Personal Trainer Food Review

Personal Trainer Food Overview

Personal Trainer Food provides 26 entrees, 17 breakfast choices, 10 snacks and 27 vegetables, allowing you to customize the plan to your taste. The weight loss meal delivery program sends frozen, precooked foods that you can heat up in minutes. You can choose from five different programs depending on your weight loss and fitness goals.

Keep reading our honest Personal Trainer Food review to learn more.

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Personal Trainer Food Ideal For

  • who want a healthier substitute to frozen foods
  • who are too busy to cook
  • who want a vegan plan or vegetarian weight loss program
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How Personal Trainer Food Works?

Personal Trainer Food aims to simplify weight loss. The program provides snacks, breakfasts, dinners and lunches that can help burn fat and keep the body in shape. You can pick from four different plans depending on your preferences and needs.

You can purchase only dinners and lunches, personally choose the vegetables, snacks, entrees and breakfasts you want to include in your box or get the three meals you need every day. Personal Trainer Food allows you to subscribe for deliveries of fourteen days’ worth of food delivered every two or four weeks or get a one-time order of twenty-eight days’ worth of healthy meals. You can cancel your subscription or skip deliveries anytime you want without having to explain your reason for doing so.

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What Makes Personal Trainer Food Different?

Personal Trainer Food provides all the foods you need including snacks and all three meals. If you don’t like exercising and you want to follow a weight loss plan that guarantees fast results, you should read this Personal Trainer Food review. So, what sets Personal Trainer Food apart from other weight loss plans?

The best thing about Personal Trainer Food is that it meets your dietary needs by giving you healthy, precooked meals as well as snacks. You can also choose from different plans, so you will definitely find the right option for you. Personal Trainer Food allows you to make your own plan as well. The program doesn’t force you to follow a very restrictive diet. Personal Trainer Food allows you to eat everything in moderation, provided that it has nutritional value. It doesn’t eliminate carbohydrates, but includes healthy carbohydrates that remove the cravings you usually feel when sticking to a weight loss plan.

Personal Trainer Food also supports your effort to lose weight. It provides Loyalty Rewards that you get each time you purchase a 28-day meal plan. This helps you save money and gives you the extra motivation you need to stay on track.

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Personal Trainer Food Meals & Menus and Recipes

If you are trying to lose weight, you don’t need to worry about your meals. Personal Trainer Food features over 75 delicious meals categorized into snacks, breakfasts, vegetables and entrees. The meal plans include You Choose, 3 Meals A Day, 2 Meals A Day and REV!

You Choose

This plan allows you to create your own menu. You can choose all the meals that are included in your boxes.  The You Choose plan allows you to 140 items for twenty-eight days. You are free to choose what breakfasts, snacks, entrees and sides you want to eat.

2 Meals A Day

This plan gives you healthy and tasty dinners and lunches that are designed to promote natural weight loss without placing a lot of stress on the body. The 2 Meals A Day also comes with weight-loss coaching and email support.

3 Meals A Day

This plan is similar to the 2 Meals A Day plan. It offers the same benefits. The only difference is that the 3 Meals A Day brings you breakfasts together with your dinners and lunches, so it covers your dietary needs throughout the day.


This plan is particularly made for women. The REV! plan includes dinners, breakfasts and lunches that promote fast fat burning. It also includes personal weight loss coaching, weekly weight-loss calls, daily email support, lunch kit, water bottle and tape measure. The REV! plan will help you lose weight quickly.

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Personal Trainer Food Health & Nutrition

You just need to eat better food. This means changing how you eat. Personal Trainer Food features savory meats, fresh vegetables and tasty breakfasts without any processed fillers such as noodles and rice. Every meal is packed in microwavable bags. These bags are FDA-approved and BPA-free. The meals are already cooked when packed and flash frozen, making them very easy to prepare. Every meal program includes complimentary weight loss counseling.


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Personal Trainer Food Fitness and Activity

You have to be active at least thirty to sixty minutes every day. Personal Trainer Food only asks you to have a twenty-minute walk daily.

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How Easy Is Personal Trainer Food To Follow?

There are four plans to pick from. You don’t need to worry because Personal Trainer Food is very easy to follow. Just follow the plan guidelines made by your personal trainer and practice eating healthy and exercising daily. If you follow everything properly, you will see significant changes to your mindset, weight and health. The changes should be felt right away, so you don’t need to wait for a long time.

1st week

You will exercise more, walk more and eat whole foods. Sugar withdrawal is common during the first week. This is a challenging week, but stick to it and week two will be satisfying.

2nd week

Your body will go through a detox from the bad, processed foods you’ve eaten. During week two, you will have more energy, sleep better and feel better. This week also starts your body’s fat burning mode.

3rd week

Weight loss will be noticed during the third week. Your routine will be easier to follow and you will have more confidence and energy.

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Can You Lose Weight With Personal Trainer Food?

The people behind Personal Trainer Food say that weight loss is 10% exercise and 90% food. They aim to help you lose weight fast by following their carefully designed weight loss plans. You don’t need to go to the gym. To lose weight, you need a balanced diet that doesn’t contain anything that is bad for you. You should also include exercises that don’t leave you breathless and take little time in your routine.

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Personal Trainer Food

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Personal Trainer Food Plans & Pricing and Costs

Prices range from $10 to $14 daily, depending on the plan and the number of meals you get every day. The price is also influenced by whether you’re opting for a 28-day or one-time purchase or a 2 or 4-week subscription for automatic deliveries.

  • The REV! plan includes 28 breakfasts, dinners and lunches. It costs $369. Recurrent deliveries include 14 lunches, dinners and breakfasts for $249.
  • The 3 Meals A Day plan requires you to pay $319 for 28 lunches, dinners and breakfasts or $229 for every delivery that includes 14 lunches, dinners and breakfasts.
  • A one-time purchase of the 2 Meals A Day plan includes 28 dinners and lunches and costs $279.  Deliveries of 14 dinners and lunches cost $199.
  • For the You Choose plan, you can make your own plan that includes 140 breakfasts, snacks, protein entrees and veggie sides. A one-time order costs $339. Deliveries of 70 meals your personally selected cost $239.
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Personal Trainer Food

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Personal Trainer Food Delivery Areas

Personal Trainer Food ships to forty-eight US states. It doesn’t ship to Hawaii and Alaska. Personal Trainer Food allows you to pick your desired delivery day. There’s no signature needed, so you don’t need to be in to get your box. Personal Trainer Food uses FedEx to deliver boxes. If your order gets delayed for more than forty-eight hours, you can contact Personal Trainer Food to get the box replaced.

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Personal Trainer Food Help & Support and Customer Service

You can contact Personal Trainer Food via email or by calling them at 1.800.273.1686. Personal Trainer Food has a FAQ page that you can access anytime.

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Personal Trainer Food Pros and cons

  • You can make your own plan.
  • You can order ready-made lunches, breakfasts, snacks and dinners.
  • You can pick from four weight loss meal plans.
  • Affordable prices
  • Free shipping
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Loyalty program

  • Has a minimum order of 28 meals for every delivery

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Bottom Line

Personal Trainer Food can help you stay on track. The plans are not very restrictive, so you can eat healthily and lose weight fast at the same time. You can also customize your meal plan to fit your needs and preferences. Since the prices are very reasonable, you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank. The meal plans offered by Personal Trainer Food are a good option if you’re finding it hard to stay away from foods that don’t help you lose weight at all. The plans might just be what you need to begin eating better and achieve your desired body.

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Switching Plans: You decide which meal plan fits your needs and lifestyle.
Cancellation: No commitment, no fee to cancel, no lock-in
Refunds: n/a
Delivery And Shipping
United States
United Kingdom
Contiguous USA
Alaska And Hawaii
Free Shipping
Shipping Costs: n/a
Skip/Cancel Anytime
Money Back Guarantee
Pricing & Plans
Plans Cost: $19 / day REV!TM $16 / day Core $18 / day You Choose
Avg. Price: $11 - $13 / day
9.5 Total Score
953 reviews
Personal Trainer Food Review

Personal Trainer Food provides four weight loss plans that can help you achieve your desired body even without going to the gym. The price depends on the plan that you choose. You can lose weight fast without putting your health at risk. Exercising is important as well. With the right diet and exercise, you can achieve your desired body. You will see significant changes to your weight, health and mindset.

  • Personal Trainer Food delivers ready-made lunches, dinners, breakfasts and snacks.
  • You can create your own meal plan or choose a ready-made one. The choice is yours to make. Consider your needs and budget when choosing a plan.
  • The prices are also very reasonable.
  • All meal plans are delivered for free and easy to follow. You just need to follow the plan guidelines provided by your personal trainer.
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