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ButcherBox Overview

Looking for a meat delivery service? Well, if yes then we have found the perfect solution for you. ButcherBox is one of the finest meat delivery services which guarantee to provide all-natural, organic and grass-fed meat at your door step. The best thing about the ButcherBox delivery service is that they not only provide high-grade, hormone and anti-biotic free meat but are also known to deliver grass-finished beef, organic and healthy chicken and different breeds of pork as well. Amazing, right? Well, that’s not it. Apart from this, ButcherBox also provides uncured and nitrate and sugar-free bacon which is not only hormone free but is non-GMO tested as well.

ButcherBox was initially found by Mike Salguero who was astounded by the organic and natural taste of the grass-fed cows. In order to make natural and healthy meat accessible to everyone, ButcherBox introduced its delivery service. ButcherBox aims to provide the finest quality, healthy and all-natural organic meat in order to assure your health safety. Everything provided by ButcherBox is primarily tested and then packed in your boxes. Great isn’t? Well, there are tons of things which you still need to find out. So keep on reading.
Keep reading our honest ButcherBox review to learn more.

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ButcherBox Ideal For

  • The meat provided by the ButcherBox is suitable for almost everyone.
  • People who have a lot of work load and are unable to shop and prep the ingredients for dinner.
  • Anyone who is looking for all-natural, organic and quality chicken, beef and pork.
  • All those who are looking for grass-fed and grass-finished beef, which is completely safe and healthy to eat.
  • People who are not fond of shopping and want a quick and easy way to simplify shopping.
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How ButcherBox Works?

Being an entirely subscription based meat delivery service, ButcherBox tends to provide the finest meat right at your doorstep whenever you want. You can choose the amount as per your requirements (whether you need it every month, or every other month).

The best thing about ordering from ButcherBox is that you can customize your box however you like. Whether you like beef or chicken alone, or want a mix of all three (chicken, pork and beef), it’s totally up to you. Moreover, the meat is delivered in an insulated box which assures that it won’t rot away. ButcherBox offers almost 60 distinctive meat items which are available in both premium and convenience cuts.

Furthermore, you also have an option to select two different kinds of boxes of two different box sizes which include a Curated Box and a Custom Box. Now, let me tell you the difference between both of them. The Curated Box is the one company chooses for you while the Custom box is the one you can alter and put in the meat of your choice.

Other than this, the subscription to ButcherBox provides several advantages which include free-shipping, member’s offers, recipes and a lot more. You can cancel the subscription any time you want too!!!

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What Makes ButcherBox Different?

There are tons of things which makes ButcherBox different from others. One of the main specialty of ButcherBox is that they provide the finest-quality meat. The meat (whether it is chicken, beef or pork) is free of every dangerous antibiotic and hormone. All the meat is collected from family-run farms where there is no interference to animal’s natural diet. This makes the meat healthy and safe for everyone.

Most of the brands do not offer such high-quality meat just because it is a lot more expensive this way. With ButcherBox, you can enjoy the finest quality and healthy meat without worrying about the consequences other company’s meat can cause. Isn’t it great? Because of this ButcherBox has been able to serve over 10,000 families all over America.

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ButcherBox Meals & Menus and Recipes

ButcherBox is currently offering five different boxes from which you can choose which includes Beef and Pork, Beef and Chicken, Mixed Box, Custom Box or All Beef. This makes it easier for you to figure out which meat you’ll have on your doorstep.

Curated Box

If you want a mix of Premium and convenience cuts chosen by the professionals than selecting the curated box is the right option. In this box you can get a vast variety including ribeye, Newyork Strip and other distinctive kinds of meat which are really easy to cook. Other than this, you can also get chicken thighs, sirloin steaks and pork (this mainly depends on your preferences).

Other than this, different sizes in the box are also available. You can get yourself a smaller Classic box and a larger Big Box. The Classic box provides almost 8-11 lbs. of meat, which is enough to cook 24 meals, on the other hand the big box consists of 16-22 lbs. of meat, allows you to cook almost 48 tasty meals.12 Add-ons for your meals are available as well which include skinless chicken thighs, sugar-free bacon, minced beef, pork chops, sausages and much more.

Custom Box

With a custom box you can get almost 21 items of your choice. Similar to the Custom box, the two different sizes along with 12 add-ons are available in Custom Box as well. In a custom box, there is a classic size which brings you 9-14 lbs. of meat which is enough for 30 meals, and the Big Box comes with 18-26 lbs. which is enough for 60 different meals.

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ButcherBox Health & Nutrition

ButcherBox provides high-grade and premium-quality meals which is perfect for everyone. The beef provided by the ButcherBox grass-fed and grass-finished which makes it entirely healthy. Other than this the chicken is hormone and medicine free as well. This reduces the chances of any unhealthy chicken as well. Moreover, only the heritage breed pork is used to assure healthy and safe meals. Amazing, right?

Other than just being flavorful the meat provided by the ButcherBox is healthy as well with tons of nutrition ingredients. From Omega 3 and calcium to vitamin E and B, the meat has it all which makes it worth checking out.

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ButcherBox Fitness and Activity

30 to 60 minutes of locomotion are needed every day, but how and when is your choice.

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How Easy Is ButcherBox To Follow?

The meat provided by the ButcherBox is fresh from the farms which is healthy and safe to eat. So, no need to go to the grocery stores anymore. Just get the subscriptions and get the fresh and healthy meat right at your door-step. The meat provided by the ButcherBox is tender, fresh and delicious, so you and your family can enjoy your meals.

Cooking the meat is totally up to you. Unlike other meat delivery services, you aren’t provided with pre-prepared meat, which is why you can make anything you are craving for whenever you want. Trust me, it is a great opportunity for you to try out new dishes and recipes.

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ButcherBox Plans & Pricing and Costs

A Mix Box of beef, pork and chicken costs $129 to make almost one whole month. This makes almost $5.38 per meal. If you want meat stored in your fridge for twice as much meals then the estimate cost is $238 which makes almost $4.96 per meal. On the other hand, if you are going for a Custom Box, you will get two sizing optionswhich can easily adjust5-7 kilo grams of meat. This can bill up to almost $149. On the other hand, there is a Bog Box which holds 10-13 kilograms of meat which can cost $270.

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ButcherBox Delivery Areas

Currently, ButcherBox covers most parts of the US which means no matter where you reside you can get your order at your doorstep easily. Other than this, ButcherBox is also working on finding delivery services for places like Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. You can get your meat boxes from Monday to Friday, since they are shipped these days. These meat deliveries can be made on both home and business addresses. The best thing is that ButcherBox ships meat to almost 48 states all over United States without any delivery charges.

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ButcherBox Help & Support and Customer Service

If you are having a problem and are looking for help than make sure you check put the FAQ page. Moreover, you can also contact ButcherBox through email, message or call. Other than this you can also track your order and give special delivery instructions. If you have any other questions you can refer to the FAQ page for queries.

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ButcherBox Pros and cons

  • Nutritious, premium-quality meat
  • Vacuum-sealed packetswhich can be kept in your freezers
  • Finestpurchaserservice
  • More than 60 organic and healthy meat items
  • 100% grass-nursed beef, natural chicken, and heritage breed pork
  • Available in both premium and convenience cuts
  • Different size boxes
  • Delectable add-ons
  • Exceptionalmembership perquisites
  • Appetizingrecipes
  • Free shipping

  • Even though, the quality of the meat is excellent but ButcherBox meat is expensive.
  • Shipments are available every month and usually come in bulk.
  • Not affordable for loads of people.

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Bottom Line

There are tons of things I like about ButcherBox. Firstly, you don’t have to source out your meat. Since, they deliver 100% safe and healthy meat fresh from farms, therefore there is no need to worry that this meat is unhealthy for your health. Other than this, the shipping and delivery is free and all the meat is completely frozen at the time of delivery. Isn’t superb?

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949 reviews
ButcherBox Review

Butcher Box is a subscription based meat delivery service which offers organic chicken, grass-fed beef and heritage breed pork to its clients and customers every month, or every other month. The company mainly emphasizes on the sustainability and benevolent treatment of the animals.

  • 100% Grass-nurtured Beef, Natural/Pastured Chicken, and Heritage Breed Pork.
  • Delivery and shipping with ButcherBox is free of cost to all of the adjoiningUnited States.
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