7 days healthy eating plan for Heart patients

You might have heard that “health is wealth” and “good health is blessing of God”, so it is our duty to take care of this blessing. Hurdles come when we do not take healthy diet and proper sleep. Now obviously you are thinking that what actually is a healthy meal? I am here to tell you about a real healthy meal.

All kind of food items which give you all the essentials nutrients, helpful in maintaining body minerals and good health, are said to be healthy diet. With healthy diet you will feel good, fresh, energetic, active and healthy. Essential nutrients according to our body need are all kind of vitamins, calcium, protein, carbohydrates, fat, water and other minerals.

A healthy meal plan can prevent you from severe diseases or will lessen chance of serious disease like cancer, heart diseases, lungs issues, digestive issues etc. If you are suffering with any kind of heart disease, you must follow the following eating plan for the betterment of your health. Even if you are not suffering from a heart disease still you should use this healthy diet plan to prevent any coming disease. Here are some healthy eating tips for all the heart patients out there;

7 days healthy eating plan for Heart patients:


On a very first day you must take 270 calories at the breakfast time. You should take these items in your breakfast;

  • Bake egg in olive oil, pinch pepper and salt then eat it with 1 slice of toasted wheat bread.
  • Take 1 medium Banana

After having breakfast you should take blueberries 3 to 4 cups because your body need 65 calories.

At lunch time you will need 320 calories, so you must take veggie salad and chickpea. Make salad with 2 cups mixed greens, half cup cucumber and tomatoes, half cup chickpeas, chopped almonds, 1 Tbsp. vinegar, 2 tsp. olive oil and pepper.

By evening, take a medium orange for 60 calories.

For night your body needs 450 calories so set your dinner with these items which provide you all these in one go.

  • For this you will have to eat grilled salmon with steamed green beans and red potato
  • All of this must be drizzled with a pinch of pepper and salt and 1/2 Tbsp. olive oil.

A medium orange is recommended for P.M snack, in this way you will get 62 calories.

In dinner you will have to take 470 calories, you can get them by taking seared salmon with green peppercorn sauce. You should take steamed green beans and baked potato with it.


You have to take 280 calories in breakfast, you will have to eat a cup of bran cereal and skimmed milk with blueberries.

Your A.M snack will have a medium apple having 95 calories.

Lunch will have 300 calories and you will have to make Veggie-Hummus sandwich and the things you are going to use in it are mentioned below:

  • A cup mixed greens
  • 3 table spoons of hummus
  • Quarter cup shredded carrots
  • Quarter cup of red bell pepper
  • Quarter cup of cucumber slices
  • Quarter cup of mashed avocado
  • 2 slices of whole grain bread

P.M. snack will contain 80 calories and you can have red bell pepper with 2 table spoons hummus.

For the intake of 420 calories in dinner you can eat peanut noodle salad with 2 cups of tofu, roasted.


In breakfast you will eat a cup of nonfat plain Greek yogurt, with blueberries and silvered almonds with honey. In this way you will complete a healthy breakfast with 270 calories.

A.M snack will have a 100 calories 2 medium carrots with hummus on it.

Lunch will have 300 calories and you can get them by eating roasted tofu and peanut noodle salad.

P.M. Snack will have 45 calories and you will eat a cup of strawberries.

You need to eat 435 calories in dinner and you can get them by eating grilled romaine with avocado dressing. You will eat a cooked chicken breast, cooked in olive oil pepper and salt.


You will get 280 calories in breakfast by eating bran cereal, skimmed milk and blueberries.

A.M. Snack will have 95 calories of medium apple.

Lunch will have 330 calories and you can get it by green salad with chicken.

You can have a medium orange of 60 calories in P.M snack.

You should take 440 calories in dinner, you can eat a cod with tomato cream sauce. Moreover, cooked brown rice, mixed greens, and balsamic vinegar can also be used.


You need to take 260 calories in breakfast, by eating rolled oats cooked in milk and sliced strawberries.

Your A.M snack will have 65 calories, with bell pepper and hummus.

Your lunch will have 310 calories, you can get them by eating toasted tortillas in black beans and cheddar cheese.

P.M snack will have 40 calories and you can eat blueberries.

You can eat chick cauliflower fried rice in dinner to complete the 410 remaining calories of the day. You can have 2 cups of mixed green with olive oil and a table spoon of red wine vinegar.


To have 280 calories of the breakfast you will need a cup of skimmed milk and bran cereal with half cup of blueberries.

60 calories for A.M snack by eating a medium orange.

345 calories for lunch and you should eat chicken cauliflower fried rice with a kiwi fruit.

P.M. snack will contain a cup of strawberries having 45 calories.

Dinner will have 455 calories and you can get them by eating toasted tortillas in black beans and cheddar cheese.


Breakfast will have 250 calories and you can eat a corn tortilla with a large egg.

To have 115 calories of A.M snack you will need blueberries with roasted almonds.

Lunch will have 310 calories and you can have them by eating Tuna with white bean spinach salad.

P.M. snack will contain a medium orange completing the 60 calories of that snack.

Dinner will have 450 calories and a lemongrass pork with spaghetti bowl will do it for you.


End note

If you are following this healthy eating plan then you surely can lower the risk of heart attack and several other diseases. Now you know that healthy eating plan comprises of fruits, nuts, eggs, beans, fish, poultry, meats, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. You should limit the usage of sodium, sugars and heavy fats.

Photo sources: pixabay.com


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