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BurgaBox Overview

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Being the first burger delivery meal kit service company, BurgaBox is built around the recipes that send the customers all the ingredients needed for creating delicious burgers, French fries,and mac &cheese. BurgaBox is established by a Celeb Chef Paul Malvone and continually delivering the perfect taste of goodness in every doorstep across the nation.

Way back, BurgaBox emerged when three guys who created the delicious burger realized how much people love the meal kits. If other companies offer meal kits containing breakfast, lunch and dinner, BurgaBoxinnovates something. They decided to deliver burgers and other delectable treats’ ingredients to their customers. Together with the special ingredients inside the box, there are also delicious sides in the box that are available to the burger lovers.
Keep reading our honest BurgaBox review to learn more.

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BurgaBox Ideal For

  • Anyone with busy lifestyle and don’t have time to shop and prepare ingredients
  • People who love burger and other delicious treats
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How BurgaBox Works?

BurgaBox ships the boxes every month. But before you can receive the orders, you need to subscribe to the service to fully enjoy it. After subscribing, you will then surely relish the one-of-a-kind and original burgers that are nowhere to found – only in BurgaBox. Joining the BurgaBox of the Month Club, you can receive the original recipe every month during the third Wednesday. All you have to do is to wait for one or two business days before it will arrive on your doorsteps. Also, as amember, you can have a chance to discover a new variety of burger every month.

To make sure the safety and freshness of the ingredients when it arrives in your location, BurgaBox uses an insulated cooler packaging system. It is important for the certified Angus beef to keep refrigerated and frozen during the shipment. Aside from the Angus beef, you can also get other ingredients such as rubs, sauces, patties, and other extras, together with the four sides.

With all these ingredients and extras, there is no need for you to put a lot of effort in the preparation. In fact, you can feel a little or no preparation at all. BurgaBox has it all so you can immediately taste your mouthwatering burger. Maybe the hard part there is you have to decide about the numbers of eaters you have at home. Whether you are a couple or a family of four, BurgaBox has something for you. Just wait for the box to come to your doorsteps, do the side reheating and you are on the go. That’s how simple it is!

Not to mention in the aspect of membership, the members can easily unsubscribe to BurgaBox. The company doesn’t take any commitment from its current customers or members. However, you have to bear in mind that once you take the multi-month subscription, you have to wait for the subscription to end and be free to cancel it once you already get yourself satisfied with all mouthwatering offers.

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What Makes BurgaBox Different?

BurgaBox is different from other burger providers and makers you used to know. They don’t deliver fancy burgers, algae burgers, or veggie burgers like the one you often see and taste. Instead, they bring the delight with unique burgers that are filled with sumptuous characters. It is always soulful, with juicy meat, super special, lots of additional ingredients and filled with top-secret sauces that will surely change the way you see burgers.

All these ideas are made possible by the people who always on a hunt for something fresh, innovative, unique, and above all, delicious burgers. It takes enough skills, knowledge and courage to create this sought-after and must-have treats. Thus, compared to other burgers in the corners of America, the one you got from BurgaBox is made by real people with real skills and extraordinary talent to imagine what the hungry world needs today.

With BurgaBox, every customer is appreciated and valued. That is why they are giving a 100% happiness guarantee and program, which allow you to save some for what you spent. For every dollar the customers spent for BurgaBox products, they can get one BurgaPoint and for each BuraPoint you had collected, you can receive $1 credit. Earn points and get rewards with BurgaBox.

Finally, BurgaBox can also be a great gift to special someone close to your heart or to someone you do business with. You are free to select the personal gift or corporate gift so there is something you can give out.

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BurgaBox Meals & Menus and Recipes

As what we have mentioned earlier on this BurgaBox review, aside from the Angus beef, you can also get other ingredients such as rubs, sauces, patties, and other extras, together with the four sides. These are the ingredients included in the package to come to your doorsteps.

As with the mentioned four sides in every burger, the first thing you can get is the 16 oz. special fries, then the gourmet mac and cheese with extraordinary toppings, and the last two are the sides that include refreshing coleslaw and baked beans. As with the cooking and preparation instruction, there is nothing to worry about since there are guidelines provided in the package. Reheat the sides and then assemble your burgers. Clear your table and place your mouthwatering burger, together with four sides and feast your taste buds with a luscious treat.

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BurgaBox Health & Nutrition

Every box has their own list of ingredients included. This is a good chance for you not only to know what the delicious food contains, but also to see if there are ingredients not allowed in your health or you are anallergyto it. In any case, you can encounter this kind of issue, you are free to contact BurgaBox Customer Service via email.

As what you can see, every box from other companies is merely focusing on low calorie and healthy meal options. What lacks to these companies is the understanding that many eaters also love to make gourmet, eat the restaurant quality treats and filled the table with delicious foods with the whole family without needing to step out home. This is the reason why BurgaBox has come into play and make the greatest difference in the history of every family table.

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BurgaBox Fitness and Activity

You may more likely have to require yourself to move at least 30 to 60 minutes a day. Everything is up to you what exercise you want to do on that movement.

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How Easy Is BurgaBox To Follow?

There is a little effort needed in the process of preparation of burgers. When it arrives your home, you have to reheat the four different sides and assemble the burger. Refer to the instructions provided.

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BurgaBox Plans & Pricing and Costs

The subscription’s standard cost will be $99 per month. When you got a chance to get a discounted price, you can have it nearly 50% off. If you want to get a subscription for four, it may cost $125. And for the add-ons, you can see it at their shop. Get one packet for $1.95, five packets for only $5.95, or ten packets for just $14.95 on their Regular Secret Spice Rub. You can also have the mac and cheese sample pack for only $100. As for the shipping fee, it is free for all location.

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BurgaBox Delivery Areas

Regardless of where you can be located in the US and if you love to introduce your taste buds to a new treat, BurgaBox is open for shipping nationwide. The shipment typically arrives within two business days. The orders are being shipped between Mondays and Wednesdays. With BurgaBox, you have ensured that the ingredients are still in its fresh state, thanks to the insulated coolers that are used for the food shipment.

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BurgaBox Help & Support and Customer Service

If you are looking for additional information about how everything works, you are free to stop by at their FAQ section found on their website. For other inquiries, you can send them mail or contact through their phone numbers. Details are available on their website.

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BurgaBox Pros and cons

  • Fresh, unique and original burgers
  • With personal and corporate gifts available
  • New burger variety is introduced every month
  • Four different sides are included
  • Backed with 100% happiness guarantee and loyalty program
  • Available to all locations in the US

  • Burgers are a bit expensive

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Bottom Line

If you love thecrazy stuff and want to discover something extraordinary, then BurgaBox has an answer. Their products are inspired by skills, talents and uniqueness that you can’t find anywhere else. Though BurgaBox is filled with peculiarity, at the top of everything, you can guarantee that only the premium quality and top-of-the-line ingredients are the ones delivered toyour doorsteps. This is a good opportunity for everyone to experience BurgaBox, as the deliveries are available across the US.

If you love burgers, then this is your chance to try something new out from the ordinary. BurgaBox has everything you. Thus, BurgaBox thinks outside the box to deliver something you never saw and tasted before. Say no to the usual boring burgers and say hello to BurgaBox. Subscribe today!

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BurgaBox Review

Burgabox gives you a new, unique burger kit on a monthly basis. Customers will get only the best ingredients and healthy special sides that allow you create your own burger for a short period of time.

  • Eliminate the stressful preparation process
  • Free gourmet mac and cheese, fries, baked beans and coleslaw
  • 100 percent delicious and healthy
  • Free shipping
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