WonderSlim Review

WonderSlim Overview

When it comes to losing weight, finding the best diet is probably one of the most challenging tasks. Here is where WonderSlim comes into the scene. It helps people adjust their body weight since 2001. How effective is this service? According to some of the shared stories, there are people that managed to get rid of as much as 100 lbs. with the guidance offered by this company. For more than 16 years, the company proposes a diet that is rich in proteins and low in carbs, which contains delicious and healthy foods, with the purpose of making people feel and look better.

The company is very discreet and supportive with their customers, as it is well aware that the decision to start a weight loss plan is not an easy one. If you are interested in the WonderSlim weight loss program, the diet is available on the company’s website. WonderSlim is so confident that this diet will also work for you that it even promises to get your money back in a proportion of 150% in case you don’t reach the desired objective. If this appears like an irresistible offer, do know that this detail applies only to the products that have not been used or opened.

Part of Diet Direct, WonderSlim became famous due to its meal replacement options. However, if you want to enjoy guidance concerning a healthier, long-term diet, you will receive the best pieces of advice from the company’s experienced dietitians. Also, besides meal replacements, the company also delivers meals that are ready to be served, without you having to cook them. If you’re interested to see if WonderSlim actually works, allow us to share with you our findings.

Keep reading our honest WonderSlim review to learn more.

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WonderSlim Ideal For

  • People looking to lose body weight;
  • Those that would like to enjoy a healthy diet over a long period;
  • Anyone interested in achieving a fitter state and learning more about healthy nutrition;
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How WonderSlim Works?

The diet proposed by WonderSlim is diverse and generous, offering more than 150 different options to choose from in terms of food. So, besides regular meals, drinks, snacks, even desserts are available as well. It is entirely your choice if you decide to take a plan as it is or prefer using a-la-carte ordering instead.

The WonderSlim plan is about enjoying up to 7 meals on a daily basis. So, it will be very hard to go hungry with the possibility to get something to eat so often throughout the day. The offer also includes supplements and meal replacements that are meant to help you ditch weight effectively. It is also worth mentioning that the menu will be created according to your needs, preferences, and goals. The food is delivered to your doorstep free of any charge and a day of this diet can cost as low as $7.07, so you will hardly spend considerable amounts of money in order to enjoy a slimmer body. Depending on what you’re looking to achieve, you can choose any of the 3 plans made available by WonderSlim.

  1. Basic

This plan will include 4 meals per day, so you will have to take care of lunch and dinner on your own. You will get to enjoy a wide variety of options and the price is more than accessible, as you’ll get just $7.07 out of your pocket.

  1. Core

This plan will get you 5 meals for each day of the program. This means that lunch will be off your list of things to do. One day will generate costs of only $8.38 and you do get to choose your food from a rather long list of options.

  1. Premium

You can forget all about the cooking and food prep with this plan, as you will have everything you need for a day of dieting covered. One day of this plan costs $10.61, but it will also give you smoothies, shakes, desserts, snacks, and bars, besides your regular meals. With this plan, your portions are always in control so you can be certain that you’re eating the right things.

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What Makes WonderSlim Different?

We really liked the fact that WonderSlim does not make false claims. The company does not promise to help you lose weight overnight but focuses on making you understand that you need to change your diet and lifestyle if you want to get rid of excess weight and avoiding gaining any in the future as well. Also, besides proposing a healthy diet, the company will also recommend exercising with regularity, if you want to enjoy optimum results. There are really no tricks connected to their weight loss plan. Everything revolves around changing your current diet and lifestyle with something better for your body and health.

The plan works by giving your body proper nutrients, controlling the size of your portions, and allowing you to eat often but in small quantities. This way, you will never feel hungry or drained of energy, giving you the chance to lose weight at the same time. As long as you have a small and healthy meal, you can eat at every 2 to 3 hours, maintaining an adequate level of energy and avoiding unwanted food cravings. So, there are no risks of putting your health in danger by depriving your organism of nutrients. We want to mention that the diets promoted by WonderSlim are created by experts in human nutrition, so they are not random choices.

If you opt for the WonderSlim plan, you can forget all about counting calories all day long. All the meals are carefully planned and measures, so that you will have precisely the kind and amount of food you need. This means less stress and worries, so you can focus on the things that really matter. Also, in comparison with other diets that make you eat the same foods over and over again, the menu proposed by WonderSlim is very diverse and flexible, so you will enjoy a wide range of meals during your weight loss program. There’s no chance of getting bored or feeling that you’re missing anything. There are over 150 products you can enjoy on the spot and you will also learn how to make delicious and healthy food at home as well, so you can stay on track at all times.

The program also includes supplements, which are nothing more than a cocktail of precious vitamins and valuable fatty acids that will keep your body in a great state of health. Those that bring a friend into the program, by making references, will receive a reward in the form of credit that can be spent in the company’s online store. Each friend you bring it will mean $10 to your credit score. You will also earn each time you place an order, getting a discount of 5% out of the total value of your order, which can also be used in the same store for making various purchases.

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WonderSlim Meals & Menus and Recipes

The plan gives you the chance to choose between 70 different meal replacements and supplements meant to make your diet successful. The products are made to suit the needs of women and men alike, as the plans are created in such a way to suit the calorie requirements of your own body. So, depending on the plan you choose and meals you have per day, you can opt for any of the available products and change them periodically, so that you won’t end up being bored. Everything you order will be shipped to you without additional charges.

  1. Basic

This plan will include 4 meals per day, so you will have to take care of lunch and dinner on your own. You will get to enjoy a wide variety of options and the price is more than accessible, as you’ll get just $7.07 out of your pocket.

  1. Core

This plan will get you 5 meals for each day of the program. This means that lunch will be off your list of things to do. One day will generate costs of only $8.38 and you do get to choose your food from a rather long list of options.

  1. Premium

You can forget all about the cooking and food prep with this plan, as you will have everything you need for a day of dieting covered. One day of this plan costs $10.61, but it will also give you smoothies, shakes, desserts, snacks, and bars, besides your regular meals. With this plan, your portions are always in control so you can be certain that you’re eating the right things.

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WonderSlim Health & Nutrition

The whole idea behind the creation of the WonderSlim weight loss plan is to promote weight loss in a safe and healthy manner. The program wishes to show people that a healthy diet is the most important factor that leads to weight loss. Considering that many people gain weight because they don’t know how to make healthy food choices, the goal of the program is to help them change all these. When following this plan, you will enjoy a wide range of healthy and balanced meal replacements and supplements meant to support your organism in every way possible. Besides this, you will gain knowledge that will allow you to prepare healthy food at home, so you will never risk gaining weight ever again.

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WonderSlim Fitness and Activity

For obtaining optimum results, your healthy diet should be accompanied by a proper workout routine. Even working out as little as 30 minutes per day, at a moderate level, can trigger better results. In time, you can increase the duration and intensity of your training session, if you consider this as appropriate.

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How Easy Is WonderSlim To Follow?

Considering that you have the option to enjoy up to 7 meals on a daily basis, which means that you will be able to eat something every 2 to 3 hours, the risks of feeling hungry are almost inexistent. So, you can forget all about diets that starve you and restrict the range of foods you are allowed to enjoy. Speaking of diversity, the product portfolio provided by the company contains 50 different items, so you can continuously change what you are having, without getting bored with the available menu.

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Can You Lose Weight With WonderSlim?

There are very high chances to adjust your body weight as desired if you follow the menu proposed by WonderSlim. It will help you change the things you’re doing wrong, like picking unhealthy foods and eating in quantities that are not appropriate for you. Also, the program keeps you from making the wrong choices in terms of food by giving you healthy meal replacements. This way, it will be much easier to stick to a healthy meal routine. This means a wide range of shakes, protein bars, snacks, breakfast and lunch options that will make things a lot easier for you while dieting. It even provides a shopping list you can use for grocery shopping, so you will never risk buying the wrong kind of foods.

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WonderSlim Plans & Pricing and Costs

Prices can range depending on what you choose to order. You either pick products on your own or you choose to get the company’s value bundles, which can help you save some bucks. For example, the price of vitamins ranges around $6.99, while a value bundle containing 24 pieces of protein bars will cost $287.04. You can also find diet plan kits, which will provide popular and appreciated products at more affordable prices. They are available as follows:

The Basic Essentials diet kit:

  • $120.78 for 2 weeks, meaning $8.60/day;
  • $197.99 for 4 weeks, meaning $7.08/day;

The  Core Classic diet kit:

  • $140.48 for 2 weeks, meaning $10.03/day;
  • $234.69  for 4 weeks, meaning $8.38/day;

The Premium Complete diet kit:

  • $39.95 for 3 days, meaning $13.32/day;
  • $178.79 for 2 weeks, meaning $12.77/day;
  • $297.12 for 4 weeks, meaning $10.61/day;

In case you are interested in getting the Premium kit for 3 days, you should know that it misses quite a lot, like vitamins, gels with precious fatty acids, and the guide for improving your lifestyle. These are all contained by the other versions of Premium kits.

Another thing we would like to mention is that the prices presented earlier will apply only for one-time orders. If you opt to become a member and pay the afferent subscription, these prices will enjoy a 15% discount.

Concerning shipping, shipping is free for orders above $69, but only in the case of certain states. For orders below this value, the shipping fee is $7.99. For the states that are not on the agreed list, there is no minimum order or free shipping option. Thus, in this case, the shipping fee will depend on where you live.

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WonderSlim Delivery Areas

The WonderSlim products are available both on the continental US, and outside this area, meaning Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. The company also ships products at an international scale, to a high number of countries. Fed Ex services are utilized, the International Economy and International Priority, in the case of international shipping.

It is worth keeping in mind that WonderSlim provides a 150% money-back guarantee, in case you are not happy with the ordered products. Just don’t use or open the products if you want to return them. The return policy is simple and you won’t have to give any explanations in case you wish to send your order back. You can either opt for the 150% refund or have your products changed with something you consider more appropriate. But, do bear in mind that you will have to cover the shipping costs if you want to send products back.

Also, if your order exceeds the value of $200, you will have to sign for your products upon arrival, as they won’t just be dropped by the carrier on your doorstep or mailbox.

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WonderSlim Help & Support and Customer Service

Customer service is available via phone calls and e-mails, so you can choose any of these two options to contact WonderSlim. You can find this company on the list of businesses accredited by the Better Business Bureau, where it enjoys an excellent A+ rating. This means that all requests or issues filed by their clients are answered and solved in a prompt manner. Considering that it is one of the very few companies that return money in a proportion of 150%, with the condition for the products to be untouched, we tend to believe that the rating is a real one.

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WonderSlim Pros and cons

  • The program is created by experienced nutritionists;
  • The menu contains more than 150 items to choose from;
  • Even those following particular diets can enjoy meal diversity;
  • There are 3 different plans that answer to various requirements and types of budgets;
  • One can personalize the desired plan according to his or her needs;
  • You can order a-la-carte, not just take what is available;
  • There’s no need to pay a subscription in order to enjoy the WonderSlim plans;
  • You can obtain rewards in certain circumstances;
  • The company guarantees your money back in a proportion of 150% if you are not satisfied;
  • Continental US enjoys free shipping for orders with values exceeding $69;

  • There are no separate plans for those following special diets;
  • The available plans may not be appropriate for people suffering from certain conditions, like diabetes, hypoglycemia, or high blood pressure;
  • The company is not that transparent when it comes to the used ingredients for its food;
  • The products are available through online ordering only.

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Bottom Line

The weight loss program promoted by WonderSlim will not work overnight, as it is designed to change people’s lifestyle, so they can maintain the achieved weight loss in the long term. So, besides providing everything you need in order to enjoy a healthy diet, WonderSlim also offers you support and assistance that will guide you through your weight loss program. While losing weight with WonderSlim, you will not feel hungry or depleted of energy. This is because the proposed diet will nourish your body instead of just making your tummy feel fuller for a while. Thus, you will remain healthy and you’ll feel great while noticing that your waistline is getting thinner and thinner with each passing week. This is due to the fact that experts in nutrition came up with the plan, which is carefully created and thought so that it will give your body what it needs in a correct and balanced manner. Practically, with the WonderSlim diet plan, you will change how you eat and live, not just lose unwanted weight.

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WonderSlim Review

WonderSlim has a variety of products that can help with weight loss. These are advanced nutritional products that are specially formulated to help you lose weight while gaining the necessary nutrients.

  • It may offer a wide range of diet products that customers can choose from
  • It helps the user to get rid of excess weight and manage it in future
  • Meal plans may be readily provided
  • Users of WonderSlim program may lose weight without extreme physical strain.
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