BistroMD Review

BistroMD Overview

The BistroMD is a popular meal delivery service. It is designed to offer low-fat and calorie controlled food to those who are trying to reduce their body fats or keep track of their weight. It was founded by Dr. Caroline Cederquist in 2005, together with her husband. They use a proven science for convenient healthy food and safe weight loss right to your doorstep.

Dr. Cederquist brings more than twenty years of experience in health maintenance and weight loss. She mainly focuses on the use of food as an effective medicine in order to achieve a healthier life. With her husband she have formed a team of qualified, registered fitness professionals, chefs and dieticians to create the BistroMD – the very first food delivery service designed and created by a dependable weight loss physician.

If you are looking to lose weight in the safest, most effective and delectable manner, the BistroMD is the ultimate service for you. It works to almost every individual.

For many years, BistroMD has developed into one of the best providers of meal delivery diet service in the industry. The plan can be accessed online and is ideal for both women and men. Dr Cederquist and her professional team of chefs and dietitians continuously create a wide array of properly-balanced delicious means for their clients.

Are you looking for a diet plan that matches your needs? Have you ever wondered if BistroMD is the right program for you? Read on this BistroMD review to help you determine whether it is the right service for you or not.
Keep reading our honest BistroMD review to learn more.

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BistroMD Ideal For

  • Busy people who don’t have time to prepare and cook healthy meals
  • Individuals looking for a reliable program designed by weight loss professionals
  • People who are searching for a simple, yet effective way to lose weight
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How BistroMD Works?

BistroMD is actually simple and straightforward. Obtaining the service comes in just 4 steps, such as:

  1. Choose one of many incredible diet plans tailored to cater even the strictest dietary restriction.
  2. Order your personal program by calling their hotline or through contacting them online.
  3. Your order is customized with the use of your own BistroMD account
  4. You will receive your order and enjoy your healthy meal

Meals are delivered frozen, but the company guarantees that you receive only the highest quality and healthiest meal you will enjoy.

You can also take advantage of an incredible tool called MyBistroMD. It is a unique customization tool designed to bring you complete freedom and allow interaction with the team that makes your food. When you place an order, qualified dieticians and chefs will make a diet program personalize for you. Through your MyBistroMD platform, you can easily view the entire menu. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can get the perfect meal specifically prepared for you.

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What Makes BistroMD Different?

BistroMD is a remarkable program grounded on a unique scientific method, which sets this apart from other related meal delivery services out there. It is founded on strong scientific principles to ensure that customers will get the best from the service. It provides unbeatable results backed by research and science.

Dr. Caroline Cederquist works with diet specialists and registered dietitians to make sure that the nutritional needs of individuals are met. This is especially important for those who are looking for a reliable and healthy weight loss program that will assist them in achieving their goals while keeping their body healthy.

In addition, BistroMD offers a remarkable approach unique to a meal delivery service. There are different menu options that men and women can choose from. This provides them enough opportunity to meet their needs. The nutritional plan of the program for a healthy and safe weight loss is actually based on the daily calorie intake of one-thousand one-hundred to one-thousand four-hundred calories. Every meal is crafted and prepared by experienced and professional chefs. This is to ensure that every meal is not only nutritious, but also well-balanced.

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BistroMD Meals & Menus and Recipes

Enjoy 3 meals a day for 5 or 7 days per week after signing up with BitroMD. Every recipe is created with the purpose of promoting healthy weight loss. You can guarantee that each meal you enjoy from the program is cooked to perfection. They are not just nutritious and healthy, but also very delicious. So, if you are looking for a daily meal to enjoy and that is filled with nutritional elements, you will never go wrong with the BitroMD program.


The company is aware that every individual is different, and so as their nutritional requirements and weight loss needs. Therefore, the program offers a full customization plan and a variety of more specific plans to select from. Whether you are diabetic, menopausal or in need of a gluten-free meal or others, there is a perfect plan suitable for you.

Meals are accurately cooked to provide you with sufficient amount of healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates. Regardless of your age, gender or special needs, there is always a perfect meal for you. Every recipe is designed with you in mind.

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BistroMD Health & Nutrition

Food can be medicine – this is one of the primary principles of BitroMD. Every meal delivered to your doorstep comes with clear labels of nutritional information and ingredients, so you know what you’re getting.

With a strong team of experienced nutritionists and dieticians, Dr. Caroline Cederquist, together with her team has relied on the unique science of nutrition. They also integrate their comprehensive understanding of a healthy, balanced diet. This enables them to create customized meal plans that cater to their needs.


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BistroMD Fitness and Activity

No one can tell you when you should have exercise, as it is entirely up to you. However, you need to make sure that you are moving at least thirty to sixty minutes a day. Though the program offers nutritional meals for healthy weight loss, proper exercise should not be out of the picture. Without exercise, your body will eventually adapt to the number of calories you consume every day. This means that it may not have the best results you want when that happens. Hence, regular exercise and daily activities are a must.

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How Easy Is BistroMD To Follow?

The use of the program is not as complicated as you probably think. When the food arrives, just heat it and it’s ready. If you are unsure about the right amount of food to be eaten, remember to jut eat three meals a day.

If you are used to having snacks between lunch and dinner or breakfast and lunch, it might be difficult to stick to the actual program. Just make sure that you do not overeat, as it is counterproductive when it comes to weight loss.

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Can you lose weight with BistroMD?

When the program is followed properly, then you will be one of the dieters who have benefited from its incredible advantages in helping them lose weight. Using BistroMD allows you to consume less calories, which could mean weight loss. After a week or two of using the program, you will feel a lot healthier and more energized than ever.

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BistroMD Plans & Pricing and Costs

The price depends on the meals you choose. You can opt for 3 meals a day for five or seven day every week. For instance, 2 meals a day for five days per week start from 119.95 dollars. If you choose a full seven-day program with twenty meals, you will have to pay 179.95 dollars in total. There are also some money-saving options for you. The current promotion on the website offers twenty-five percent off. This includes free shipping for the initial order.

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BistroMD Delivery Areas

BistroMD is pleased to deliver to its customers in Alaska, Hawaii and the entire mainland United States. The deliver food every week and all deliveries are done through FedEx.

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BistroMD Help & Support and Customer Service

The needs of their customers are on top of their priority. This is why BistroMD has a competitive customer service staff to answer your questions and address your concerns. They have an in-depth FAQ and unparalleled support from highly trained wellness consultants and dieticians.

Their help line is open from 8am to 5pm EST: 864-401-3438. You can message them at [email protected] or [email protected] for help.

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BistroMD Pros and cons

  • More than 150 meals to select from
  • Experienced, registered dieticians to prepare your diet
  • Plans are customizable to meet your needs
  • Meal plans are available for your specific condition
  • Allows you to enjoy snacks, dinner, lunch and breakfast
  • Available for both men and women

  • No full vegan or vegetarian options
  • Cannot buy one meal at a time

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Bottom Line

BistroMD continues to deliver healthy and tasty meals for you. It ensures that your daily weight loss goals are achieved without any hassle. This incredible meal delivery service allows you to enjoy the most delicious and nutritious meals each day that promote healthy and safe weight loss. Here, you can always take full advantages of personalized means delivered to your doorstep.

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Switching Plans: You have until Sunday at midnight, ET, immediately after you receive your first week's order to request a hold or cancel your second week of entrees. Wednesday at 5pm, ET: For all future weeks, our deadline is always Wednesday at 5pm., ET, PRIOR to your next week's order.
Cancellation: Please know that you are always able to cancel future orders by their deadlines by contacting us via e-mail at [email protected] or call 866-401-DIET (3438).
Refunds: Refunds are managed by their member services team. Refunds or food credits may be given in accordance with their satisfaction guarantee or in the case of damaged items in transit. Please contact Member Services with any questions.
Delivery And Shipping
United States
United Kingdom
Contiguous USA
Alaska And Hawaii
Free Shipping
Shipping Costs: Shipping is $19.95. Additional shipping charges apply for AK and HI. 25% off your first order, as well as free shipping.
Skip/Cancel Anytime
Money Back Guarantee
Pricing & Plans
Plans Cost: $12 / meal / $119.95 / 5 days $12 / meal / $179.95 / 7 days
Avg. Price: $12 / meal
9.9 Total Score
956 reviews
BistroMD Review

Healthy and nutritious meals are delivered to your doorstep. Bistro MD ensures that your daily weight loss program is achieved. This meal delivery allows you to maintain a healthy, fit body.

  • Individualized support to help achieve your weight loss goals.
  • Take advantage of personalized meals from the comfort of your own home
  • A variety of weight loss programs for both men and women
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