Godiva Review

Godiva Overview

The term “Godiva” has been satisfying and tantalizing the taste buds of chocolate lovers all over the world. If you have sweet tooth and would want to pamper yourself by indulging to the luscious world of the world’s finest chocolates, this in-depth Godiva review will surely hit the sweet spot.

It was in 1926 when Joseph Draps, a Belgian chocolatier opened the door to what is considered as a worldwide phenomenon. Upon establishing 600 retail boutiques later, the Godiva Chocolatier enjoys almost cult-like following the spread all across three continents. This Godiva review however, will not take things at their face value however paint objective pictures from the point of view of customers.
Keep reading our honest Godiva review to learn more.

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Godiva Ideal For

  • Godiva is ideal for anybody looking for quality and delicious chocolate gift. This is the kind of gift that will surely impress and make any receiver happy. With the finest ingredients used, individuals can expect for great tasting chocolates that come in a more impressive and stylish packaging.
  • This is also ideal for chocolate lovers. This is made with guaranteed flavorful taste that will surely satisfy cravings.
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How Godiva Works?

There are several ways on how you can get hold of quality Godiva goodies:

In one of their shops, chances are there’s one near you. There’s this store locator on their official site that can easily pinpoint the Godiva Shop nearest to you.

Classic online ordering with reliable and timely home delivery

With Godiva, you can experience classic ordering online with a twist-you purchase online but pick up the items you ordered personally. This is an excellent option for users living in close proximity to Godiva Shop.

The major difference between these given options is that, in their shops, customers are allowed to mix and match pieces from Godiva’s assortments while placing orders online limits customers to existing premade box combos.

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What Makes Godiva Different?

The individuals behind Godiva have significantly found the perfect balance between traditional artisanship and maintaining things always fresh. Whether you’re after the traditional taste from their known Belgian Heritage Collection or you just want a bite of Godiva’s high-end Gold Box, you are definitely in for a treat. What many users give emphasis in their Godiva reviews is the versatility of options that are tailored to fit every occasion and age.

Many would agree that Godiva is not just about chocolates; it’s more than that. Their offer also includes chocolate liquor, coffee, ice cream, biscuits, truffles, dipped fruits and even party and wedding arrangements. Another great feature is that Godiva suits all those environmentally conscious individuals. They can fully enjoy their finest Godiva chocolate knowing that its maker openly supports and promotes sustainable practices and programs.

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Godiva Meals & Menus and Recipes

If you think that Godiva only sells chocolates, you got it wrong. They are also selling experience. This does not necessarily mean the history behind their products and their luxury packaging but their excellent craftsmanship the best quality of their ingredients. Each piece of Godiva chocolate seems like a small yet incredible work of art with ideal flavors to match.

Additionally, Godiva products come in Kosher as well as sugar-free varieties. According to Godiva sugar-free sweets users, it seems like they are doing a good job in making these alternatives as close to “real deals” as possible.

Gift Options

Are you in search for the right gift for yourself or for a loved one? Why don’t you give gourmet chocolates a try? Who does not really enjoy these delicious and mouth-watering chocolates? The Godiva gourmet chocolates are sweet gifts that anyone can enjoy.

Godiva features wide range of gift options tailored to every need and occasion. If you are clueless on what gift to choose for an upcoming birthday or anniversary celebration, the Godiva products can be your ideal gift choices. This gift option is one of the highly preferred options of many individuals these days.

The many gift options made available include the following:

Anniversary packages with highly preferred Assorted Chocolate 90th Anniversary Gift Box-18 pc and the White Orchid Classic Set.

The Congratulatory Set led by Godiva’s Signature Truffle Gift Boxes

The highly praised Wedding and Shower Boxes with Gold Flavor Mint Ribbon

Baby Shower gift sets available in 3 Gold Flavor Boxes variety with three ribbon color options to choose from such as light blue, sage and pink.

Business gift boxes especially crafted to match your identity and corporate image. These gift boxes carry a great deal of elegance and style and come in minimal yet good packaging.

Personalized gifts and gift cards allowing you to add some personal touches

If you are really into some self-indulgence, Godiva provides amazing “Treat Yourself” packages that you will surely enjoy.

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Godiva Health & Nutrition

Godiva Chocolates can maintain its freshness but make sure that these are stored at temperatures that don’t exceed 65°F (18°C) after opening. As much as possible, avoid direct sunlight, humidity and heat.

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Godiva Fitness and Activity

You must be moving for at least 30-60 minutes every day but whatever you and when, and how you do it are all up to you.

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How Easy Is Godiva To Follow?

If you are planning to give someone a gift that impress and the type that he or she will love, Godiva Chocolatier is the place to find the perfect gift. This specializes in finest and premium quality gourmet chocolates that everyone will surely love and crave for over again. But aside from the delicious taste, another factor that set Godiva chocolates apart from the rest is the beautifully designed and decorated chocolate gift boxes.

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Godiva Plans & Pricing and Costs

This review of Godiva won’t be complete if the subject of costs wasn’t touched. Their exclusive pricing plan is designed to meet wide range of budgets. If you feel so, you can also go with some of the high-end options they offer such as Pure Bliss Gift Basket. If you are concerned about your budget, you can still enjoy other options say for instance the 6-piece assorted truffle boxes that cost only under $20 a pop. The price actually ranges from below $10 up to $150+.

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Godiva Delivery Areas

Ordering Godiva chocolates online is a better choice as there are various options which include standard delivery, the second and the next day delivery and the Saturday delivery. But their service does not provide same-day delivery at this time.

The delectable Godiva treats are available all over the United States and as added bonus; customers can choose a date when they want their package to arrive in the future.

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Godiva Help & Support and Customer Service

If you need further assistance and help, you can check out their informative and readily accessible FAQ page. Customers can also contact them by phone number or through email. Godiva guarantee customers reliable help and support. They quickly respond to calls and attend to the needs and concerns of clients.

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Godiva Pros and cons

  • Only the quality and finest ingredients were used
  • Each piece looks and seems like it is hand-crafted
  • Packaging is elegant and sleek
  • Wide range of prices offered to fit  all budgets
  • Kosher and sugar-free options are also offered
  • Personalized boxes are readily  available in stores
  • Flexible ordering and delivery choices
  • Heat-protection guarantee for the deliveries
  • Frequent discounts
  • Single orders shipped to up to  about 49 separate addresses
  • Simple and reliable order tracking
  • Delicious taste guaranteed
  • These can serve  as perfect gifts

  • Quality comes with a bit expensive price tag for some
  • Godiva products are  available only in certain countries
  • Same day shipping  is not available

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Bottom Line

If you wanted to experience the best chocolates, Godiva is most likely the Jack of All Trades that you will opt for. Godiva’s price-to-quality ratio combined with abundance of gifts, convenient gift ordering and reliable delivery options, Godiva can suit and fulfill even the most discerning taste.

It cannot be denied that well-crafted commercial can bring forth the “5-minutes-of-glory” phenomenon into almost anything, right? This actually requires true quality as well as dedication to keep your dream going after the fleeting moments have passed. Godivas’ chocolate dreams to stand the test of time and bring even the sweetest fantasies to life.

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Godiva Review

If you want to personally taste finest and silky smooth, delicious chocolates or you want to give someone chocolates that he or she would truly love and craved for over again, you can now start making your purchases at Godiva’s Shop. Take a closer look on their shop window and look through the many different options to choose from. As soon as you get hold of these delicious chocolates, you can start savoring every bite. These products have something for every dietary need and every taste!

  • Godiva is ideal for individuals looking for awesome chocolate gifts. This is a luxurious brand of chocolates so any recipient will surely feel great and will immediately have a taste as soon as they receive these as gifts.
  • Customizable options available-there are personalized boxes and sleek and elegant packaging offered making these ideal customized gift options.
  • There is really no need to upgrade to fast shipping.
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