Gold Medal Wine Club Review

Gold Medal Wine Club Overview

Gold Medal Wine Club provides you access to rare and highly- rated wines manufactured by respected Californian wineries and renowned wine boutiques from all parts of the globe. They have stayed in the business for twenty five years and continue growing. The key to this amazing success is due to company’s venerable selection practices and high quality customer assistance. They offer rare and high quality wines, which makes them very appealing to wine collectors and enthusiasts. Read this Gold Medal Wine Club review to know what they offer and why you should join in this club.

Keep reading our honest Gold Medal Wine Club review to learn more.

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Gold Medal Wine Club Ideal For

  • Customers who are wine lovers
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Gold Medal Wine Club Selection & Quality

Gold Medal Wine Club members get to choose what type of wines they want to get. This club is made with a purpose of providing rare and award-winning wines made in California and an impressive selection of Pinot Noirs wine. They also offer wines coming from independent local winemakers.

One of their main offering is the Champagne Special that is perfect for those who love sparkling wine. This club carefully chooses one high quality Champagne to feature in this section. However, mostly come from France. The wines they offer have received many awards at big competitions and are highly rated by distinguished wine publications like The Wine Advocate and Wine Enthusiast.

To have an access to this wide selection of rare and high quality wines, you first need to become a subscriber or a member. Registering is fast and free and after your registration you can choose the wine club you want. Gold Medal Wine Club offers six wine clubs such as:


Gold Wine Club is the most popular clubs that feature multi-awarded wines coming from renowned wineries in California. In thus club, you can find white and red wines, which include popular brands such as Zinfandel, Pinot Noirs and Chardonnay. Members can order two to four bottles of wine and pick whether they want to get all red or all white or 2 reds and 2 whites. The Wine Press magazine is included in the delivery of your orders as a giveaway.


This club is a bit pricier than the previous one and provides more exclusive range of wines. In this club, wines available are mostly red and are rated 90 plus, and come from most reliable and highly appreciated winemakers all through California. Popular wines available at Platinum Wine Club are Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. Members can order two to four bottles, only red wines available.


In this club, you will find wines with 93 ratings and higher and it’s restricted to just 500 recipients. They just offer two to four bottles of wines on a quarterly basis this is because of the scarcity of the stocks. Like the previous club, wines are almost red. Some of the best wines this club offers are Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Blend and Pinot Noir.


This club takes members to barely credible tasting wine from all parts of the globe. The wines available here are almost impossible to go outside of the featured nation. Three specially chosen wines, one white and 2 different reds are included in each delivery. Every quarterly delivery is from diverse countries. This club is highly recommended by Forbes magazine.


For those who have a craze for pinots, then joining this club is right for you. Member can receive world class, captivating wines from renowned wineries. All wines available are red and you can pick whether you want to have two different bottle of wines shipped or four bottles, with 2 bottles of similar wine.


A French word utilized to explain independent, artisan wine makers who handmade small numbers of wine, most of the time in garage-like environments. This club provides a wide selection of handmade, small lot wines.

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What Makes Gold Medal Wine Club Different?

Gold Medal Wine Club is uniquely different from the rest due to the rarity of the wines they offer and the many available wine clubs to choose from. Aside from providing you thorough information about each wine, Golden Medal Wine Club offer Resources Section packed with essential details including wineries, wine regions, ratings, recipes and varietals.

Another reason why this club is very popular is that they have offered many bonus options available in every club. Diamond, Platinum and Gold Clubs for example offer a Plus bottle order. International Wine Club on the other hand allows member order a Gourmet Adventure Package that features gourmet treats from various regions which go rightly with the wine you’ve ordered. This offering is not available in other wine clubs out there.

Gold Medal Wine Club offers a remarkable referral program. Every time you refer someone, you and the one you referred get one bottle of wine for free. You can refer as many as you want. To maximize the huge discounts each time you order, Rewards Program is available that allows you to save $100 or more.

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Gold Medal Wine Club Gift Options

A gift option is also available at Gold Medal Wine Club. This exclusively allows your friends or a family member to enjoy the benefits that this club offers. This club also adds a free customized gift card and organza gift bag to customer’s first gift delivery.

Aside from wine, they allow you to send diverse wine accessories and gift sets which are ideal for wine fanatics. These include chocolate truffles, tasting kit, adventure packages, wine totes, pairing guides, cookbook and many others. At Gold Medal Wine Club, there’s something for each wine fanatic.

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Gold Medal Wine Club Club Membership & Pricing

Application for Golden Medal Wine Club membership is totally free. There are no cancellation charges as well. Upon joining the club, you will be given 40 percent discount on the products you want to purchase.

You can choose a membership that lasts for a lifetime or limit the subscription to specific number of deliveries. The highest delivery subscription includes a gift which varies depending on the wine clubs. Members of Gold Club get 10 percent off and a gift box for free, Pinot Noir, Garagiste and Platinum club members get 5 percent off and gift box for free, while members of International Wine Club get 5 percent off and free cork binder to members of Diamond Club.

Pinot Noir, Garagiste, Platinum and Gold clubs provide monthly, bi-monthly as well as quarterly deliveries and International and Diamond clubs just ship quarterly because of the difficulty in acquiring the wines in this club provide.

Every club allows members to order two or four bottles of wine, excluding International Club, in which the only choice available is 3 bottles per order. In Gold Club for every 2 bottles of wine ordered will cost $39 and there’s a 10 percent discount on 4 bottles, thus you acquire them for just $70, it all depends on the wine you choose.

In Platinum Club, 2 bottles of wine will cost you $89 to $109; the price will depend on the type of wine. A 5 percent discount is given on four bottles, so they price $178 to $218. In Garagiste Club, the prices are $75 to $95 0r $65 to $85 for two bottles of wine and 5 percent discount is offered on four bottles. The price at the Pinot Noir clubs is $69 to $79 for two bottles of wine and #138 to $158 for four bottles.

In Diamond Club prices are $165 to $195 for two bottles of wine and $313 to $370 for four bottles of wine. Lastly in International Club prices are $65 to $85 for 3 bottles of white and red wines and all red wines for the price of $75 to $95. Delivery fee is not counted in the price.

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Gold Medal Wine Club Delivery Areas & Support

The Gold Medal Wine Club team of experts works harder to provide amazing customer service. This is why they come up with ways on how to keep in touch with them such as email, fax, and phone or through their site. They also offer answering service that is available from five in the afternoon to eight in the morning on a daily basis. Live chat is also available wherein friendly customer assistance is always ready to answer all your queries during weekdays, from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon. You can visit their FAQ page or contact 1-800-266-8888 to know how they can help you.

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Gold Medal Wine Club Pros and cons

  • Amazing selection of award winning and hard to find wines
  • Wide selection of gift choices
  • Amazing and reliable custom support
  • Diverse discounts
  • 40 percent off on wine retail prices to new members
  • Delivers to all parts of the US

  • Shipping delivery is not included

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Bottom Line

In general, Gold Medal Wine Club is the best and most reliable wine clubs to date. They offer wide selections of rare wines. You can take advantage of their gift options and customization of orders is also available. The wines offered are high quality and rare, meaning they are not available elsewhere. They offer 40 percent off to new members, and you can use diverse discounts offered in most clubs. However, prices vary and shipping delivery is not included.

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Switching Plans: n/a
Cancellation: You can have your wine delivered to your vacation or temporary location. You can also tell us to hold your shipments to delay delivery until a future time. If you decide to cancel your wine of the month club, there are no cancellation fees, and no obligations.
Refunds: n/a
Delivery And Shipping
United States
United Kingdom
Contiguous USA
Alaska And Hawaii
Free Shipping
Shipping Costs: the shipping costs may vary depending on the location.
Skip/Cancel Anytime
Money Back Guarantee
Pricing & Plans
Plans Cost: $39 / two bottles / Gold Club $79 - $109 / two bottles / Platinum Club $65 - $95 / two bottles / Garagista Club $69-$79 / two bottles / Pinot Noir Club $165 – $195 / two bottles / Diamond Club $65-$85 / three bottles / International club
Avg. Price: $39 - $195 / two bottles
9.5 Total Score
926 reviews
Gold Medal Wine Club Review

Gold Medal Wine Club is the premier wine club offering just the high quality and rarest wines. Having 25 years in business, this club masters the art in offering high quality customer service.

  • Every club members can avail 40% off winery retail costs
  • Lots of varieties of white and red wines offered
  • Just the rarest, hard to find and award winning wines offered
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