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Whether you’re preparing meals on daily basis or few times in a week, it remains crucial to have reliable and quality cutting boards to meet your unique food preparation demands. You do not really need to purchase the most expensive cutting boards and get all works done properly. But when choosing the best cutting boards, you need to weigh your options and learn about the pros and cons of every product available.

There are also different kinds of boards like the wood cutting boards which truly stand out now because of their versatility and sturdiness. These wooden boards can be used conveniently when chopping veggies, meat and onions. If you are searching for the sturdiest surface that is safest for knife, opt for cutting boards made of end-grain wood.

Bamboo is also a highly preferred choice among those eco-conscious consumers. This is a hard and good grass material that does not require chemicals. Also, bamboo is considered as a highly sustainable source. This material is also moisture resistant so it won’t hold on to unwanted bacteria and won’t stain.

But if you wanted to use cutting boards just a few times per week and stick these directly into the dishwasher for cleaning purposes, you might want to consider plastic cutting boards. These boards are actually cheaper alternatives to expensive cutting boards. The glass cutting boards are the less common options. The hard surface of glass can instantly damage the knife blades. Glass is slippery when wet and this material for cutting board is just suited for light use.

The following are the top picks for best cutting boards. In case you don’t find the perfect one for you, feel free to check out more choices of cutting boards online particularly on Amazon.

  1. Utopia Bamboo Cutting Board


Utopia Kitchen

This branded and premium quality cutting board is made with high-density and durable bamboo built for maintainability and negligible upkeep. This cutting board is perfect for assortments of foods, from fruits, baked goods to meat. One great benefit of bamboo wood is that it’s lightweight yet sturdy. The surface is impervious to scars from consistent knife cuts and won’t harm knife blades. You can clean this using mild soap and warm water

Price-$15.49 (61% off MSRP)

Buy Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Cutting Board here.



  • Resistant to unwanted scars
  • Durable material (bamboo)
  • Can be easily cleaned with just warm water and soap


  • Few have issues on the lingering smell of wood
  • Might slip on certain surfaces
  • The finish is a little bit rough

Find more reviews and information about Utopia Bamboo Cutting Board here.

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    Farberware Glass Cutting Boards



This cutting board is said to be a cheaper option for those searching for cutting boards made of glass. The glass surface is tempered so surface is protected from hot meals. This also features non-skid trim which securely holds the board in place while you are preparing foods. This includes break resistant surface for more convenience. Though it can directly be placed into the dishwasher, washing this by hand is also recommended.


Buy Farberware Glass Cutting Board here.



  • Non-skid trim
  • Protects the surface from hot meals or dishes
  • Affordable


  • This is best when hand washed
  • Lacks ridges that collect juice
  • Some complain about the rough surface that makes cutting a bit tedious

Find more reviews and information about Farberware Glass Cutting Board here.

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    OXO Utility Cutting Board



This was crafted using durable and quality polypropylene materials making this cutting board ideal for cutting meat, vegetables and fruits. One side of this board comes equipped with juice groove that helps in minimizing messes. To ensure you safety, this cutting board also has nonslip edges. The handles are tapered and soft making carrying this cutting boards a lot easier. OXO Utility Cutting Board is completely dishwasher free.


Buy OXO Good-Grips Utility Cutting Board here.



  • Non-slip edges
  • Juice grooves
  • Durable and quality polypropylene construction


  • Some caution for this can slide especially on slippery surfaces
  • Surface might scratch over time
  • Juice grooves could have been deeper

Find more reviews and information aboutOXO Good-Grips Utility Cutting Board here.

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    John Boos Cutting Board Made of Maple Wood


John Boos

This cutting board’s larger size makes it a bit difficult to clean but this is durable and strong enough to withstand many sessions of food preparations like slicing, cleaving, cutting and chopping. This cutting board is reversible and noted for its durable and stylish maple construction.

Price-$94.72 (15 % off MSRP)

Purchase John Boos Cutting Board here.



  • Larger work space
  • Durable and strong wood construction
  • Solid and premium quality maple material


  • A bit bulky and heavy
  • Lack juice edges
  • Light hand grips

Find more reviews and information aboutJohn Boos Cutting Board Made of Maple Wood here.


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    Totally Bamboo Cutting Board (Set)


Totally Bamboo

This 3-piece cutting board set amazingly includes a larger board and small and medium board. The larger boards can be utilized for slicing meat, chopping vegetables while smaller ones are best when chopping garnishes and serving appetizers. Every board comes equipped with organic and authentic Moso bamboo and does not contain any harsh chemicals. This bamboo type is said to be 16% stronger than the maple wood. Set of 3 dual tone boards is available as well.


Buy the Totally Bamboo Cutting Board Set here.



  • Available in 2 styles
  • 3 sizes are included in this set
  • Made using organic materials


  • No juice edges
  • Surface is a bit rough so handful caution is required
  • The smallest board lacks handle

Find more reviews and information aboutTotally Bamboo Cutting Board Set here.

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    CounterArt Cutting Mat



This is a colorful set of cutting mats and noted for its role in avoiding cross contamination the easy way while at the same time monitoring which mats are utilized for particular kinds of foods and this is also thanks to the food symbols or icons. The adaptable material moves up effectively and easily and comes with reliable microbial insurance. Furthermore, the soft surface won’t dull blade edges.  Every mat is also dishwasher safe.


BuyCounterArt Cutting Mat here.




  • Every mat is designated with respective food icon
  • This comes in 4 available colors
  • The soft surface will not dull or damage knife blades


  • Surface might scratch
  • Might slide upon use
  • Some says this won’t stay flat

Find more reviews and information aboutCounterArt Cutting Mat here.


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    Gorilla Grip Cutting Boards


Gorilla Grip

If you had enough of cutting boards slipping out from the under as you dice, chop and prepare foods, the Gorilla Grip set of 3 cutting boards. Every board is equipped with stronger grippers to ensure that it stays securely in place as you prepare the meals. This also has deep grooves that catch the juice. The Gorilla Grip cutting board is made from non-porous and BPA free materials.

Price-$19.99 (50 % off MSRP)

Buy Gorilla Grip Cutting Boards here.



  • 3 distinct sizes
  • Stronger grip keep the cutting boards from slipping
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Surface might get scratched
  • Might slide a little in granite counters
  • White surface may stain

Find more reviews and information about Gorilla Grip Cutting Boards here.

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    Prepworks by Progressive Cutting Board


This cutting board is the standard and inexpensive cutting board crafted from durable polyethylene. Consumers appreciate its versatile size together with reservoir edges to collect the excessive liquid. The easy grip handle allow you to easily pick up then move the cutting board to a certain spot as needed or hang this up for proper storage.


Buy Prepworks by Progressive Cutting Board here.



  • Reservoir edges
  • Affordable
  • Dishwasher


  • Vulnerable to staining
  • Can slip
  • The surface may scratch or get damaged over time

Find more reviews and information about Prepworks by Progressive Cutting Board here.

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    CC Boards Bamboo Cutting Board Set


CC Boards

This set of cutting board includes a small, medium and large board. Every board includes ridges to gather or collect excessive liquids for easier carrying and lifting. The durable and unique bamboo construction tends to make the board stronger enough to deal with most food preparation jobs. You can choose from flat side if you want more cutting spaces or side with the juice grooves. To clean these cutting boards, you just need to wash them with water and soap.

Price-$31.97 (30 % off MSRP)

Buy CC Boards Bamboo Cutting Board Set here.



  • Double sided
  • Every board includes carrying handle and juice ridges
  • Three sizes are included


  • Does not include non-slip grips
  • Caution on surface since it can actually scratch over time
  • Surface is a little bit rough

Find more reviews and information about CC Boards Bamboo Cutting Board Set here.

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    Hardwood Chef Cutting Board Made of Acacia Wood


Hardwood Chef

This cutting board is a bit heavy and bulky for proper storage but its good looks may convince you to just leave this in the kitchen counter even when you are not using it. This Hardwood Chef cutting board was made using stunning acacia wood that also stands out because of its durability. This is just less than two inches thick and noted for their non-slip finishing.


Buy Hardwood Chef Acacia Wood Cutting Board here.



  • Easy on the knife blades
  • Non-slip finish
  • Eye catching designs


A little bit bulky and heavy

The large size makes washing tedious

Find more reviews and information about Hardwood Chef Acacia Wood Cutting Board here.





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