Sakara Life Review

Sakara Life Overview

There is one thing that is same for models of Victoria’s Secret, Paltrow and Iman is the consumption of Sakara Life. It helps them with better health, improved beauty, higher energy levels and gratified in every way. Sakara Life is a highly reputed companies in America offering meal delivery services. The company started its operations as a statup in the year 2012. It was created by Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle who used to cook quality fresh organic meals which were meat free in their kitchen. They also delivered these meals to their friend and close contacts.

At present, Sakara Life offers delivery services in the entire US. Various celebrities act as patrons and promote this delivery service for vegan meals. The company also produces supplements, beauty products, products for life style and organizes well programs in offices. You can go through the review of Sakara Life to get more learning.

Keep reading our honest Sakara Life review to learn more.

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Sakara Life Ideal For

  • It is recommended for people who do not have the time to purchase preparation ingredients.
  • People seeking a healthier alternative for frozen food products
  • Males and females who want to reduce weight and get in shape
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How Sakara Life Works?

To opt for Sakara life, you need to opt for of the subscription plans being offered by the company. Users can select a diet plan that suits them.  Signature and custom are the two plan variants offered to the users. Both these plans can be selected with time spans of 3 or 5 days.

If you opt for the signature plan, you would get breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 or 5 days depending on the duration selected. Detox teas and functional beverages are also a part of this plan. Comparatively, a custom plan offers more flexible options. Users of this plan can select number of meals according to their need (1,2 or 3). If you opt for the custom plan, you can get your hands on a 20 day body transformation challenge, a wedding preparation plan of 20 days that helps you shed the extra fat before the important day and a deep cleaning level 2 plan for better skin. More information about the custom plan can be extracted from the “Meals and Delivery” section of this review. Customers get tasty meals, supplements and other edibles from the Cleans Boutique irrespective of the selected plan.

Company offered subscriptions are flexible and allows users to opt for cancellation.  You can cancel your subscription without paying any hidden extra charges. Plans for a week can be cancelled till Thursday midnight PST.

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What Makes Sakara Life Different?

Sakura Life is a company offering exclusive meal delivery services. The mission of the company is to provide plant based organic food which is beneficial for the health. The meals have amazing taste and are nutritious. They reach you fresh and you can immediately start eating as soon as you open the box.

Owners of Sakura concentrate on making your life style. The company is not about providing healthy diet only. It also provides assistance to improve the standard of life in terms of healthy. They emphasize on the fact that healthy food is important to lead a healthy life. Having a healthy diet refers to selecting meals that are tasty and good for health.

This incredible company has a food philosophy based on 9 important constituents. The first is that, the company does not encourage calorie count as calories are used to measure energy and not nutrition. The second factor is that Sakura Life depends on plant based proteins that improve health. The company concentrates on plants that are enriched with water so that the user does not get de hydrated, this is the third factor. The fourth factor is that the prepared meals are enriched with green nutrition which helps in weight reduction, prevention of inflammation, dissolving of stones in gall bladder and various other positive purposes. The fifth principle is that the company focuses on meals that act as brain diet. Sakura Life encourages users to eat food with different colors, this is the sixth principle. The seventh principle is it offers meals that reduce nutrition deficiency. The meals are enriched with sulfur to get rid of toxins, this is the eighth principle. The final ninth principle is that Sakura Life prepares meals that improve body intelligence levels.

All these pillars contribute towards a healthy living. For more details, you can go through S Life, a magazine by the company that focuses on improvement of health and life style.

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Sakara Life Meals & Menus and Recipes

Sakura offers a weekly menu that comprises of 3 plant based dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This menu is for 5 days and the meals aim at weight reduction. These meals are dairy free, gluten free, egg free and vegan. The menu items are organic and some of them include honey. However, consumers who cannot consume any of the ingredients due to allergy can mention their preferences and get meals that are suitable for them.

Like we stated previously in this Sakara Life review, there are 5 meal plans to choose from: Signature, Custom, 20 Day Challenge, Level II: Detox, and 20 Day Wedding Prep.

Users can choose from 5 meal plans listed below.

  • Signature
  • Custom
  • 20 Day Challenge
  • Level II Detox
  • 20 Day Wedding Preparation

Custom and Signature plans are offered with 3 and 5 day duration options. They vary in terms of meal flexibility. If you opt for the custom plan, you can modify the number of days for which you need to have the plan and the number of meals for each day. With the signature plan, you get 3 meals every day for 3 or 5 days depending on the duration of the plan. Each meal of the signature plan comes with a beverage.

The 20 day Challenge plan stretches for a time span of four weeks during which you would have Sakara Life Meals. Along with that, you get a supply of 10 days of the all in one supplement. In addition to that, there are online yoga classes without any access restrictions, a gift card to get outdoor leggings, a calendar to keep an eye on the progress. Along with that, you can access exclusive content by the best yoga teachers at Sakura Life. In terms of meals, customers can select a 3 or 5 day plan and select 2 or 3 meals per day. Thus, customers would get 12 or 20 meals for 3 or 5 days every week.

The Level II : Detox plan stretches for a duration of 5 days. It includes breakfast, lunches, dinners, supplements for pro biotics and water concentrates. Along with that, there are extra additions including instruction manuals by reputed coaches. This program focuses on elimination of meat consumption, dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, caffeine, alcohol, toxins and other related negative constituents.

People who opt for the 20 day wedding preparation plan get their hands on fresh organic food, breakfast prepared from plant based ingredients, lunches, dinners, tea that helps with cell hydration, rejuvenation of the skin. You can also browse through Clean’s Boutique to view extra items like tea, cookies and chcolates.

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Sakara Life Health & Nutrition

The meals are based on different inspirations including microbiome research and Michelin starred restaurants in New York. These meals are a combination of state of the art culinary techniques and high standard nutritional layouts. All the ingredients are purchased from reliable suppliers to provide the highest level of taste. These suppliers use reliable agriculture methods.

Once the fresh ingredients have been delivered to the kitchen, you would get fresh meals packed in ecofriendly bags / boxes delivered to you.

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Sakara Life Fitness and Activity

On a minimum scale, you should move for 30 to 60 minute on any time of the day and you can choose a physical activity of your choice.

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How Easy Is Sakara Life To Follow?

Sakara Life is much better than other companies offering meal delivery services. Most meal kits delivered to the users comprise of raw materials which means that you need to follow instructions and do the cooking on your own. Compared to these meal kits, Sakura Life sends you meals which you can eat the moment they are delivered to you. All you need to do is heat and mix them.  Secondly, Sakura life provides recommendations for snacks and other additional constituents required to have a healthier life style.

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Can You Lose Weight With Sakara Life?

The 10 Day Reset Is Here! A New Way To Live The Sakara Life.

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Sakara Life Plans & Pricing and Costs

Sakura Life meal plans cost according to the number of days for which the plan has been chosen and number meals per day. Charges may increase or decrease according to the location of the user.

If you opt for a 3 day plan, it would cost $239 per week. It would include 3 meals for every day along with drinks. Similarly, the 5 day would have the same per day constituents and would cost $349 for each week. If you opt for a custom plan, it would range between $80 and $255 and this price depends on the number of meals for each day. Similarly, the 5 day plan has a price between $119 and $410. For the 20 day challenge, you need to pay $955 for 12 days and $1395 for 20 days. You get 3 meals per day for both 3 day and 5 day plans. The Level II Detox plan carries a cost of $400.

The subscription prices are for repeated orders. if you opt for a one time order, extra charges would be applied. The Clean boutique items have a price range between $9 and $95. If you have an order above $100, there are no shipping charges.

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Sakara Life Delivery Areas

Sakura delivers food all over US except Hawai and Alaska. Offers do differ with locations and you can view the Sakura Life website for weekly menus. You need to enter your zip code to view meals being delivered in your area.  Meals are only delivered on weekdays.

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Sakara Life Help & Support and Customer Service

For any help, you can view the FAQ page or get in touch through email or telephonic contact.

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Sakara Life Pros and cons

  • Healthy Organic food delivered to you
  • Meals do not contain dairy, eggs, fat and other negative ingredients
  • Organic and non GMO meals only
  • Meal programs are balanced and designed carefully
  • 20 day challenge, wedding preparation and Detox are the special plans
  • No shipping charges if your order exceeds $100

  • Meals plans cannot be modified
  • No delivery on weekends

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Bottom Line

While doing research for this Sakara Life review, we were happy to learn that Sakara Life offers plant-rich, organic meals that are ready to eat the moment they’re delivered to you. There are plenty of meal plans to choose from, the meals are vegan, vegetarian, and allergy-friendly, and everything is completely natural and healthy.

This amazingly healthy lifestyle by Sakara can do wonders for you.  It can improve your body and enhance mental peace. Sakara provides you the right meals to live healthy.

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9.5 Total Score
933 reviews
Sakara Life Review

Sakara Life delivers fresh organic meals to your door step. The consumption of these meals positively improves your overall life style.

  • The organic meal delivery program by the company is based on plant rich food enriched with nutrients and tasty ingredients.
  • No need to pick the meals as they quality home delivery services are available.
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