HMR Program Review

HMR Program Overview

HMR Diet is a popular eating program utilizing coaches which help dieters obtain their health and fitness goal. In this diet plan, there are 3 diverse approaches such as Healthy Shakes, Healthy Solutions and Decision-Free. Usually, dieters go after a plan for at least six months.

This date was initially developed in 1986. In fact, when you visit their website, you will find many success stories. Services and products are accessible at 40 clinics in various parts of the US. This diet plan is composed of shakes, entrees, soups, cereal bars as well as recipe ideas. They also offered calorie foods and are well-portioned so as to give a low level of calorie ideal for losing weight. For best results, exercise should be included. Coaches are accessible via phone to assist offer individualized programs as well as nutrition support.
Keep reading our honest HMR Program review to learn more.

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HMR Program Ideal For

  • Those who have hectic schedule and can’t shop and prepare ingredients
  • Those who are searching for the best and wholesome option to frozen foods
  • Those who are searching for weight loss plan or a vegan program for losing weight
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How HMR Program Works?

In each diet plan offered, there are lots of HMR foods available such as shakes, puddings, entrees, ice cream/mousse, cereal, bars or soups and hot drinks. Also you can order meals a la carte from any HMR sellers.


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What Makes HMR Program Different?

HMR is an exceptional way to shed fats. Keep in shape and at the same time keep healthy. HMR diet is well-balanced. Therefore you can eat as long as you want while keeping within your calorie range. HMR diet is extremely motivating opposed to other diet plans out there.

HMR also provides professional coaches that can help alter your unhealthy lifestyle. This is accomplished in accordance to a thirty-year long study on motivational coaching. This helps you lose weight and at the same time, helps you lead to a healthy lifestyle.

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HMR Program Meals & Menus and Recipes

This diet program provides plans wherein each allows you to choose from in-clinic option and get the administration in every step of the process. You can follow the plan right at the comfort of your home or a combination of the two.


Decision-Free is a medically administered weight-loss plan that is ideal for those who want to lose weight fast. Doctors and nurses offer medical supervision. Therefore this plan is ideal for those experiencing from various medical conditions which need oversight when losing weight.

The daily diet includes:

  • A minimum of five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables or
  • A minimum of three HMR shakes and 2 HMR entrees

Worry no more on getting hungry as these foods don’t contain so many calories. So, you can eat as long as you want.


Health oversight isn’t a must as much as Healthy Solutions are concerned, expect with people experiencing from serious medical issues.

In the Clinic is a well-structured program that uses entrees, fruits, shakes as well as vegetables to help weight loss. Daily diet includes:

  • 3 HMR shakes and 2 HMR entrees
  • Five servings of fresh fruits as well as vegetables

In this program, there’ll be a coach and team of experts that will educate you with necessary weight-loss and weight supervision skills. This can be followed right at the comfort of your home. Foods and materials are all shipped to your doorstep.


Healthy shakes is perfect for people who like to utilize HMR shakes in their homes rather than other meals so as to lessen the intake of calorie on a daily basis. Daily diet consists of:

  • 3 HMR shakes
  • Five servings of vegetables and fruits
  • One healthy meal including measured portions of grains, lean protein, fruits as well as vegetables.

At the start, you will get a two week supplies of healthy shakes and other materials needed.

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HMR Program Health & Nutrition

It is strongly advisable to know how this diet program can help you prior to registering. You have to visit your doctor to ensure that you are healthy and fit to follow this diet program. This also helps you know if this plan is ideal for you or not.

HMR Diet plan is a holistic approach to weight loss and is helpful in setting up a healthy lifestyle. This diet plan has been in the market for three decades. This long existence gives you an assurance that it is really effective and reliable.

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HMR Program Fitness and Activity

HMR Diet not just helps you lose weight, but also keep your body energized needed to fulfill your daily job.

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How Easy Is HMR Program To Follow?

What makes this diet plan apart from the rest is that you don’t need to restrict yourself from eating. HMR Diet is made to allow you eat nutritious foods, making sure you are getting lots of calories. This also provides you with training or coaching which will guide you in every process. Through this way, you’ll be covered on entire bases, due to the fact that coaches and experts will give you scientific skill and the motivation that you want in order to get through the plan and stick to it, in anticipation of getting the results that you have been longing for so long.


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Can You Lose Weight With HMR Program?

How to lose weight is indeed one of the major issues a lot of people all over the world encounter. Sad to say, diets most of the time don’t help much. This is simple because they are pressured to eat less. On the other hand, after you have lost considerable pounds and stop following the diet, you usually go back to the old habits. This leads to much weight gain.

You don’t have to worry because HMR Diet plan is here to ease this worry. This remarkable diet program will help you lose weight fast and at the same time you will be taught useful habits and how to change your lifestyle all through the process. This results in losing weight right away and help you looks better as well. This also helps enhanced your wellbeing. By being active physically, eating more vegetables and fruits, and having low fat in the diet, you can put off various medical health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure or hypertension, heart disease, joint problems, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea and many others.

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HMR Program Mobile App

HMR Diet app is packed with essential features that can help you follow the program with ease and anywhere you are. This app can be accessed in your Android and iOS devices such as smart phone, iPad, iPhone, laptop and many other devices.

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HMR Program Plans & Pricing and Costs

HMR Diet offers amazing diet plans for a very reasonable price. Healthy Solutions will cost $301.65, free shipping of foods and needed materials are free for first 3 weeks. Delivery is free with auto delivery. At present they offer a $100 discount on your first order that is relatively an amazing deal for those who want to save money.

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HMR Program Delivery Areas

HMR’s auto-shipping service is countrywide. This only means that all states in the US are covered, so regardless of your address or residence, HMR is obtainable for you. A big plus for this company and for you as well as not all meal delivery companies in the US has this huge coverage.

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HMR Program Help & Support and Customer Service

For additional assistance or if you want to know more about the service they offer, you can visit their FAQ page. All your questions are clearly explained in this page. If your questions are not available in the FAQ, you can call or email them. You can also call their customer hotline number at 1-800.418.1367.

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HMR Program Pros and cons

  • Made for the finest motivation
  • Understand more about good lifestyle habit
  • Wide diversity of foods provided

  • Not ideal for people suffering from serious conditions
  • Very costly

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Bottom Line

In general, it doesn’t matter if you are experiencing from obesity, or want to lose extra pounds or simply want to upgrade your lifestyle, HMR Diet is the best option for you. With many diverse diet plans to select from, HMR provides both at home and in-clinic programs. You can choose that meets your need and preference.

They also provide wide selections of healthy meals that will surely meet the taste of everyone. The foods offered low calorie content, so you will not feel hungry while on this diet.

HMR Diet plans are well-structured weight loss programs based on decades of study and research. No matter what plan you choose, rest assured that you will get the best results.

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HMR Program Review

HMR Program is no doubt a very remarkable and excellent way to shed fat while eating foods that you want. There are various plans available to select from and a large assortment of tasty foods.

  • Weight loss plan for reaching your preferred weight
  • You’re encouraged to consume hale and hearty foods while shedding fats
  • Proficient HMR coaches to give guidance and support
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