Wise Food Storage Review

Wise Food Storage Overview

Wise Food storage is a company that has the expertise of providing food consumed in emergency situations. These emergency situations include extreme camping and various other similar situations. Wise Food storage helps you in preparing the worst situations. Once you have a tour with us, you would get to know how you can have essentials for such situations in stock. We offer a lot of additional items and this makes Wise Food Storage as an attractive option.

Keep reading our honest Wise Food Storage review to learn more.

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Wise Food Storage Ideal For

  • Wise Food Storage is suitable for people who are seeking food options to be consumed in emergency situations.
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How Wise Food Storage Works?

Wise food storage works in an organized manner. There are categories of items including food kits for long term, starter food, drink kits, food for outdoor, food packs for survival supplies for emergency. In addition to that, these 6 categories are further divided into 6 sections. This makes it easier to find your desired food. This sorted arrangement is important as the company has several dozens of items.

The procedure for placing the order is very easy. When you have decided about the items that have to be ordered, select the quantity that you are looking for and add them to the cart. As all these items seem attractive, it would be hard for you to make the selection. While we were going through the Wise Food Storage review, we went through the experience of a kid standing in a candy store.

The company does not only deal in emergency food. It also offers food for defined diet needs. There is a dedicated section that deals with customers who seek gluten free food.

People who want to know about their merchandise can get in touch through phone, live chat or email. Customer queries are responded in a very quick manner. You can also go through the FAQ page or visit their blog to read interesting information.

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What Makes Wise Food Storage Different?

The fact that Wise Food Storage deals in food kids and supplies for emergency situations makes them different from other food companies. This company teaches how you can stock food supplies for a maximum time span of one year.

Wise Food Storage offers dehydrated or freeze dried food. The selected method varies with the ingredients as some of them work well with freeze drying while others are suitable for dehydration. Irrespective of the method used, the ordered food can be eaten for a time span of 25 years. However, it has to be placed in a dry cool place and the temperature should not go beyond 50 to 55 degrees.

Food is not all that Wise Food Storage deals in. They sell chargers, power generators, storage facilities for water, sources of fuel and various other constituents that are needed to survive. We have everything that is needed to go survive through an emergency situation.

A lot of users do not know the food quantity that should be ordered for their family. Wise Food Storage has a food storage calculator that determines the suitable quantities. You can also place orders for samples if you do not want to place an order for a kit right away.

If you know someone who wants to buy the Wise Food Storage merchandise, you can send a gift card to them worth $50, $100, $150 or $200.  You cannot get gift cards around the year as they are offered on big occasions like Christmas and New Year.

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Wise Food Storage Meals & Menus and Recipes

This section provides explanations about the categories and sub categories that Wise Food Storage puts on the table for its customers. Each of these items has complete information about the product so that the customer knows what the packet contains.

People who order long term food kits can opt for 12 month food supplies, 6 month food supplies, supplies for 3 months and supplies for 1 month. In terms of servings, freeze dried or dehydrated food with a maximum of 4,320 servings is contained in these kits.

If you opt for the starter kit, you can get your hands on breakfast, food and drink kits, kits of gluten free food, kits of organic food.  In addition to that, you can place orders for fruits, vegetables, shakes and eggs that are freeze dried. There are various other food items including food for outdoors / camping.

You can also place orders for other camping supplies including backpacks for emergency situations, chargers and power generators. In other words, you can buy all kinds of emergency supplies including solar panels.

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Wise Food Storage Health & Nutrition

The food options offered by Wise Food Storage have affordable rates, high quality standard and last for long durations. The company offers a variety of food alternatives ranking from vegetables that are freeze dried to meats that are gluten free. Along with that, there are numerous food items that can be made easily to handle the most serious emergency situations.  Apart from food items, you can buy several survival goods that are required for emergency situations. These include fuel sources and quality water filtration systems that are portable. Wise has everything that is required to go through an emergency situation.

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Wise Food Storage Fitness and Activity

You should move physically for a minimum duration of 30 to 60 minutes

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How Easy Is Wise Food Storage To Follow?

You cannot predict what life would bring for you in the future. There are times and situations which cannot be avoided and are not easy to handle. With Wise Company, you can go through highly challenging situations without much of a problem. This company specializes in food that can be stored for long, dehydrated food. This food can be prepared in few minutes simply by adding some water. The freeze dried and dehydrated food options have economical prices. These edible products help you in preparing for emergency situations; can be consumed while camping and used for other emergency situations.

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Wise Food Storage Plans & Pricing and Costs

Wise Storage does offer discounts and this is when buyers save a lot of money. However, you should also have an idea of the actual product costs.

Long term kits range from $199.99 to $7870.99 for 4320 servings. The starter kit price ranges from $39.99 to $289.99. If you opt for freeze dried meat, you would be paying something between $109.99 and $1439.90.  The price of freeze dried fruit packs is between $29.99 and $1535.90. Similarly, if you are looking for freeze dried vegetables, you would be paying between $149.99 and $1439.90. Outdoor food kits have economical prices which fall between $24.99 and $179.99.

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Wise Food Storage Delivery Areas

Wise Food Storage offers food delivery options on a global scale and the shipping charges depend on where you live. Delivery is done through Fed Ex or LTL. Normally, the delivery time ranges between 10 and 14 days which can stretch up to 28 days.

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Wise Food Storage Help & Support and Customer Service

Customers who are looking for additional information can go through the FAQ page or get in touch through email or telephonic contact.

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Wise Food Storage Pros and cons

  • Long product range
  • All types of emergency kits
  • Delivery all over the world
  • Discounts at regular intervals
  • Quality gear for camping

  • Prices can be on the higher side

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Bottom Line

There is no doubt that Wise Food Storage offers an exclusive range of food options. It also has various food kits, emergency supplies and other tools.  Once you go through the merchandise of the company, you would realize that it has everything needed to deal with an emergency situation. If you want to be equipped when an emergency situation stands in front of you, you would like buying products by Wise Food storage.

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Wise Food Storage Review

As a company, Wise Food Storage offers an attractive range of emergency kits. You can also get your hands on gear for camping, power generators, supplies for food and everything else needed to survive emergencies.

  • Wise Food Storage products come with smart packaging , long shelf life and ease options for storage.
  • In terms of customer ratings, Wise products have the best ranking.
  • Wise Food storage uses the finest ingredients to make food products with the best taste
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