming because it can be helpful for them. It is also claimed that swimming has an impact on your mental state because it makes you feel relaxed and you feel fresh. There is another option of water aerobics that can help you burn a lot of calories in case you want to lose weight.
  2. Interval Training: This is defined as that you are performing any type of activity or exercise at a variable pace. You explain it further let’s take an example, for instance you are going for a walk you normally walk slow then you just have to vary the pace of the walk. Like you are walking slow keep on doing that for two minutes and then increase your speed a little bit, after that return to your normal speed. Keep on doing this several times. If you are doing some other exercise like push-ups then you take a start with performing slow pushups , keep on doing that and after some time start doing it quickly. You have to repeat the slower and faster push-ups for a several times. The benefits it can provide to your body is that it adjust the aerobic system like for example the metabolism, rate of heart and breathing patterns. It can also help in strengthening your joints and muscles along with burning the calories.
  3. Squats: First let’s get into what is squats and how you can do it easily at home and make yourself use to it. Squats is a really easy exercise with a lot of benefits, it consists of an up and down motion of the body like for example the way you get out of the chair. If you ask a trainer he or she will explain it that a person who just started doing the squats should practice the way by getting up from a chair and then getting down from the chair. If you a beginner then you have to start by keeping your back straight, then start spreading apart your shoulder and keep your arms extended in the length. Then you have you start going downward with your butt like you are just going to sit on the chair but just touching it. Then go back to your original position when you were in the standing mode, if you can’t do it like this then keep an actual chair and start doing these steps but you don’t have to sit on the chair. Eventually you will get used to it and will start doing it without the chair. You have to keep up with a routine if you leave it in between and then start doing it all over again then it will be hectic and painful again. If you get used to it then you can start doing it with dumbbells, pick up weights in your hands.


These exercises can be done in routine without any hectic gym, you have you keep up with the routine to get the best results. You deserve to stay fit, healthy and active. By doing all these exercises that are so easy you can make yourself fit.

Photo sources: pixabay.com


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